Month: March 2013

Jesus Will Chords by Wilburn And Wilburn

  D Christian, I know you’re discouraged A We’re living in difficult days But even though trouble is stirring E A D There is hope if we just keep the faith The good news still outweighs the bad news A God’s word is the truth we can claim Em A In a world where nothing […]

Its A Wrap Chords by Zara Larsson

C So you’re back around G F Talkin’ ’bout a change of heart again C But boy, the curtain’s down G F Be damned if I’mma play that part again Am Yeah I’ve seen it all before Spare me this encore G It’s quiet on set F The lights have gone dead Am When all […]

Like The Weather Chords by 10000 Maniacs V2

  Verse 1: C D G C Em D The color of the sky as far as I can see, its coal gray C D G C Em D lift my head from the pillow and then, fall again G C Em D shiver in my bones just thinking about the weather G C Em […]

They Cant If You Dont Let Them Chords by A Fine Frenzy V2

Dm F If it is true, if you have come to the rescue, Gm Dm Why do the bells sound of danger? Dm F Words of peace, they fall from you freely. Gm Dm Awful free for a stranger. A# F Setting sun, you know you ought to run. Dm A# F There’s a wolf […]

What Would Jesus Do Chords by Adam Gregory

F C G They stopped saying prayers in school yesterday F and there’s a boarded up C run down church G down on third and main F C The Mission’s overflowing G Em and the crime rate just keeps growing F and I’m not sure where it’s gonna stop. C But man, this world is […]

Tenohira Ga Kataru Koto Chords by Akb48

| C# Fm | F# G# | C# G# | C# | C# Fm F# G# Tenohira de tsukameru mono nante C# A#mG# Takaga shirete iru F# C# D#m A#m Yubi o ōkiku hirogete mite mo G# F# C# Nanika ga koborete ku C# Fm F# G# Soredemo boku wa kono tenohira C# A#m G# […]

Say So Chords by Allen Stone V2

  C C11 This feels like something special, F/C C So won’t you tell me just how you feel? C C11 One little sign would be helpful, F/C C Cmaj7/B To let me know that these feelings are real, Am7 Dm7 F Whatever you need, guaranteed, C Cmaj7/B I will give it to you, Am7 […]

If You Didnt Mean It Chords by Allister

Key: B Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: B – x24442 F# – 244322 G#m – 466444 E – 022100 C#m – x46654 B/Eb – x698xx Intro: B-E-G#m-F#- x4 Verse 1: E When everything that B F# comes from your mouth is E B F# Overwhelmingly sarcastic E It’s time to lower B F# your defense […]

Live Fast Die Young Chords by Allister

  Key: B Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: B x24442 C#m x46654 B/Eb x698xx E 022100 F# 244322 G#m 466444 F#/Bb x143xx Verse 1: B Through breakdowns E shakedowns B E arguments and fist B E B E fights and black eyes B E We made our way down B E unfamiliar highways B E […]

Loco Motion Chords by Allister

Key: B Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: B – x24442 G#m – 466444 E – 022100 F# – 244322 C# – x46664 Intro: B– Verse 1: B Everybody’s doing a G#m brand new dance now B (Come on baby G#m do the Loco-motion) B I know you’ll get to like it if you G#m give […]

Perfect Harmony Chords by Allister

Key: D Tuning: Drop D Chords used: Drop D Only D – 000xxx G – 555xxx Bm – 999xxx or x244xx A – 777xxx or x022xx A/C# – x476xx D/F# – 454xxx Chords used: If you prefer Standard Tuning D – xx0232 G – 320033 Bm – x24432 A – x02220 A/C# – x476xx or […]

Berlin Chords by Amanda Palmer

intro: E Abm A Am E Abm A Am Your bicycle’s chained to the fence outside E Abm A Am There’s plenty of offers, but you won’t ride E A C# A How you pedal in those is a miracle, miracle E Abm And you laugh at yourself as you speed A F# Through the […]

Maybe You Chords by Andy Burrows

Capo 4 Intro G Verse G Am Em Shining like pure gold, an optical illusion C Em D She had me loosing my mind G I was shaking out in the cold Am Em Buckled under confusion C Em D I won’t let myself slip off this time D7 Not this time Chorus Am D […]

In My Head Chords by Anna Nalick

Key: F Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: F – 133211 Bb – x13331 C – x32010 Dm – xx0231 F/A -x032xx Eb – x68886 C# – x46664 Intro: F-Bb-C-Bb- x2 Verse 1: F Bb Under the weight C of your wings Bb F You are a god and Bb C whatever I want Bb you […]

Satellite Chords by Anna Nalick

Key: E Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: E – 022100 B – x24442 C#m – x46654 A – x02220 F#m – 244222 G#m – 466444 C – x32010 D – xx0232 Intro: G#m-A- x2 Verse 1: E C#m Black and blue E I chose my way C#m E I, the candid castaway C#m In a […]

Freedom Chords by Anthony Hamilton

No capo || Tuning: EADGBe (standard) C#m x4665x A 5776xx or x0222x B5 x244xx or x2444x E 0221xx F# 2443xx G#7 4645xx *You could try G# (4665xx) and see which one suits your voice better both are correct. *This song is mainly strummed using downstrokes while muting the strings that is why I decided to […]

Pumapatak Ang Ulan Chords by Apo Hiking Society

Intro: DM7 (pause) 4x Em7 A7 Em7 A7 DM7 pause DM7 pause Pumapatak na naman ang ulan sa bubong ng bahay, Em7 A7 Em7 A7 DM7 pause DM7 pause Di maiwasang gumawa ng di inaasahang bagay, Gm F#m(7) Laklak ng laklak ng beer magdamagan F#m(7) B7(sus) B7 May kahirapan at di maiwasan Em7 A7(sus) Em7 […]

Saan Na Nga Bang Barkada Chords by Apo Hiking Society V2

Intro: E-B-A (2x) C#m-F#-G#m-A-B E B A Nagsimula ng lahat sa eskwela E B A Nagsama-samang labing dalawa E B A Sa kalokohan at sa tuksuhan E B A Hindi maawat sa isa’t-isa E B A Madalas ang stambay sa cafeteria E B A Isang barkda na kay saya E B A Laging may hawak-hawak […]

Show Me Your Smile Chords by Apo Hiking Society V3

  Intro: D – D7/C – G/B – Gm/Bb – Em/A – A – D – Dsus – D D DM7 G/D Show me your smile and then kiss me D DM7 G/D Tell me you love me again D DM7 G/D Gm Come to my room and then lie in my bed Em A […]

Me And You Chords by Archive

C E7 F I’m beside myself G But does it matter It’s good to hear you’re doing well But does it matter I’m beside myself But does it matter It’s good to hear you’re doing well But does it matter In the end F It’s about me and you C The hardest part F It’s […]