Make It Home Live chords – Hoodie Allen


 G D 
I want to go where
 Em C 
The lights are low and the dreamers are chasing

 G D 
I want to live like
 Em C 
We don't know much but we know we're gonna make it

 Em C G D 
I don't wanna spend another night alone

 G D 
I wanna go cuz
 Em C 
If we don't go now then we're never gonna make it home



I'm living front row
Ya'll can take the mezzanine
Backstage chillin'
Treating life like it's a magazine

Seventeen and making money, with no doubt
Had a crush on Gwen Stefani, yeah no doubt
Like, woke up inside a new bugatti
Just roll out
Nobody told me this was just a hobby
You know now
But if you didn't then you probably would have got it
I remember breaking even
Now we out in vegas poppin

I ain't trying to take the throne
But baby give me options like I'm Geno Smith
I tell them do it on your own me and Kina did
And now we trying to take the road less travelled
But sometimes the bests***'s secret

So go your own ways cos I don't need it
I'm doing it my way so don't repeat it

And you can say it's just a dream I'm feeling
You wanna take me down a notch but this is more appealing like
I got the type of life that no one trying to mess with,
You got that Mckayla Maroneyb****es ain't impressed with, you


I ain’t a movie star, I ain’t a ball player
But if you ask me what I do, I do it all player
I got these girls going wild like I’m John Mayer
And I don’t need a damn guitar

Watch me I’m going far
Living out all my dreams
I used to live in my car
Now it’s a limousine
I put it in the garage
Right next to my degrees

Hundred dollars for a hat
Trying to keep it supreme
I bet you’re trying to fit in with your best friends
But your best friends
Picked a bad investment

I wish I could but I don’ believe you for a second
You said you living good but call me when the mets win
The mets win it independent
Doing it independent
They tell me I hit a wall
They wondering where I’m headed

Busy buying the bard and busy trying to rent it
It happens when they wait around and stop and just forget it

And I be playing poker with a blind man, throwing all my chips in
Working till I’m breaking every record like I’m Ripken
Dang uh

[Chorus x2]

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