Sellout Song chords – Wingnut Dishwashers Union

 This is from "Towards A World Without Dishwashers." I know this tab is pretty 
technical for a WDU song, so if you don't like the way I tabbed it out play it 
however you'd like. :)

Intro chords are all barre chords.
   3      3      1     8
   5      3      1    10
 C 5    G 4    F 2  F*10     F* is just F but played in a higher position
   5      5      3    10
   3      5      3     8
   x      3      1     x

Intro:  C G C F C G F *  F *

Verse chords:

   0      3      5     1
   1      3      6     1
 C 0    G 4   Dm 7   F 2   (These are the chords he plays for the first two 
   2      5      7     3    measures of each verse. He mutes the C and G.)
   3      5      5     3
   x      3      x     1

The next two measures he plays C G Dm F open chords and F is played barred on the first fret. 

Theres one part near the end that is C G F F

  C G Dm F 
Well one of these days you know I'm gonna get my ass kicked.

  C G Dm F 
But I'm not gonna try and promise you that I'm not gonna deserve it.

              C G Dm F 
But your boyfriend is still the worst house guest I think that I've ever met.

        C G Dm       
And I hope that one day you'll wake up and you'll realize that you can't put 

up with it.

Intro:  C G C F C G F *  F *

 C G Dm F 
Well one of these days, maybe I'll just sit and give this all up.

          C G Dm 
And I'll say that all you yuppies can have this fuckin' world If you love it 

so much.

          C G Dm F 
But the things that we can't help but believe in make us who we are.

     C G Dm F 
And I just can't believe that could mean their condos and their sports cars.


  C G F C G F 
Well, when its gets had to breathe sometimes I slip to apathy,

        C G Dm F 
but I don't got any excuses not to learn what words like home and freedom mean. 

Intro again (end on barre chord C 8th fret.)
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