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Someone You Loved Chords by Lewis Capaldi

For a great video tutorial to accompany this tab, check out Kurt Berg’s YouTube channel [Intro] C G Am F [Verse 1] C G Am F I’m going under and this time I fear there’s no one to save me C G Am F This all or nothing really got a way of driving […]

Fast Car Chords by Tracy Chapman

Fast Car chords Tracy Chapman 1988 (Tracy Chapman album) Capo II [Intro] Cmaj7 G Em D x4 [Verse 1] Cmaj7 G You got a fast car. Em D I want a ticket to anywhere. Cmaj7 G Maybe we make a deal, Em D Maybe together we can get somewhere. Cmaj7 G Any place is better. […]

Until I Found You Chords by Stephen Sanchez

[Verse 1] G Bm C Georgia, wrap me up in all your… G Bm C I want ya, in my arms G Oh, let me hold ya Bm C G I’ll never let you go again, like I did D Oh, I used to say [Chorus] C D “I would never fall in love again […]

Vampire Chords by Olivia Rodrigo

* = one strum Gm** e|———————-| B|-3—-3—-3———-| G|-0—-3—-2—-0—–| D|-0—-0—-0—-0—–| A|———————-| E|-3—————–3–| [Intro] D F#7 G Gm** [Verse 1] D F#7 Hate to give the satisfaction asking how you’re doing now G How’s the castle built off people you pretend to care about? Just what you wanted Gm** Look at you, cool guy, you got it […]

Barbie – What Was I Made For Chords  by Billie Eilish

[Intro] C Em Fmaj7 C Em Fmaj7 [Verse 1] C Em Fmaj7 I used to float, now I just fall down C Em Fmaj7 I used to know but I’m not sure now C Em Fmaj7 What I was made for Am Em Fmaj7 What was I made for? [Verse 2] C Em Fmaj7 Takin’ […]

Talking To The Moon Chords by Bruno Mars

[Intro] | C | C | [Verse 1] C I know you’re somewhere out there E7 Somewhere far away Am G I want you back F I want you back C My neighbors think I’m crazy E7 But they don’t understand Am G You’re all I had F You’re all I had [Pre-Chorus] Dm G […]

Night Changes Chords by One Direction

[Intro] e|-10———-10———-| B|——-10———-10—-| G|—-12—-12—-12—-12-| x4 D|————————-| A|————————-| E|————————-| [Verse 1] G Going out tonight, changes into something red Em7 Her mother doesn’t like that kind of dress Bm Everything she never had D She’s showing off G Driving too fast, moon is breaking through her hair Em7 She’s heading for something that she won’t forget […]

Say You Wont Let Go Chords by James Arthur

[Intro] G D Em C [Verse 1] G I met you in the dark D You lit me up Em You made me feel as though C I was enough G We danced the night away D We drank too much Em I held your hair back when C You were throwing up [Pre-Chorus] G […]

Stick Season Chords by Noah Kahan

[Verse 1] A As you promised me that I was more than all the miles combined E You must have had yourself a change of heart like halfway through the drive F#m ‘Cause your voice trailed off exactly as you passed my exit sign D Kept on driving straight and left our future to the […]

The 30Th Chords by Billie Eilish

[Intro] G D Em D Am G D [Verse 1] G D Em Sometimes, you look the same D Am G D Just like you did before the accident G D Em When you’re starin’ into space D Am G It’s hard to believe you don’t remember it D Woke up in the ambulance Em […]

505 Chords by Arctic Monkeys

Dm Em Dm* Em* e|—5—-7—10—12–| B|—6—-8—10—12–| G|—7—-9—10—12–| D|—7—-9—12—14–| A|—5—-7————| E|—X—-X————| [Intro] Dm Em Dm Em [Chorus] Dm Em I’m going back to 505 If it’s a 7 hour flight Dm Or a forty-five minute drive Em Dm In my imagination you’re waiting lying on your side Em Dm Em With your hands between your thighs […]

Sweater Weather Acoustic Chords by The Neighbourhood

Chords for the live acoustic arrangement: In the video the band plays guitars tuned down one whole step to D-G-C-F-A-d. If you want to use this tuning, transpose this chord sheet +5 to F to match the original key in the video. Tutorial: Picking: e|——————————| B|-0h1–0h1–—0—————-| G|———–2—-2————-| D|——————-4-5-4-2-0–| A|——————————| E|——————————| e|———————————-| B|—0–——1-0—1-0————–| G|-2—2-0————–0-2–0-2-0–| […]

Cigarette Daydreams Chords by Cage the Elephant

[Intro] D Dmaj7 Em G A [Verse 1] D Dmaj7 Did you stand there all alone Em G A D Oh, I cannot explain what’s goin’ down Dmaj7 I can see you standin’ next to me Em G A D In and out somewhere else right now Dmaj7 Bm You sigh look away G A […]

Tv Chords by Billie Eilish

[Intro] G D/F# Em C D Em [Verse 1] G D/F# Em I don’t wanna talk right now C D Em I just wanna watch TV G D/F# Em I’ll stay in the pool and drown C D Em So I don’t have to watch you leave G D/F# Em I put on Survivor just […]

Running Up That Hill Chords by Kate Bush

Song: Running up that hill (A deal with God) Artist: Kate Bush Composer: Kate Bush Album: Hounds of love Tabbed by: DJ 12th Sept 2014 CAPO: 3rd fret (Will then sound in the recorded key of Cm) To hear the song, copy and paste this link: Chord names and fret positions are relative to the […]

Someone You Loved Chords by Lewis Capaldi

[Intro] C G Am F [Verse 1] C G Am F I’m going under and this time I fear there’s no one to save me C G Am F This all or nothing really got a way of driving me crazy C G Am F I need somebody to heal, somebody to know, somebody to […]

Just The Two Of Us Chords by Grover Washington Jr. & Bill Withers

ARTIST: Grover Washington Jr., Bill Withers TITLE: Just the Two of Us Capo 1st fret Chords: Cmaj7 x32000 B7 x21202 Em7 022030 Ebm7 x11x2x G7 320001 [Intro] Cmaj7 B7 Em7 Dm7 G7 Cmaj7 B7 Em7 [Verse 1] Cmaj7 B7 Em7 I see the crystal raindrops fall, Dm7 G7 Cmaj7 and the beauty of it all […]

Something In The Orange Chords by Zach Bryan

Fill 1 (*) Fill 2 (**) e|———–|———-| B|———–|———-| G|———–|———-| D|———–|-2–0–0–| A|———–|———-| E|-2–/7–0–|———-| / = slide up [Intro] Em * G G ** Em [Verse 1] Em D/F# G It’ll be fine by dusk light I’m telling you baby G D/F# Em These things eat at your bones and drive your young mind crazy Em D/F# […]

Somewhere Only We Know Chords by Keane

For the original key transpose -3, or -5 with capo on the 2nd fret. [Intro] C Em Dm G x2 [Verse 1] C Em I walked across an empty land Dm F G I knew the pathway like the back of my hand C Em I felt the earth beneath my feet Dm F G […]

Atlantis Chords by Seafret

CAPO: 4th FRET INTRO: C D Em C Em D VERSE: C The birds have left their trees D Em The light pours onto me C I can feel you lying there Em D All on your own C We got here the hard way D Em All those words that we exchanged C Em […]