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Bring The Broken Home chords – Vous Live

"Bring the Broken Home" – Vous Live Chords by: ajangelia Intro – G A Bm A (2x) Verse 1: G A Jesus let me see Bm Glimpses of eternity A G What you're calling me to be G A Changing all my doubt Bm A G Letting go and reaching out to the broken and […]

Black And White solo Tabs – Parquet Courts

Black and White – Parquet Courts Sunbathing Animal (2015) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All 3 Verses "..bold strokes crack…" e|———————| B|———————| G|———————| D|———————| A|–0~—————–| let note ring out w/ feedback E|———————| "..I want something more than…" e|——————————————-| B|——————————————-| G|——————————————-| D|——–5–4–2———-7–5–4–2~——-| let last note ring out w/ feedback A|–5————–3–3\5——————–| (especially on the last verse) E|——————————————-| What I could make […]

A Wound Time Cant Erase chords – Stonewall Jackson

G D7 Have you found since you turned me down G The one that you were searching for D7 Are you glad that you made me sad G For you know I vowed to love you ever more D7 What did you have in mind when you broke this heart of mine C G Are […]

Take My Life chords – Norton Hall Band

Take My Life Verse 1 D G D Bm G A D Take my life and let it be, consecrated, Lord, to Thee Bm A G D G A Take my hands and let them move, at the impulse of Thy love Bm A D G A D At the im-pulse of Thy love Verse […]

Gimme Some Truth chords – John Lennon

Such an underrated song Capo on 3rd fret D F#m D7 I'm sick and tired of hearing things from uptight, short-sighted narrow-minded hypocritics G A All I want is the truth G A Just gimme some truth D F#m D7 I've had enough of reading things by neurotic, psychotic, pig-headed politicians G A All I […]

Lover Come Back To Me chords – The Cleftones

Lover Come Back To Me:The Cleftones. #95 on BB Hot 100 on GEE Records in 1962. INTRO: Am7 A E CHORUS: A Dbm A Db D The sky was blue yeah, and high a-bove..the moon B was new, and so was love. (waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah) A Gbm A E A This eager heart of mine was singing, […]

Sunday Candy chords – Donnie Trumpet And The Social Experiment Vsion 4

This riff is the same for the entire song. There are probably some minor differences between the verses and chorus, but I've found this to be pretty accurate. The barre chord version sounds better than open chords in my opinion, but they open chords also work great if you're not as comfortable with barring. Enjoy! […]

Grow Tabs – Frances

Work in progress Work in progress Work in progress Work in progress Work Work in ———————————————————————————- I tried to make this so it's relatively close to the original piano backing. It's not perfect but I think it sounds pretty cool. Standard Tuning Capo 1st fret *Things with a {number} after them are further explained at […]

Bonnie George Campbell chords – Traditional

C Hie upone Highlands, F C and lay upon tay. C Bonnie George Campbell G rode out on a day. C He saddled, and bridled, F C so gallant rode he. C And hame cam his guid horse, G C but never cam he. C Out cam his mother dear, F C greeting fu sair. […]

Boy Without A Car chords – The Vamps

[Brad:] E Hey pretty face, I wanna tell you something But I'll just wait while you keep me hanging A E On and on and on Your every word E It's 3 AM and we're just sat here talking About your friends but we don't care about A E Them at all, I just wanna […]

Snapback chords – Old Dominion

Snapback- Old Dominion ***Capo 3*** [Verse 1] D A Strictly outta curiosity A Em What would happen if you got with me? Em G Kissing you would hit the spot with me G Come on skip a couple rocks with me [Pre-Chorus] D A Give me any of your heart tonight A Em Ain't no […]

Else Tabs – Dog & Panther

——————————————————————————- ELSE – Dog & Panther ——————————————————————————- C: 032010 F: –3211 Fmaj7: 003210 Em: 022000 G: 320003 C e|————————————————— B|———–1———–1————1———–1– G|—–0———–0————0———–0——– D|——–2———–2————2———–2—– A|–3———–3————3———–3———– E|————————————————— F Fmaj7 e|———–1———–1————0———–0– B|—–1———–1————1———–1——– G|——–2———–2————2———–2—– D|–3———–3————3———–3———– A|————————————————— E|————————————————— Em G e|————————————3———–3– B|———–0———–0————————— G|—–0———–0——————————— D|——–2———–2———0———–0——– A|–2———–2——————2———–2—– E|—————————3———–3———– Strum C on the last word One is best One is best Two is so […]

I Love My Truck chords – Glen Campbell Vsion 2

I Love My Truck Glen Campbell A side single 1981 Intro D Verse 1 D Well, it'll just get you down G If you let life get to you D Cause everybody's saying something A None of it's true D Well, I just don't care G When them times get hard D Cause I got […]

Murderer Of Blue Skies Tabs – Chris Cornell

——————————————————————————- Murderer of Blue Skies – Chris Cornell ——————————————————————————- Tuning: Standard (EADGBe) | 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + | 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + | 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + | 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + | Introduction e|—3—–3—–3-|—3—–3—–3-|—3—–3—–3-|—3—–3—–3-| B|—–3—–3—–|—–3—–3—–|—–3—–3—–|—–3—–3—–| G|—————–|—————–|—————–|—————–| D|-2—–2—–2—|-2—–2—–2—|-2—–2—–2—|-2—–2—–2—| A|—————–|—————–|—————–|—————–| […]

