Rainbow Danger Club – Human Cannonball chords

 Human Cannonball: 


What are you building down there in the dark? 
 F A# F 
Every night alone under candle light and spark, concealed
 F A# F C 
in the ting tang of metals and the melting of steel. 
             F A# Dm 
If something should go wrong we will have to carry you away, 
        F A# F 
our only son.                          
                  A# F A#                                                  

Ladies and gentlemen,         may I present to you not a lion in a cage, 
 F C A# F C             
not a juggler or swallower of blades       but the Human Cannonball. 
  A# F C A# C C F 

My sister was an acrobat, an artist of the swings. 
My father tamed the beasts and was the master of the three circus rings. 
When my brother walked the tight rope, no one made a sound, 
but he tumbled in the spotlight. Echoes cried when he hit the ground. 
We'll miss you. 

I am the Human Cannonball, 
not a lion in your cage, 
not a juggler or swallower of blades. 
I will fly to painted stars.
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