Pull Me Down Chords – Mikky Ekko V2

 Verse 1:

Oh I heard you were trouble
 Bb Gm 
And you heard I was trouble
 Gm F 
But your name is a wave washing over me
 F Bb 
No games just a slave to you totally
Cause I don't care about what they say about you virgo
 Bb Gm                                        
And you don't care about what they say about me virgo
 Gm F 
But you know what they say about trouble


Pull me down if you want to
and I hope that you want to
         Gm F 
Cause I want to be your man
And I wanna say it loud
You can show me where trouble goes
Tell me secrets only trouble knows
Cause you wanna be my girl
And you wanna say it loud

Verse 2:

I want you to know that I've got your back
Even when the whole foundation seems cracked
Two punk kids up against the world
Ya trouble, there goes trouble
We could be king and queen of the moonlight
Two young lovers
and when the moods right
you hear me say 'I want you'

Chorus x 2
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