Month: February 2014

Hollywood Hills Tabs by Sunrise Avenue V3

————————————————————————– HOLLYWOOD HILLS – Sunrise Avenue ————————————————————————– Transcripted by: peteihis 22-Feb-2014 Tuning: Standard PRE-INTRO: Damped |C5 | x4 INTRO: Riff 1 |:C | G |Am | G ­čśÉ x2 VERSE 1: C Bm No, this is not the time or the place for broken hearted, Am Am5+ Am 'cause this is the end of the […]

Lost chords – Wesley Williams

G D When your lost and all alone Em C When your sad and theres no one home G D When you've cried through out the night Em C Just know it'll be okay Chorus: G D its gonna be okay Em C You can fight for one more day G D Its gonna be […]

Memories And Moments chords – Tim Obrien And Darrell Scott

Memories and Moments Tim OÔÇÖBrien & Darrell Scott Capo 5th Fret Intro: D5 D A D5 D Bm A D5 D5 D A D5 I wish that I could hold to you when day is done til my life is through D Bm A D5 But all I have to hold onto are these memories […]

The City chords – The 1975 V2

Hello! This is one of my favorite songs by the 1975, so I hope you enjoy! (If you have any comments/corrections that can be used to make this better, feel free to leave them below(: ) Capo 2; Standard tuning C Am Don't call it a fight when you know it's a war G With […]

Raccoon chords – Zen Mystery Fogg

chords listen to the song to get the order A F#m A D A F# A i went walking to see you uh oh, this cannot be true you were with him, my best friend i saw him coming at you so i grabbed a gun, but he saw it first and ran and he […]

The Plains Bitter Dancer chords – Fleet Foxes

the plains/ bitter dancer by fleet foxes tab by alexander rex dropped D tuning DADGBe capo on 2nd fret E * 2×2100 F# * 444xxx G * 5x54xx F# 4x43xx A * 5x54xx G ** 5x503x Dsus2 x00230 F * 3x32xx Fm x44222 G x20003 G6 x20030 the plains F#|-0———-0———————0———-0———-0———| C#|-5-3-2-0-0–5-3-2-0-0–7-5-3-0-0–5-3-2-0-0–5-3-2-0-0–5-3-2-0-0-| A |-4———-4———-4———-4———-4———-4———| E |——————————————————————| […]

Letters In The Sand chords – Sunrise Avenue

Sunrise Avenue- Letters In The Sand Unholy Ground Chords with * : only one strum Intro: B * Bb * Db * (4x) Verse 1: Db F# Time to see this for what it is Ebm Ab Bite the bullet and take the hit Db F# I thoght it was, but it wasn't our turn […]

Dont Go Tabs by The Big Cats

——————————————————————————- DON'T GO – The Big Cats ——————————————————————————- : 98angelblue brightyellowjacket Tuning: EADGBe (standard) Big Cats: Okay so this is my first tab. And it's totally original because I can't seem to find any other tabs anywhere. So this is for three guitars: Lead (Jason White) and Rhythm (Burt Taggart). It's really at the […]

Heart On The Floor chords – The Summer Set

I love The Summer Set but I haven't seen any tabs out for this song. So, I thought I'd make one! I'm not sure if it's 100% correct, but I think it sounds alright! No Capo C Am F C (x2) C Am F C I was at an all time low, the night you […]

Pure Imagination chords – Fiona Apple

Intro: Fm Bbm Come with me Db And you'll be Fm In a world of pure imagination Bbm Take a look Db And you'll see Fm Into your imagination Bbm Db We'll begin with a spin Fm Traveling in a world of my creation F# F Eb Db C What we'll see will defy explanation […]

Dont Let It Go chords – Beck

Chords (EADGBe) C : 3x201x or x32013 D/F# : 200232 Fmaj7 : 103210 / = bass note —– Intro: e|—————————-| B|—–0-1-0——————| G|————-2—0—2—0–| D|—–0-2-0—–3——-2—-| x2 A|——————-0——–| E|–3——–1—————-| G C G F Am7 G You better save yourself G C G F Am7 G From something you can't see G C G F Am7 G Follow it […]

The Shaker Song chords – Manhattan Transfer

The Shaker Song | G6 G11 | G6 G11 | G6 G11 | G6 G11 | | G6 G11 | G6 G11 | G6 G11 | G6 G11 | ..sax: | G6 G11 | G6 G11 | G6 G11 | G6 G11 | | G6 G11 | G6 G11 | G6 G11 | G6 G11 […]

