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Le Gorille chords – Georges Brassens Vsion 2

[VERSE] D A7 C'est à travers de larges grilles que les femelles du canton D Contemplaient un puissant gorille sans souci du qu'en-dira-t-on A7 Avec impudeur ces commères lorgnaient même un endroit précis D Que rigoureusement ma mère m'a défendu d'nommer ici [CHORUS] D A7 D A7 D Gare au gori——-lle [VERSE] A7 Tout à […]

Life Of A Ghost chords – Area 11

[Verse] C#m B A B C#m Travel by main highway light C#m To see the rolling landscape fly D C#m Journey downward from a height Slow shadows grow and weave the night D C#m Living the life of a ghost C#m There is no comfort for the mind D C#m Bodies twisting in the soil […]

Le Sésame Pour Les Cieux chords – Scotch & Sofa

Le Sésame Pour Les Cieux Scotch, Sofa [Intro] Dm Dm Bb A X2 [Verse 1] Dm Dm Bb A J'ai voyagé dans l'aigue-marine, dans la turquoise de ses yeux Hummm Dm Dm Bb A Et dans son regard d'ondine, j'ai vu le sésame pour les cieux Hummm Bb C Dm J'ai goûté les rouges vermeils […]

Sieħbi Fil-Cupboard Tal-KÄ‹ina chords – Walter Micallef

[Verse 1] C F Am G Id-dawl baxx bilkemm nara hawn Ä¡ew C F Am G Il-bieb magħluq naf li moħbija sew Am G D Għax sakemm tinsab hawnhekk xejn mhu se jbeżżani [Verse 2] C F Am G Il-Bambin bagħtek mingħajrek m'jien xejn C F Am G L-għajjat ta' barra jtarrax il-widnejn Am G […]

Sariyaagi Nenapide Nange chords – Armaan Malik

[Chorus] Em D Sariyagi nenapide nanage G C Idakella kaarana kirunageye [Verse 1] G D Manadaa prathi galliyolagu G D Ninnade meravanige Am Bm Kanasinaa kulumege Am Bm Usiranuu oodutha C Em Kidi haruvudu innu kachita [Instrumental] Em D C D Em D C B Em [Chorus] Em D Sariyagi nenapide nanage G C Idakella […]

A Lover Spurned chords – Marc Almond

[Intro] Em B x4 [Verse 1] Em A lover spurned Am A lesson learned B On love you've got Your fingers burnt Em Shed bitter tears Am Now love has turned B The sweet revenge Em Of a lover spurned Em A passing phase Am A week of love B But all at once You […]

Agnus Dei chords – Michael W. Smith Vsion 8

[Intro] G Gsus G D C Gsus2 Em7 Dsus D [Verse 1] G C G D G C D C Alleluia, – Allelu – ia D C G Am G Am For our Lord God Almighty reigns G C G D G C D C Alleluia, – Allelu – ia D C G Am G […]

First Summer In A City chords – Free Cake For Every Creature

Capo 5 [Verse] G D you wanna a big dog C and i, i wanna small dog G D C i gotta daffodil on my arm G D you tend to the dandelion garden C watermelon tongue, G city buzz D crazy daisy, C you got that beauty bug [Chorus] G D C oooh ooh […]

Im Walkin Here chords – Rab Noakes

Rab Noakes – I'm Walkin' Here CAPO: 4th Fret [INTRO:] D Am G D A6 D Am G D A6 [VERSE 1:] D Am Hey, I'm walkin' here G What are doing in my space D A6 It's not your place, get outta my face [VERSE 2:] D Am And hey, I'm talkin' here G […]

Que Sera Sera chords – Barbara d***son

Barbara d***son and Rab Noakes – Que Sera Sera ## NOTE: G-A-B = Bass Walk-Up from Am to C ## [INTRO:] C Em7/B Am G-A-B C Em7/B Am [VERSE 1:] C Em7/B Am When I was just a little boy C A7 Dm G I asked my mother, what will I be Will I be […]

Bread For The Body chords – Kris Kristofferson

Bread for the Body Feeling Mortal [INTRO] A G x3 A [VERSE] A G A I built my own chains in the land of the free B E A slave to a job that meant nothing to me A G A With three shiny new cars and a split level home G A To furnish […]

Still Falling For You chords – Ellie Goulding

[Intro] C e|—–0—–1—–3—–0—–1—–| B|—–1—–1—–1—–1—–1—–| G|————–0———–0——–| D|——–2———–2————–| A|–3——————————–| E|———————————–| x2 [Verse 1] C Fire and ice C This love is like fire and ice Am This love is like rain and blue skies Am This love is like sun on the rise F This love got me rolling the dice G Don't let me lose C […]

