The Way We Live chords – Johnny Rivers

 G Am 
You ask me why I don't smile
          Em Am 
Is there something troublin' me
 C G Em 
Just open your eyes and look around
 Am G 
And tell me what do you see

Can you understand the things people do
And the way they treat each other
And tell me how far has man really come
When today he's still killing his brother

 Am Em 
It makes no difference where you do it
 Am D 
Or what name you use
 Bb F Dm 
I know if things keep going this way
 Bb F 
Everyone's gonna lose
 Bb F D 
Everybody's gonna lose

We're doing alright with material things
You can tell by the way we live
But with all these things man has learned how to do
Still hasn't learned how to give

If you don't have the answers right now
I'll see you after a while
But if next time I still look this way
You'll know why I don't smile...

- Intro and outro same as verses.
- These are just the root chords.  There are probably added 7ths, 6ths, and other things.
- I'm not certain about the Am at the end of each verse... keep going back and forth on 
how it sounds.
- If there are errors, suggestions, or improvements, PM me or comment.

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