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Kung Di Rin Lang Ikaw chords by December Avenue feat. Moira Dela Torre

[Verse 1] E G#m Kung hindi rin lang ikaw ang dahilan Amaj7 B Pipilitin ba ang puso kong hindi na masaktan? E G#m Kung hindi ikaw ay hindi na lang Amaj7 B Pipilitin pang umasa para sating dalawa [Pre-Chorus] Amaj7 B Giniginaw at hindi makagalaw G#m A – B E Nahihirapan ang pusong pinipilit ay […]

Di Na Muli chords by Janine Teñoso

DI NA MULI (JANINE TENOSO) Transcribed by Aumanology Capo on 1st Fret [Special Chords] C X32013 (Play this chord version on intro & every 1st note of verses) Am7 X02013 D9/F# 2X023X G 320033 [Intro] C [Verse 1] C Am7 Nung araw kay tamis ng ating buhay F Puno ng saya at ng kulay Fm […]

Natural chords by Imagine Dragons

[Intro] Dm A7 [Verse 1] Dm Will you hold the line When every one of them is giving up or giving in, tell me A7 In this house of mine Nothing ever comes without a consequence or cost, tell me Dm Will the stars align? Will heaven step in? Will it save us from our […]

Jangan chords by Marion Jola feat. Rayi Putra

[Intro] C [Verse] C Hanya dengan sepatah kata C kau buatku larut dalam cinta F Buat hati menutup mata F hingga tak melihat kau buaya C Buatku mudah percaya C walau ternyata berbahaya F Tersadar aku kini F tak mau ku dibodohi begini Dm Em (jelas sudah diriku kau dekati) Bb G namun bukan cinta […]

Eastside chords by Benny Blanco (Benjamin Levin) feat. Khalid and Halsey

[Verse 1] F#m E A When I was young, I fell in love D E We used to hold hands, man, that was enough (yeah) F#m E A Then we grew up, started to touch D E Used to kiss underneath the light on the back of the bus (yeah) F#m E A Oh no, […]

Breathin chords by Ariana Grande

Standard tuning. Capo 1st fret. Em7 G Cadd9 D/F# G/B D e|——————————| B|3—-3—-3—-3—-3—-3—-| G|0—-0—-0—-2—-0—-2—-| D|2—-0—-2—-0—-0—-0—-| A|2—-2—-3—-0—-2———| E|0—-3———2————–| [Intro] Em7 G Cadd9 [Verse 1] Em7 D/F# G G/B Cadd9 Some days, things just take way too much of my energy G/B Cadd9 D I look up and the whole room’s spinning Em7 D/F# G You take […]

Sierra Burgess Is A Loser – Sunflower chords by Misc Soundtrack/Shannon Purser

Note: this is for the short version of the song, which is not exactly the same musically or lyrically as the longer one. [Intro] C F x2 [Verse 1] C F Rose girls in glass vases C F Perfect bodies, perfect faces Am F They all belong in magazines C F Those girls the boys […]

You Should See Me In A Crown chords by Billie Eilish

Verse Chorus ———- ———- Em 02200x E5 022xxx G 32000x G5 355xxx Capo 4th fret [Intro] Em G [Verse 1] Em Bite my tongue, bide my time, wearing a warning sign G Wait ’til the world is mine Em Visions I vandalize, cold in my kingdom size G Fell for these ocean eyes [Chorus 1] […]

Warbringers – Jaina Daughter Of The Sea chords by Misc Computer Games

[Verse 1] Am G Am Beware, beware The Daughter of the Sea Am G Am Beware, I heard him cry Am G Am His words carried upon the ocean breeze Em Am As he sank beneath the tide [Verse 2] Am G Am Those blood-soaked shores of Kalimdor Am G Am Where sailors fought and […]

Happy Now chords by Zedd

Here is the picking pattern: (For the Intro + First Chorus + Two Verses ) e|————————-|—————————————–| B|———–3———–3-|———2————2————–2—| G|——————0——|—————————————–| D|—–2——–2—————————————————-| A|————————-|—–2———–2————–2——–| E|-0———————–|-0———–0————–0————| Em7 (Only use Em7 for A this picking pattern,in other parts of the song you’ll use Em) e|———–2———–2-|—————————————–| B|————————-|———0————0————–0—| G|————————-|——————————–0——–| D|————————-|—–0———————————–| A|—–2————2——|—————–0———————–| E|-0————0———-|-3———–3————–3————| D G ( G chord used for this picking pattern is: […]

