Do It For Him Her chords – Rebecca Sugar

           Do It For Him/Her - From Steven Universe - Rebecca Sugar
: Alex M.

Tuning: Standard
No Capo

Chords:  (If you find a chord shape that sounds better, feel free to use it!)
   F7/6    G C CM7 D7sus2 Am B7 Em Dm A7 Asus2 Cadd9 
    ^This one's weird, it's actually an inverted D7sus2, played only in the beginning.
Additionally, the A7 isn't really an A7. I guess it's more of a A7/C#, but whatever. It's only played once.
I like the sound of the C and CM7 chords with the 3rd fret on the high E string, but it isn't necessary.
And of course the Cadd9 is just the final chord. How fun.

Play an arpeggio F7/6 as the intro.

                F7/6    G 
You'd do it for him
                      C CM7 
And you would do it again
                F7/6             G 
You'd do it for her, that is to say
You'll do it for him

 D7sus2 Am 
   Keep your- stance wide
 D7sus2 Am 
   Keep your body lowered
 D7sus2 G 
   As you're moving forward
 C B7 
Balance is the key
 Em B7 
   Right foot - left foot
 Em B7 
   Now go even faster
 Em Dm 
   And as you're moving backwards
 C CM7 
Keep your eyes on me

 D7sus2 Am 
   Keep my - stance wide (Good.)
 D7sus2 Am 
   Keep my body lowered (Right.)
 D7sus2 G C 
   As I'm moving forward (Concentrate!)
 B7 Em 
   (Don't you want him to live!?)

   Right foot - left foot
 Em B7 
(Yes, but put your whole body into it!)
 Em Dm C 
Everything you have, everything you are
You've got to give

On the battlefield,
when everything is chaos
                              Em Am 
And you have nothing but the way you feel, your strategy and a sword
                          G C A7 
You just think about the life you'll have, together after the war

And you would do it for her
 G Em 
   That's how you know you can win
 Asus2  -  Am D7sus2 
   You'd do it for her
That is to say,
You'll do it for him.

 D7sus2 Am 
   Deep down - you know
 D7sus2 Am 
   You weren't built for fighting
 D7sus2 G 
   But that doesn't mean
        C B7 
You're not prepared to try
 Em B7 
   What they - don't know
 Em B7 
   Is your real advantage
 Em Dm 
   When you live for someone
 C Em 
You're - prepared to die
 D7sus2 Am 
   Deep down - I 

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