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Woodshop chords – Madison Violet

Capo 1 INTRO G VERSE 1 G If i'd have known you'd be gone soon C D G dust to dust and ashes 52 G the police called you made the headline news C D G dust to dust and ashes 52 CHORUS D Em now your father's building G you a box C down […]

Hemvändarvisan chords – Loke Nyberg

Loke Nyberg (Måns Klang) – Hemvändarvisan C F C En pojke satt och grät i Anacea Citadell. F G Strida, salta tårar som en flod F G C Am Det var en stackars liten, sliten sjömannagesäll F G Och han grät så det gick is i själ och blod Så jag stega fram till ynglingen […]

Just As Long As That Someone Is You chords – Mickey Newbury

Just as Long as That Someone Is You F Am Bb Gm I want someone I can talk to when I'm blue C F C Someone to love me and be true F F7 Bb Bbm Someone to love it makes no difference who F C F Bb Just as long as that someone is […]

Oliver Oliver chords – Oliver The Musical

OLIVER, OLIVER – From OLIVER THE MUSICAL (Slightly Abridged version) Del Bradley NO CAPO or to vocal taste (Capo 3 is good for me) ____________________________________________________________________ Please don't forget to rate and comment, Your feedback would be much appreciated, Thank you šŸ™‚ ____________________________________________________________________ Em C (Mr. Bumble) Oliver, Oliver Em C A7 D Never be-fore has […]

Kinderliedjes – Cowboy Billie Boom chords – Misc Cartoons

Cowboy Billy Boem G En wie stuift er op z'n paard door de prairie ? D7 Dat is Cowboy Billy Boem, door de boeven zeer gevreesd G C Er is nooit in 't wilde westen een cowboy geweest G D7 G Die zo dapper was als Cowboy Billy Boem Refrein: C G Van je hotsie-knotsie-knetter […]

18 Wheels And A Dozen Roses chords – Kathy Mattea V2

Intro [ G ] [ Cmaj7 ] [ D ] [ C ] [ G ] [ G ]Charlie's got a gold watch, [ Cmaj7 ]don't seem like a whole lot After th[ D ]irty years of drivin' [ C ]up and down the inter[ G ]state But [ G ]Charlie's had a good life, […]

Annie Im Not Your Daddy chords – Kid Creole And The Coconuts

…ANNIE, I'M NOT YOUR DADDY… by Kid Creole and the Coconuts ——————————-…………………………. *from 'Tropical Gangsters' (1982)* Intro: Am Verse 1: E B E A E C#m D They say that all is fair in love and war, and child, be-lieve it. E B E A E C#m D When Mama stayed in Saint Tro-pez, she […]

Rest To Get Better chords – Transit

Transit Rest To Get Better Joyride 2014 Rise Records Submitted by: jeremyunderground41 Key: Bb Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: Bb – x13331 F – 133211 Gm – 355333 Eb – x68886 Intro: Bb– Verse 1: Eb I haven't slept in forever Bb only rest to get better F I'm up every three hours Gm Bb […]

Marvelous Toy chords – Melanie Safka

Melanie Safka – Marvelous Toy CAPO: 2nd Fret INTRO: C G D G D When I was just a little girl G D Full of health and joy C G One Christmas morning I received A7 D A marvellous little toy G D A wonder to behold it was G C With many colours bright […]

Weddings And Wars chords – Will Varley

Capo 2 Am C 'Bang' goes the big bang in the darkness and thunder. Am C Adam and Eve were strands of bacteria. Am C Blind we crawled with the birds and the bees, F G Few years on we climbed down from the trees, Am C And were standin' in Africa, lookin' at the […]

Now The One You Once Loved Is Leaving Tabs – Lydia V2

——————————————————————————- Now The One You Onced Loved Is Leaving – Lydia ——————————————————————————- : Nathan Adams This is pretty close although probably not exact. Feedback/corrections are appreciated. Thanks to the youtube covers and UG community for helping me to hear the song. And of course, thanks to Lydia for writing such a great song. Tuning: EADGBe […]

Spaces chords – One Direction V3

Hi, I hope this is OK because I worked it out by ear… corrections welcome bad comments not šŸ™‚ G Who's gonna be the first one to start the fight C Who's gonna be the first one to fall asleep at night Em Who's gonna be the last one to drive away C Who's gonna […]

Ivory Tower chords – Mickey Newbury

Ivory Tower Bb7 D# Come down, come down from your ivory tower Bb7 D# Let love come into your heart Bb7 D# It's cold, so cold, in your ivory tower Bb7 D# And warm, so warm in my arms G# D# And I love you, I love you F Bb7 Don't let pride keep us […]

Spotlight chords – Leagues

Gm Dm Gm F C Romantic love is the least of these Am It comes and goes Am It comes and goes F So easily C Romantic love is a fickle friend Dm You wanna know what love is about C Dm Give it when you feel not Gm Iā€™m never gonna give you up […]

Laredo Tabs – Band Of Horses V2

Artist: Band of Horses Song: Laredo tabber: Teodosio Di Genio ( tabbed on 12/11/2014 For this tab, i saw how Tayler Ramsey play this, i.e. with Capo on 3rd, so i'm gonna write the chords according with capo: EBGDAe G: 320033 Am7: x02010 C: 032033 G/B: 022033 Intro riff: (with Capo on 3rd so "5" […]

Warm Foothills Acoustic Tabs – Alt-J V2

——————————————————————————- WARM FOOTHILLS – Alt-j ——————————————————————————- : Crow **IMPORTANT** Tuning: EADF#BE (Tune the G string to F#) It sounds best if you use you middle finger to play the A string frets and mute the D string at the same time. e |—————–| B |—————–| F#|——-12—12—| D |—-0—-0—-0–| x8 A |–12-12—12—–| E |—————–| First Verse: […]

Thinking Out Loud chords – Ed Sheeran V8

Tuning: standard D D/F G6 A When your legs don't work like they used to before D D/F G6 A And I can't sweep you off of your feet D D/F G6 A Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love D D/F G6 A Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks […]

Prone To Wander chords – Melanie Safka

Melanie Safka – Prone To Wander CAPO: 4th Fret INTRO: Dm Dm Am C (2x) F Clouds of warning, music haunting Dm F And that no sleep dreaming when a song is played Some of my dreams may come to greet me Dm C When I see the light of another day Dm I feel […]

Make It Work For Me chords – Melanie Safka

Melanie Safka – Make It Work For Me CAPO: 4th Fret INTRO: G D G D Am Em C D G C D G C G And if it's you, you're going to love me D Am Em And if it's not, I'm going to find you C D G C D But if I […]

Walk Along chords – Trijntje Oosterhuis

Trijntje Oosterhuis – Walk Along From the single: Walk Along (2015) Comment for any corrections and please rate This is the dutch contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest in Austria in 2015 Written by Anouk and sang by Angela Groothuizen Capo 2 E B Open up my heart to you F#m Cry for your attention […]