The Doctors Wife Chords – The Clockwork Quartet

 The Doctor's Wife

Verse 1


Monday the twenty-sixth of March
 Bb Dm F Am 
The patient's passing seizures are becoming more pronounced by the day
The underlying cause
 Bb Dm F Am 
Seems to be some slow progressive decay
If I don't find a cure
 Bb Dm F Am 
I fear my patient must surely fade away
 C C#m 
But I swear I'll apply my science
 C C#m 
To the cause, brooking no defiance
 C C#m         
I'll deliver her from this malady
 D Ab 
She'll dance again
 Eb Em 
And I'll never forget when we first were courting
 Eb Em 
And she faced me, and her eyes were gleaming
 Eb Em 
In the moonlight, and she spoke so sweetly



 F Am 
Don't let me go, my darling
 F Am 
Hold me safely 'til the morning
 F Am 
Promise, when the lights are fading
 F Am 
You'll save me.

Tuesday the seventeenth of May
A worrying symptom has reared its head this week
She's been bed bound for a month
And now the patient is no longer able to speak
She tries to utter sounds
But the grip of the illness is strong and the patient is weak
On the bed, in a cold sweat
Like a corpse, but she'll live yet
When I find the cure, I can surely promise
She'll laugh again
As she did on our wedding day
When we danced, and laughed the world away
Even now I can hear her say

Don't let me go...

Sunday the twenty-third of June
The patient no longer responds to stimuli of any kind
She's now my only charge
I clothe her and feed her, and nightly I read by her side
For though she's paralyzed
I know that inside there must still be a functioning mind
Neatly laid on the bed sheet
I can still hear her fading heart-beat
I'll keep her stable and continue my research
She'll smile again
And I must bring her back to me
In her eyes I can see the gleam
In my mind I can hear her pleading

Don't let me go...

Tuesday the eighteenth of July
My latest apparatus is the only thing that's keeping her alive
I had to stop her heart
The mechanical replacement will ensure the other organs will survive
Her body is destroyed
But what nature has neglected the fruit of modern science shall provide
And I've broken every code of practice
But for my love I'd shift the planet's axis
She'll return to me when she's been repaired
She'll live again
And I swear I can see the gleam
In her eyes amidst the new machines
And at night I can hear her whisper

Don't let me go...
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