My Friend chords – Roy Orbison

 A Bm E A 
If I my friend can't tell you. 
      D E A E 
When you my friend are wrong. 
 Bm E A F#m 
Not to do what you want to 
 D Bm E 
Just because it’s wrong. 

       A C#m A 
Well then my friend in passing. 
 D E F#m 
We’ve been friends too long. 
     D E A F#m 
And I my friend must tell you, 
  D E A 
Leave that woman alone. 

 D E A 
Your little girls might not understand, 
         D E A 
And you know the baby would cry. 
     F#m D 
And what would you do if their mummy knew, 
     Bm E 
And she told you "goodbye"? 

  A Bm A 
Let it end my friend say it’s over, 
      D C#m F#m A 
And thank the stars above. 
      D E A F#m 
That you’ve got a home to run to, 
        D E A F#m 
And a sweet sweet woman to love. 
        D E A F#m 
I must say my friend if you stay my friend. 

 D E A F#m 
Leave that woman alone.
 D E A D A 
leave my woman alone. 
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