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Tokyo Summer Tabs by Mounties

: 51l3n7 This is the main part of the song without the little riffs in-between. e|————–6—————————————-| B|–9—7—7-9—-9-7————–7——————–| G|————————8-6—6-8—8-6—————-| x2 D|——————————————————-| A|——————————————————-| E|——————————————————-| e|——–2—-4-6–6–11-9-11-9—11—-9-6—4-2——-| B|–2—4——————————————–4-2-| G|——————————————————-| x2 D|——————————————————-| A|——————————————————-| E|——————————————————-|

Fragile Male Tabs by The Wytches

Song: Fragile Male Artist: The Wytches Digsaw -Ive mixed the two guitars into one- =Intro= 00:00 e—–3—|—–3—|—–8—|—–8—| B—–3—|—–3—|—–8—|—–8—| X2 G—–3—|—–3—|—–8—|—–8—| D—–5—|—–5—|—–10–|—–10–| A—–5—|—–5—|—–10–|—–10–| E-3-3—–|-3-3—–|-8-8—–|-8-8—–| e—–3—|—–3—|—–5—|—–2—| B—–3—|—–3—|—–5—|—–2—| G—–3—|—–3—|—–5—|—–2—| D—–5—|—–5—|—–7—|—–4—| A—–5—|—–5—|—–7—|—–4—| E-3-3—–|-3-3—–|-5-5—–|-2-2—–| e—–3—|—–3—|———|-8——-| B—–3—|—–3—|——-8-|———| G—–3—|—–3—|—-88—|———| D—–5—|—–5—|———|———| A—–5—|—–5—|———|———| E-3-3—–|-3-3—–|-8——-|———| =Verse= 00:22 e-3——-|———|-8——-|———| B-3——-|———|-8——-|———|X8 ( the last time just play E-8 G-3——-|———|-8——-|———| instead of the Cm ) D-5——-|———|-10——|———| A-5——-|———|-10——|———| […]

Crying Clown Tabs by The Wytches

Song: Crying Clown Artist: The Wytches Crying Clown =Verse= U U 00:00 e-0——-|-3——-|-7——-|———| e-0——-|-3——-| B-0——-|-3——-|-7——-|———| X2 e-0——-|-3——-| G-0——-|-4——-|-8——-|———| G-0——-|-4——-| D-2——-|-5——-|-9——-|———| D-2——-|-5——-| A-2——-|-5——-|-9——-|———| A-2——-|-5——-| E-0——-|-3——-|-7——-|———| E-0——-|-3——-| =Chorus= 00:31 e-7-777-77|-7-7-777-|-3—3-33|-0—0-00| B-7-777-77|-7-7-777-|-3—3-33|-0—0-00| X2 (It's not the right strumming ) G-8-888-88|-8-8-8880|-4—4-44|-0—0-00| pattern but whatever) D-9-999-99|-9-9-9990|-5—5-55|-2—2-22| A-9-999-99|-9-9-9990|-5—5-55|-2—2-22| E-7-777-77|-7-7-777-|-3—3-33|-0—0-00| 00:46 e-7——-|———| B-7——-|———| G-8——-|———| D-9——-|———| A-9——-|———| E-7——-|———| =Solo= 00:49 e———-|————–| e———| […]

Wild Heart chords – The Vamps V4

capo 1 Am F G C G I was walking away but you're so beautiful it made me stay Am F G C G Don't know her name but I'm hoping she might feel the same Dm F Am Here I go again, she's got my heart again F C F C G Tonight we'll […]

Hasnt Hit Me Yet chords – Blue Rodeo V5

Blue Rodeoao Hasn't Hit Me Yete| ( (Capo 2nd Fret) D Dsus2 D Dsus4 D Dsus2 D Em7 Cadd9 (x2) Verse 1: G D You say that you're leaving Em7 Cadd9 Well that comes as no suprise G D Still I kinda like this feelin Em7 Cadd9 – G – A Of being left behind […]

Runway Houses City Clouds Tabs by Tame Impala V2

Tame Impala 'Runway Houses City Clouds' 'Innerspeaker'(2010) First of all, Tame Impala play their songs in D Tuning which is 1 full step below Standard. Guitar 1 will refer to the rhythm (Kevin) and Guitar 2 will refer to the lead/synth (Dominic). This tab is based on the studio version of the song with some […]