Berpisah Itu Mudah chords by Rizky Febian feat. Mikha Tambayong

[Intro] G Bm C Am Bm C D G Bm Em Am D [Verse] GM7 Bm CM7 Makan di resto terenak Bm7 Bbm7 Am7 D9 Membaca di sudut paling tenang GM7 Bm CM7 Menonton pertunjukan musik Am D9 D7b9 GM7 Telurusuri jalanan dari malam hingga pagi [Verse] Modulate to D A11 DM7 F#m7 GM7 Kita […]

Thunderclouds chords by LSD (Labrinth, Sia, Diplo)

[Verse 1] Em All I need is one C One more man is enough Em Babe you got it wrong C D Please turn your fears into trust, to trust [Pre-Chorus 1] G C Where’d the love go, when all is said and done? (Hey now, get your hands in the air, I’ma go through […]

Darkside chords by Alan Walker

[Intro] Em D C G x2 [Verse 1] Em D We’re not in love C G D/F# We share no stories Em D C G Just something in your eyes Em D Don’t be afraid C G D/F# The shadows know me Em D C Let’s leave the world behind [Chorus] Em G Take me […]

Epiphany chords by BTS

[Intro] F C Am Bb (x2) [Verse] F C Am Bb cham isanghae bunmyeong nan neoreul neomu saranghaessneunde F C Am Bb modu neoege majchugo neol wihae salgo sipeossneunde F C Am Bb geureolsurok nae mamsogui pokpungeul gamdanghal su eopsge dwae F C Am Bb usgo issneun gamyeonsogui jinjja nae moseubeul da deureonae [Chorus 1] […]

Kisah Antara Kita chords by One Avenue Band

G C G Cm G Mengapa terjadi Em oh pada diri ini Am Haruskah ku D meneruskan lagi Bm Dm Kisah kita yang E telah kita bina bersama Am D Kini tlah hancur karena Eb C Kau memilih dia G Ku tidak menyangkakan Em Engkau seperti ini Am Kau curangi diriku D Tanpa aku sedari […]

My Blood chords by twenty one pilots

[Intro] Fm Ab Fm Eb Ab e|-1—————|-4—————|—–1——-3—|-4—————| B|-1—————|-4—————|—–1——-4—|-4—————| G|-1—————|-5—————|—–1——-3—|-5—————| D|-3—————|-6—————|—–3——-5—|-6—————| A|-3—————|-6—————|—–3——-6—|-6—————| E|-1—————|-4—————|—–1——-3—|-4—————| ^ ‘ ^ ‘ ^ ‘ ^ ‘ | ^ ‘ ^ ‘ ^ ‘ ^ ‘ | ^ ‘ ^ ‘ ^ ‘ ^ ‘ | ^ ‘ ^ ‘ ^ ‘ ^ ‘ | 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 […]

8 Letters chords by Why Don’t We

It looks like the piano is playing an almost constant “E” in the back so I would recommend to leave the B and e string free an play it through the whole song. The rest are pretty easy power chords, who got fancy names in real life, due to those always ringing free strings. In […]

Thru These Tears chords by LANY

[Intro] B G#m F# E [Verse 1] B This hurts like hell G#m But I keep telling myself F# It’s gonna get better E But it’s taking forever B I tried to go out G#m But every time I leave the house F# Something reminds me E Of what’s now behind me [Pre-Chorus] C#m D#m […]

Something Human chords by Muse

[Intro] A Asus4 A [Verse 1] Asus4 A Asus4 A My circuits have blown E F#m D F#m I know it’s self imposed E D E And all I have shared, and all I have loved F#m D F#m Is all I’ll ever own E A Asus4 A But something has changed E F#m D […]

Sweetener chords by Ariana Grande

[Chorus] C C/B Am When life deals us cards C/B C F Am Dm Make everything taste like it is salt Am F G G#dim7 Am G Then you come through like the sweetener you are F G To bring the bitter taste to a halt [Post-Chorus] C F And then you get it, get […]