My Dove My Lamb Chords – Phosphorescent

 On the record he plays it in G (C/G = G, F = C, G = D), 
but every time I've seen him play this live, 
he's adapted it with the electric and the capo. 
It's the same chord progression with each verse, 
sometimes he vamps the F to C/G a little longer 
to fill in some more "oohs!".

enjoy the song.

Capo 6, Key of F#
(standard tuning EADGBe)

 C/G F G F C C/G F            
I remember evenings when my dad would sing
 G F C 
Hiding in the hallways, I am listening
 C/G F 
Keeping still my body until it’s borne aloft
 G F C 
Her hair is soft her breath is soft and her name is soft
 C/G F     
And gather me completely in her sighing hands
 C/G G C 
My dove my dove my lamb

 F C/G                

Born with ocean thunder underneath our veins
Lonelier than cows left standing in the rain
Holy when our weight into the waves is tossed
Though ships get lost and fish get lost and names get lost
She will wait to greet me where it meets dry land
My dove my dove my lamb

So be careful of that language some words are stones
They’ll lead you out from town and leave you all alone
Past the mirrored diamond mares that run all night
Where camptown ladies sing that song ‘aw come alright’
But lo they sing it sweetly so I’ll understand
My dove my dove my lamb

Though my sight be near and my way be long
Though the light I chase be disappeared by dawn
I have seen her standing on the roofs at night
I have seen her silver figure bathed and bright
And I have seen her sleeping in the cold white sand
My dove my dove my lamb

So even in these cities where she’s haunting me
Even when my weariness is wanting me
Even when my wickednesses want to breathe
Even in these dirty clubs counting 1-2-3
I will keep a singing til I no more can
My dove my dove my lamb

And later if I’m better I’ll be born again
I’ll pull my newborn body from the thorns and limbs
Finding with my fingers where they’ve torn the page
From some ancient book all gold and worn from age
And writ upon it neatly though in trembling hand
My dove my dove my lamb

Then later in the evening I hear trumpets ring
I stretch out in the dark and I am listening
Studying the sadness in your perfect limbs
Move them under mine until they learn to blend
And I will keep repeating til they understand
My dove my dove my lamb

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