My Heart Sings chords – Paul Anka

My Heart Sings:Paul Anka. #10 in UK and #15 on BB Hot 100 on ABC-PARAMOUNT Records in 1958. INTRO: G Cm #1. Cm Db Cm Gm7 The secret way you hold my hand, to let me know you understand. Ab Fm Gm7 The wind and rain upon your face, the breathless C world of your […]

Two Sides Of Lonely chords – The Lone Bellow

E Esus4/B E Esus4/B I have one chance to tell you I was worth it E Esus4/B As we stood between the graves in our town C#m B A And the dead folks sang their forgotten songs E Esus4/B As I watched your eyes stare at the ground E Esus4/B On the one hand, you're […]

Saved These Words chords – Laura Marling

Intro: G# D# G# D# D Cm D# D# When your work is over D# Your day is done D# Put down your hammer D Fm D# D Cm D# Into my world come D# Life is heavy D# And you're no master, son D# When you're ready D D# Into my arms come D […]

Touch My Body chords – Sistar

A Touch my body Body Touch my body Body D Touch my body Body E Touch my body Oh oh~ A I know you want it neon nae gyeoteuro wa naega junbihan wine dalkomhan chocolate chocolate D jom budeureopgo ttaeron tteugeowojineun E neomaneul wihan my pool Na na na na na na A ppalgaejin neoui […]

Au Revoir Ohne Sido chords – Mark Forster

Au Revoir – Mark Forster Akustik- Version by batucaca Am In diesem Haus, wo ich wohn C Ist alles so gewohnt Am C So,… zum Kotzen vertraut Am Mann, jeder Tag ist so gleich C Ich zieh Runden durch mein' Teich G F Ich will nur noch hier raus Am Ich brauch mehr Platz und […]

I Can Remember chords – Pennywise

Intro: B , A , E , B ; B , C# , D , C# , E , D , C# , D , C# Verse: B A7 E B A7 Sometimes I think of you, and all the fun things we used to do, and when I think of the past, E seems […]

Extraordinary chords – Clean Bandit V2

Capo 1 Intro: G A Bm (x4) (Verse 1) Bm A You can see there's something in the way G Em7 F#m7 I try to show you my door is open Bm A I don't know how much more I can take G Em7 F#m7 Since you've chosen, to leave me frozen Bm A Am […]

Colors – Melody Harmony Tabs by Dbsk

——————————————————————————- Colors – Melody & Harmony – DBSK (Yoochun and Jaejoong) ——————————————————————————- : f_aith_keeper Basically the whole song plays the pattern from the intro, but the ending to it changes. I've tried to put all the different endings but it's quite hard when everything comes in and you can't really hear the guitar :/ Anyway […]

You I Love chords – Josiah Leming

I know it's alot of picking but I didn't feel like tabbing it out, the pickings not to hard he just picks these chords the whole time. I'll gladly answer any questions you have on the picking if needed though. F C F C F C I've got to tell you, baby, Best way that […]

Looking For My Life chords – George Harrison

Song: Looking For My Life Brainwashed D G/D D Oh Lord, won't you listen in to me now? G/D D G/D D Oh Love, I got to get me back to you somehow C G D C G I never knew that life was loa-ded C G D G I'd only hung around birds and […]

Recipe For My Love chords – Scooby Doo

Intro: G / F / C / G I: G Em Yesterday I got to dreamin' Am Em G About a recipe for my love Em Took all the things I was feelin' Am D Thing's around there's just not enough of C D G Em I tried and tried to find out the secret […]

Slide chords – Lisa Germano

Chorus: G D Em If you saw me C F C F Like i see you G D Em Should I tell you? C F C F What if I do? Verse: Em C Em C I know it lives and does F C D 'Cause I felt so yesterday Em C But as I […]

Happy Little Pill chords – Torye Sivan

my first tab. hope its ok Em D In the crowd, alone C C And every second passing, reminds me I’m not home Em D Bright lights and city sounds are ringing like a drone, C C Unknown, unknown Em Oh glazed eyes, empty hearts D Buying happy from shopping carts C G F#/D Nothing […]

Home Grown Tomatoes chords – Guy Clark

Guy Clark Home Grown Tomatoes CHORUS: G Homegrown tomatoes, homegrown tomatoes, C What'd life be without homegrown tomatoes, D7 There's only two things that money can't buy: G True love and homegrown tomatoes. Verse 1 G There's nothin in the world that I like better C Than bacon and lettuce and homegrown tomatoes D7 Up […]