Hosanna Tabs – Hillsongs Vsion 4

——————————————————————————- Hosanna – Hillsong Global ——————————————————————————- Hillsong Global : andrewbishop Tuning: Standard Heard this different version of Hosanna, totally like the guitar parts, kinda brings new texture to the song. The songs consists of the parts below and of course the chords, but here just the specific eguitar parts, chords you will find on any […]

Jane Tabs – kaleido

Underrated band and song that is quite simple to play and reminiscent of No Doubt among other bands. Intro: e|——————————————————————| B|——————————————————————| G|-x-6-x-6———x-9-x-9———x-6-x-6———x-9-x-9———-| D|-x-6-x-6-x-7-x-7-x-9-x-9-x-9-x-9-x-6-x-6-x-7-x-7-x-9-x-9-99999999-| A|-x-4-x-4-x-7-x-7-x-7-x-7-x-9-x-9-x-4-x-4-x-7-x-7-x-7-x-7-99999999-| E|———x-5-x-5———x-7-x-7———x-5-x-5———77777777-| Verse: e|——————————————————————| B|——————————————————————| G|-x-6-x-6———x-9-x-9———x-6-x-6———x-9-x-9———-| X2 D|-x-6-x-6-x-7-x-7-x-9-x-9-x-9-x-9-x-6-x-6-x-7-x-7-x-9-x-9-99999999-| A|-x-4-x-4-x-7-x-7-x-7-x-7-x-9-x-9-x-4-x-4-x-7-x-7-x-7-x-7-99999999-| E|———x-5-x-5———x-7-x-7———x-5-x-5———77777777-| She knows me dirty secrets, and she's always right here by my side whispering alibis. Devious and bittersweet, when I sleep she's […]

Hold The Line chords – Rod Stewart

Hold The Line – Rod Stewart “Another Country” Roj Vincent Intro: C Em Am F C Em Hold on we just have to hold on Am F We don't have to cry, no not tonight C Em I know lately everything seems crazy Am F People walking by just getting by C G And I […]

Forget The Swan chords – Dinosaur Jr. Vsion 2

Song: Forget the Swan Dinosaur Jr. Dinosaur (1985) ================================================================= Chords: Am – (x02210) Em – (022000) D – (xx0232) G – (32000x) B – (x24442) – (if it makes you more comfortable, playing a x2444x is fine) C – (x32010) Fmaj7 – (x33210) Gadd11 – (32001x) ================================================================= Am Em Am Em It's floating through the […]

Summoned To Succumb Tabs – Cauldron

Tune: C (down 2 step) Intro: PM—————————- C|—————————-| G|—————————-| Eb|—————————| Bb|-2–2–2–2–2–2–2–2—-| F|–0–0–0–0–0–0–0–0—-| C|—————————-| PM—————————- C|—————————-| G|—————————-| Eb|—————————| Bb|————-5–5———-| F|–3–3–3–3–3–3–5–5—-| C|–1–1–1–1——–3–3—-| PM—————————- C|—————————-| G|—————————-| Eb|—————————| Bb|—————————| F|–3–3–3–3–3–3–3–3—-| C|–1–1–1–1–1–1–1–1—-| PM—————————- C|—————————-| G|—————————-| Eb|—————————| Bb|—————————| F|–2–2–2–2–5–5–5–5—-| C|–0–0–0–0–3–3–3–3—-| PM—————————- C|—————————-| G|—————————-| Eb|—————————| Bb|-2–2–2–2–2–2–2–2—-| F|–0–0–0–0–0–0–0–0—-| C|—————————-| PM—————————- C|—————————-| G|—————————-| Eb|—————————| Bb|————-5–5———-| F|–3–3–3–3–3–3–5–5—-| C|–1–1–1–1——–3–3—-| PM—————————- C|—————————-| G|—————————-| Eb|—————————| Bb|-7–7–7–7–7–7–7–7—-| F|–5–5–5–5–5–5–5–5—-| C|—————————-| […]

Natures Wrath Tabs – The Budos Band

——————————————————————————- Natures Wrath – Budos Band (Budos Band III) ——————————————————————————- : ignaciomendez ignacio.mendeznunez Tuning: Standard Horn Intro e|—————————————————————————| B|—————————————————————————| G|—————————————————————————| D|—3h4p3h4p3h4p3h4p3——————————————————-| A|—————————————————————————| E|—————————————————————————| Main Riff e|—————————————————————————| B|—————————————————————————| G|—————————————————————————| D|———————–8—————————————————| A|———–8-9—–8-9—9——8-9-8————————————–| E|–6—8-9———————9———-9-8—7—————————| Riff (Chorus) @0:53 e|—————————————————————————| B|—————————————————————————| G|———————————10—————————————-| D|——–8—/10—8–10–11———11-10—–11–10———————–| A|—–8————————————————–8——————| E|–6———————————————————6————–| e|—————————————————————————| B|—————————————————————————| G|—————————————————————————| D|—————————————————————————| A|—————————————————————————| E|—————————————————————————| ************************************ | / slide up | \ slide down […]