Unforgiven chords – Beck

Chords (EADGBe) Em*: 022010 (Emadd#5) Em7 : 022033 Dm7 : xx0211 Bbsus2 : x13311 Gadd4: 320013 Gsus4 : 355533 Asus2 : x02200 —– Am7 C Em * G Em7 x2 C Em * G Em7 Drive into the night C Em * G Em F Far as it goes Dm7 C G F Away from […]

Too Tough To Love chords – The Reckoners

Too Tough to Love – the Reckoners (Capo 5) Intro: Am G C F Am G C Am G C I look out on this dying sun F Am G C the day is done, the battle's won Am G C Are you still in bed did you dream of me F Am G […]

Remain chords – Royal Tailor V3

Capo 5 Standard tuning ———————————————————– Remain by Royal Tailor ———————————————————– Intro: Em , G , C Verse 1 Em G I know you're feeling weighted down C It's all on your shoulders. Em G I know the dreams in your head C Don't look any closer. Pre-Chorus Em But I'm gonna make you stronger, G […]

Shes My Kind Of Girl Tabs by Runner Runner

This isn't 100% correct, but it's something to go off of. Intro Guitar 1 |———————————–| |———————————–| |–7777777722222222—————–| (x2 Palm Muted) |–77777777222222225555555555555555-| |–55555555000000005555555555555555-| |——————3333333333333333-| |———————————–| |———————————–| |–7777777777777777——–22222222-| |–77777777777777775555555522222222-| |–55555555555555555555555500000000-| |——————33333333———| Verse 1 Guitar 1 |———————————–| |———————————–| |–7777777722222222—————–| (x4 Palm Muted) |–77777777222222225555555555555555-| |–55555555000000005555555555555555-| |——————3333333333333333-| Guitar 2 (wait til Guitar 1 plays riff 2nd time) |———————————–| |———————————–| |—–7—7—7—7—7—7—7—9-| […]

Ordinary Love Tabs by U2

As performed on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon Chords Used : C#m, G#m, B, F# C#m G#m E||———————————————–| B||—–5—–5————-4—–4—————| G||—6—–6—–6——-4—–4—–4———–| D||———————————————–| A||-4—–4—–4———————————| E||———————4—–4—–4————-| B F# E||———————————————–| B||—–4—-4————————————| G||—4—-4—–4———-3—–3—————| D||———————–4—–4—–4———–| A||-2—-2—–2———————————-| E||———————2—–2—–2————-|

Empire chords – Shakira

C Abm Take off all of your skin Bb And brave when you are free C Abm Shake off all of your sins Bb And give them to me C Abm Close up, lemme back yet Bb C Abm Bb I wanna be yours, wanna be your hero Fm And my heart beats C Abm […]

Whom Shall I Fear Tabs by Chris Tomlin V2

Standard Tuning Intro: e|———————————10-10—–|——————————| B|-6—6—8-8—6—8-8—6—8-8——-8-8-|—6—8-8——————–| G|—5—5—–5—5—–5—5—————|-5—5—–(3x)–4b5r4–4-2-0-| D|——————————————-|——————————| A|——————————————-|——————————| E|——————————————-|——————————| Verse 1: e|———–7—-8————————————8———————-| B|-8—-8———————5—5—5—6/8–6—6————————–| G|———————-(x4)—-5—5—5——–5—5————————| D|—10—10—10—10——————————————————–| A|—————————————————————————-| E|—————————————————————————-| (x2) Chorus 1: The lead guitarist just keeps playing a C (e string 8th fret). He occasionally drops down to a B (e 7). Playing the chords sounds better. Am7 G C I know who goes before me […]

Spit Not Chewed Tabs by My Ticket Home

——————————————————————————- SPIT NOT CHEWED – MY TICKET HOME ——————————————————————————- : mgallucci Tuning:A# F A# D# G C |Intro| |———————————| |—————–| |———————————| |—————–| |———————————| |—————–| |-1-0-0-1-1-1-2-2—————–|x3 |-1-0-0-1-1-1-2-2-| |-1-0-0-1-1-1-2-2-5-5—5-5—5-5-| |-1-0-0-1-1-1-2-2-| |-1-0-0-1-1-1-2-2—–x—–x—–| |-1-0-0-1-1-1-2-2-| + + + + + + |Chorus| |———————————| |———————————| |———————————| |-1-0-0-1-1-1-2-2—————–|x4 |-1-0-0-1-1-1-2-2-5-5—5-5—5-5-| |-1-0-0-1-1-1-2-2—–x—–x—–| + + + + + + |Chorus Tag| |—————————————————————–| |—————————————————————–| |—————————————————————–| |-1-0-0-1-1-1-2-2-2-2-2-3-3-3-4-4-1-0-0-1-1-1-2-2-3-3-3-4-4-4-5-5-|x2 […]