Got To Let You Know Tito Mina chords

Intro: /A,/B,D- /A,/B,A-
          /A,/B,D- /A,/B,A7 pause

  D                F#m
   You're the only one
  Bm             A
   I'm depending on
  Em      A       D       Bm
   If you go I would be blue
         G              C-A7
   You'd take away the sun
  D            F#m
   So I beg of you
  Bm               A
   Try and understand
  Em            A        D      Bm
   There's no room for words unsaid
        G                 C  E7
   Or feelings left to chance

   AM7                            Bm7      E7
   (I) Got to let you know that I love you
   AM7                          Bm7   E7
   (I) Got to let you know that I care
   AM7                            F#m
   (I) Got to let you know that for you
   I'll always be there

  D                   F#m
   Friends say I'm a fool
  Bm                A
   Not to play it cool
  Em       A         D        Bm
   But I don't mind being the only
    G                C   A7
   Exception to the rule
  D               F#m
   Got a burnin' love
        Bm             A
   I'm always dreaming of
   Em          A        D       Bm
   When you smile, it's all worthwhile
    G                C   E7
   That's for me is enough

   (Repeat Chorus)

  D                   F#m
   Please don't be surprised
  Bm                 A
   I'm not one to disguise
  Em        A      D      Bm
   What I feel I know is true
       G             C   A
   You've got to realize
  D               F#m
   Love is like a bell
            Bm              A
   There's just one way to tell
  Em        A          D        Bm
   If it's real it's going to ring
    G             C   E7
   That is why I sing

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

                 G-D/F#  E7
          ... there, oh yeah

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

                 G-D/F#-E-/E,/F#,AM7 hold
          ... there
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