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Sodom South Georgia chords – Iron And Wine V2

Sodom South Georgia by Iron & Wine Capo on 7 All chords relative to capo. Em9no5/D (x54030) Am7 (x02010) Am (x02210) C/B (x20010) C (x32010) G (320001) Em (022000) Em9no5/D Am7 C/B C x 2 Em9no5/D Am7 C/B (this is a standard walk up) Papa died smiling C G Wide as the ring of a […]

Norbert Und Walter – Mei Glueck chords

MEI GLÜCK (im Original "Love Is Our Cross To Bear" by John Gorka) C C/B Am Am/G I hob nie g’wust, ob I di finden werd’; F G G7 I hob nie g’wusst, wo sull I suchen. C C/B Am Am/G Wia’s holt an Reisenden so manchsmal geht; F G G7 A Angst vor’m Heimgehn […]

First World Problems Tabs by Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al's "Pixies" style song 'First World Problems. See my Guitar Pro tab for accurate timings. INTRO: E||——————-|——————-|——————–| B||——————-|——————-|——————–| G||——————-|——————-|–6——–9——–| D||——————-|——————-|–6——–9——–| A||——————-|——————-|–4——–7——–| E||——————-|——————-|——————–| ———————-|———————-|————————–| ———————-|———————-|————————–| –4——————-|–7——————-|–5–6–6–5–6–6–5–6–| –4—-4–4–L——–|–7—-7–7–L——–|–5–6–6–5–6–6–5–6–| –2—-4–4–L——–|–5—-7–7–L——–|–3–4–4–3–4–4–3–4–| ——-2–2–L——–|——-5–5–L——–|————————–| Guitar 2 does this: ————————–|————————–|——————-| ——-12—————–|——-12—————–|——————-| ———–14b—L——–|———–14b—L——–|——————-| ————————–|————————–|——————-| ————————–|————————–|——————-| ————————–|————————–|——————-| VERSE: ————–|————————|————————| ————–|————————|————————| –6–5–6–6–|————————|————————| –6–5–6–6–|————————|————2—–1–2–| –4–3–4–4–|————4—–3–4–|–0——0—–0——–| ————–|–2——2—–2——–|————————| ————————–|————————|————————| ————————–|————————|————————| –5–5–5–5–6–6–6–6–|————————|————————| –5–5–5–5–6–6–6–6–|————————|————2—–1–2–| –3–3–3–3–4–4–4–4–|————4—–3–4–|–0——0—–0——–| ————————–|–2——2—–2——–|————————| ————————–|————————|————————| ————————–|————————|————————| –5–5–5–5–6–6–6–6–|————————|————————| […]

Bad Sneakers chords – Steely Dan

Song : BAD SNEAKERS Band : Steely Dan : Kerym~ _________ Time signature : 2/2 Voicing : *Bm7 = X 2 X 2 3 2 (throughout) !!! *E6 = O 2 2 1 2 O *D6 = X X O 2 O 2 INTRO : E6 Dmaj7 D6 C#m7 F#m7 Dmaj7 C#m E6 D6 E6 […]

Highway Donkey chords – Millencolin

——————————————————————————- Millencolin – Highway Donkey ——————————————————————————- *No Capo* Tuning: E A D G B E Standard (VERSE) Bm D When I was younger, I did not know how to be G I lived my own lie and never asked the question Bm D why I always talked and dressed like everyone 'round me G Where […]

Breek chords – Zijlstra

C D G Voor het los zand door je handen Bb C A Voor de woorden die je zomaar morst Em C D A Voor de schepen die verbranden Bb C G Voor de vogel huilend in je borst G F Em A Voor de moeite van je dromen F C Am De momenten in […]

Rain Day chords – Dott

“Rain Day” by Dott D Of course it rains on my first day off in weeks, D When I’m in the car and headed for the nearest beach G D Do you miss me? Do you miss me? D I lost my keys I went and changed the locks D And the next day I […]

Just A Little Acoustic chords – Sugar Ray

Just A Little by Sugar Ray (based on their acoustic session in Australia) This is an easy fun song with basic chords, great for beginners, or those wanting to work on harmony [1st Verse] E You met her C#m persuade her D E But still she's miles away E C#m D A She crossed her […]

Maya Love chords – George Harrison

Song: Maya Love Artist: George Harrison Dark Horse This song is a bit hard to play, but try to get the rhythm. CAPO I G7 D7 G7 D7 Maya love, Maya love, G7 D7 Maya love is like the sea Ddim Em D7 Flowing in and out of me G7 D7 G7 D7 Maya love, […]

One Little Kiss Never Killed Nobody chords – Jake Owen

One Little Kiss (Never Killed Nobody) Jake Owen Intro: Em C D (x2) Verse 1: Em C D I saw your number on my phone, Em C D I said yeah I'm here alone. Em C D I saw the lights, opened the door before you rang my bell Em C D Hey how ya […]

I Wont Give Up solo Tabs by Jason Mraz

——————————————————————————- I Won't Give Up- Jason Mraz ——————————————————————————- :PickJesus4Ever Tuning:Standard Capo 2 This can be played continually throughout the whole song but you hear it most by the electric in the second to last chorus as they're fading out. e|———–3——————-2——————-2—————————-| B|——–0—–0————-3—–3————-3—–3—————-2——–| G|—–0———–0——-2———–2——-4———–4———-2—–2—–| D|–0——————-0——————-0———————-2———–2–| A|————————————————————–0—————–| E|——————————————————————————–| G D Bm A

