Come Thou Long Expected Jesus Joy To The World chords – Folk Angel

 Wassup guys, this is my first tab!
I needed this tabbed out so i could play it for my youth group praise team.. 
I think this is like 99% accurate.. but there are bound to be mistakes.
Also, i play this tuned a half step down because the original recording is a bit 
too high (key change haha)
anyway, enjoy and have a merry Christmas!! 

Verse 1:

 C F 
Come, thou long expected Jesus, 
 C G C 
born to set thy people free; 
 C F 
from our fears and sins release us, 
 C G C 
let us find our rest in thee.  
 Am Dm 
Israel's strength and consolation, 
 C F G 
hope of all the earth thou art; 
 C F 
dear desire of every nation, 
 C F G C 
joy of every longing heart.


 Am F 
Joy to the World,
 C Am F 
The Lord has come,
 Am G F 
Let earth receive her king
 Am G C 
Let earth receive her King.

Verse 2:

 C F 
Born thy people to deliver, 
 C G C 
born a child and yet a King, 
 C F  
born to reign in us forever, 
 C F G C       
now thy gracious kingdom bring. 
 Am Dm       
By thine own eternal spirit 
 Am F G 
rule in all our hearts alone; 
 C F C G 
by thine all sufficient merit, 
 Am F G C 
raise us to thy glorious throne.



 Am Dm 
Let every heart,
 G C - B - Am 
Prepare Him room,
     Am Dm G - A 
And Heaven and Nature Sing

*key change*

 D G 
Come, thou long expected Jesus,
 D A D G 
Born to set thy people free
 D G 
We are free
 D G 
We are free
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