Tube Of Wonderful Tabs – Soul Asylum

From the Chasing Amy (1997) soundtrack Originally written and recorded by Dave Pirner Transcription by Dave Musgrave (bentbullets) e|| ||——————–|——————–|——————–|——————–| b|| ||——6—9———|——6—9———|——6—9———|——6—9———| G|| 5 ||6h8-x——-6—8—|6h8-x——-6—8—|6h8-x——-6—8—|6h8-x——-6—8—| D|| 4 ||——————–|——————–|——————–|——————–| A|| ||——————–|——————–|——————–|——————–| E|| ||——————–|——————–|——————–|——————–| || 6-string Banjo || || G|| ||——————–|——————–|——————–|——————–| D|| 5 ||——————–|——————–|——————–|——————–| A|| 4 ||——————–|——————–|——————–|——————–| E|| ||——————–|——————–|——————–|——————–| Tuba, arranged for Upright Bass, pizzicato e|6———4———|——————–|6———4———|——————–|| b|–9—6—–7—4—|7p6——-6p4——-|–9—6—–7—4—|7p6——-6p4——-|| […]

Jockey Full Of Bourbon solo chords – Tom Waits Vsion 1

1:21 [Solo] Em B7 E|———-|————–|———-|—————|——–| B|———-|————–|———-|—————|——–| G|——0–2|–4———–|–4——-|———0–4–|–2—–| D|-2-2——|—–2-2—2–|—–2—-|—2–2——–|——–| A|———-|————–|———-|—————|——–| E|———-|————–|———-|—————|——–| Em E|—————|————–|—————|————-| B|—————|–1–0——–|–5—5–4—–|–5-5–5–5–| G|–0————|——–2—–|————4–|————-| D|—–4–2–1—|———-4—|—————|————-| A|—————|————–|—————|————-| E|—————|————–|—————|————-| B7 E|——————|———————-|————————-|———-| B|——————|———————-|————————-|———-| G|—–4—–4——|–4——-4–3–4–3–|–3–4–3–4–3—2—0–|———-| D|–2—–2——2–|——2—————|————————-|–4—-4–| A|——————|———————-|————————-|———-| E|——————|———————-|————————-|———-| Em E|—————-|——-|————————–|————–0———-|——-| B|—————-|——-|–0–1–0—————–|———-0——-0——|——-| G|—————-|——-|———–2–0———–|——0—————0-h|2~\—-| D|——1—4—4-|——-|—————–4–2–1–|–2———————-|——-| A|–2————-|–2—-|————————–|————————-|——-| E|—————-|——-|————————–|————————-|——-| ************************************ | h Hammer-on | ~ vibrato ************************************

Järnspöken Tabs – Kent Vsion 2

Järnspöken Capo 8 fret Jag skriver vilka ackord som ligger i grunden under fingerplockandet så vet ni hur man håller handen sen är det bara att plocka rätt sträng och byta vid rätt tillfälle, vilket följer ett mönster som ni kommer märka. jag brukar även plocka basnoten vid byte av ackord men det verkar dem […]

Down To My Last Broken Heart chords – Janie Fricke

[Intro] E B7 E [Verse 1] E A Well I've been down to my last dime E Down to my last dance B7 Down to the last time E Down to my last chance A E C#m Well I've been down to nothing, left at all a time or two B7 B7 This time I […]

Your New Boyfriend chords – Coffey Anderson

[Verse 1] G C I saw you in walmart G you were holding his hand D we only been broken up G for about a week an a half (really) [Verse 2] G C Nah im not jelly im just telling you G You left me for him D But something looked peculiar G And […]

Old Flame chords – Alabama Vsion 2

[Intro] C#m B A B E Esus E [Verse 1] G#m A E Esus E I saw you staring at each other. G#m C#m F#m A B I saw your ey–es begin to glow. E G#m A G#m C#m And I could tell you once were lovers. F#m A B E Esus E You ain’t […]

Black Honey chords – Thrice Vsion 2

[Intro] e|—————-|—————-|—————-|—————-| B|—————-|—————-|—————-|—————-| G|—-2—–2—2-|—-2—–2—2-|—-2—–2—2-|—-2——-0-2-| D|—————-|—————-|—————-|———-3—–| X4 A|0—————|—————-|0—————|—————-| E|—————-|1—————|—————-|1——1——–| [Verse 1] (Finger)picking continues through the verse Am F Am I keep swinging my hand through a swarm of bees ‘cause I … F Am F Am F I want honey on my table Am F Am I keep swinging my hand through a swarm of bees […]

Losing Fight chords – Movements