Autumn chords – Sparks The Rescue V3

Artist: Sparks The Rescue Song: Autumn Eyes To The Sun Key: D Major [Intro:] D – A – Bm – G (x2) [Verse 1:] D A Bm Girl, you remind me of summertime G D But now you need time to clear your mind A Bm You're tripping over what is wrong and right G […]

Pocket Full Of Coins chords – Stu Larsen

Stu Larsen – Pocket Full of Coins ——————————— Tuning: DADGAD Chords: ——- Asus2 : 000450 Asus4 : 020200 A7 : 002000 Csus2 : 020020 C6/9 : 000570 Dmaj7 : 040200 D5 : 000200 D7 : 000230 (he spices up the chords with some hammer-ons and pull-offs) Verse: —— Asus4 Dmaj7 D5 Every time I […]

Faces Of America chords – Dan Fogelberg

Dan Fogelberg – Faces Of America INTRO: G C (4x) G C G There was a time C G A simpler time D C – D – G When a man could be sure of where he stood C G I used to work at the yard C G Working honest and hard D C […]

Let Go Tabs by Chimaira V3

—————————————————————————————– CHIMAIRA – LET GO Pass out of Existence (2001) —————————————————————————————– : Godspeedy14 Youtube channel: Tuning: 7 string AEADGBE —————————————————————————————– INTRO (00:00-00:25) —————————————————————————————– Guitar 1 and 2 (w/ dist) E|—————————| B|—————————| G|———14–15—14—15–| D|———x—x—-x—-x—| x3 A|———12–12—12—12–| E|-0—0———————| A|-0—0———————| * * E|—————————| B|——————16——-| G|———14–15——–15–| D|———x—x————-| A|———12–12————| E|-0—0———————| A|-0—0———————| * * E|—————————| B|—————————| G|———14–15—14—15–| D|———x—x—-x—-x—| x6 […]

Ready For Love chords – Bad Company V3

Ready For Love – Bad Company (Mick Ralphs, 1974) Chorded By: Zack Oxford. 4/4 TIME @ 132 BPM (4 Min. 48 Sec.) in 'G'. Chords Used: ———– GUITAR KEYS E A D G B e Bass| Chord —————— —————– Am7 – x 0 2 0 1 0 A A-C-E-D A7s – x 0 2 0 […]

Black Magic Woman chords – Fleetwood Mac V2

Black Magic Woman (Version #1) – Fleetwood Mac (1968) / Santana (1970) Written By: Peter Green, 1968. Chorded By: Zack Oxford 4/4 TIME @ 120 BPM (4 Min. 10 Sec.) in 'Dm' ('F'). Chords Used: ALL BAR Chords – ———– GUITAR KEYS E A D G B e Bass| Chord —————— ————— Dm – x […]

Eric Canto – Highway Sunrise Prelude Tabs

——————————————————————————- Highway Sunrise Prelude – Eric Canto ——————————————————————————- : x3ricxblink182 x3ricxblink182 Tuning: Drop Db ****FIGURE 1**** Eric: eb|—————————————————————————-| Bb|———9-9—————————————————————-| Gb|———x-x————————-11-9\———————————-| Db|–0-000–7-7——————0-000———-222x—————————| Ab|–0-000———————–0-000———-222x—————————| Db|–0-000———————–0-000———-222x—————————| Matt: eb|—————————————————————————-| Bb|——————-1010—————————————————–| Gb|——————–x-x—————————————————–| Db|—————000–7-7——-0-000–11-9\—222x—————————| Ab|—————000————0-000———-222x—————————| Db|—————000————0-000———-222x—————————| ****FIGURE 2**** Both Eric // Matt: eb|—————————————————–| Bb|————————————–9——-777—-| Gb|–99999999——————–9999-9–x—999-666—-| Db|–77777777————0h2p0—7777-7–7—777-666—-| Ab|–55555555——-0h2h4—–0–xxxx-x–9—999/777—-| Db|————0h2h4————-9999-9—————–| (x2) ****FIGURE 3**** Eric: eb|—————————————-| Bb|———————————777—-| Gb|–999999999999999–99999999–999-666—-| Db|–777777777777777–77777777–777-666—-| Ab|–555555555555555–xxxxxxxx–999/777—-| Db|——————-99999999————-| (x2) Matt: eb|——————————————————————| […]

To Them These Streets Belong chords – Rise Against

Tuning: Half Step Down Notes marked with an * are to be strummed once Optional Riff for during chorus: e|——————-| B|——————-| G|——————-| D|——-2-0———| A|-0-2-3—–3-2-0—| E|——————-| G * D * Em * So look in my eyes, what will you leave behind once you've gone? (so precious) C * D * Em * You got what […]

Picture Perfect chords – Strawberry Whiplash

PICTURE PERFECT ——————- STRAWBERRY WHIPLASH Intro: E B E B E D B I love it when you're doing your thing D B You're pulling my heart on a string D B You're putting me on every day D B How you do it, I couldn't say A But you know that I don't mind […]