The Jubilee Song Jamie Rivera chords

Note: Original key is 1/2 step higher (F#)

   Intro: F-C-
          F-C-Dm-Bb-C-Gm-C pause

           F              C
   It's a time of joy, a time of peace
     Dm                    Bb
   A time when hearts are then set free
      F                Dm           Gm  C
   A time to heal the wounds of division
           F                C
   It's a time of grace, a time of hope
      Dm                   Bb
   A time of sharing the gifts we have
      Gm               Bb             C
   A time to build the world that is one

            Bb              C
   It's the time to give thanks 
             F     C/E       Dm
   To the Father, Son and Spirit
             Bb          Gm                  C
   And with Mary, our Mother, we sing this song

    C7          F           C
   Open your hearts to the Lord 
        Dm                Bb
   And begin to see the mystery
         Gm            Bb             C
   That we are all together as one family
             F              C
   No more walls, no more chains
             Dm               Bb
   No more selfishness and closed doors
       Gm                Bb             Gm-C
   For we are in the fullness of God's time
             Bb           C       F  Bb-C-
   It's the time of the Great Jubilee

           F                 C
   It's a time of prayer, a time of praise
      Dm                Bb
   A time to lift our hands to God
      F         Dm             Gm-C
   A time to recall all our graces
           F              C
   It's a time to touch, time to reach
           Dm              Bb
   Those hearts that often wonder
      Gm                 Bb               C
   A time to bring them back to God's embrace

   (Repeat Refrain)

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

               F    C
        ... Jubilee

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)
        ... Jubilee

              Bb          C       F-C/F-Bb/F-C/F-F
   It's the time of the Great Jubilee           ahh..
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