Deamon Girl chords – Frank Black

 Intro & bridge:  C# A 
Verses:  E A F# A 

I had a garage full of 66 guitars
Each night I'd play them underneath the starry stars
There was much dancing and so many  <no idea=""> friends
I never thought, I never thought, I never thought that it would end.

But then one morning I saw one of them was gone
just 65 guitars to play my happy songs
then 64 then several more till 17
I didn't know a demon stole them when I dreamed

A Demon Girl
A Demon Girl
Demon Girl

The parties ended, as my songs grew very dark
The guitars stolen rained a tear down on my spark
I blamed my druggie pals, but suspects they increase
I blamed my plumber, and I even blamed my priest

Demon Girl

Thai Chung, my gardener, said, "Stay awake this night
Hide in the trashcan, cause there's something just ain't right"
And then I saw her, she was from another world
A demon girl, so beautiful, a demon girl, a demon

A Demon Girl
A Demon Girl
She's a Demon Girl

I said, "Please marry me, and bring back my guitars"
She said, "I will, but first, talk to my devil Pa"
And after dinner he said, "Promise me this night
You'll never let this demon girl out of your sight"

We had a happy home, and parties that were wild
Had our own tv show, and we even had a child
But then one morning I took up my fishing pole
And when I got back, she had moved to Idaho

She was a Demon Girl
A Demon Girl
A Demon Girl
She was a Demon Girl
A Demon Girl</no>
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