Month: March 2014

Destinos Tabs by Have A Nice Life

Have A Nice Life – Destinos Song from Voids, disc 2: What Happened Next Was Worse Written by Dan Barrett and Tim Macuga. Lyrics taken from page. first guitar: (intro) (repeat 4 times) e|—————————————–| B|—————————————–| G|-6666-6666-6666-6666———————| D|-6666-6666-6666-6666-8888-8888-8888-8888-| A|-5555-5555-5555-5555-8888-8888-8888-8888-| E|———————6666-6666-6666-6666-| (verse 1) The hardest spot to sleep in is always home, as soon as I […]

Proof chords – I Am Kloot

Tuning : EGDGBD, capo on 4th fret i. E . capo' D notes are G# B F# B D# F# Kloot afficionados will recognise this as one of the band's best loved tunes. They've recorded it twice – on 'I Am Kloot' (2003) and 'Sky At Night' (2010). Unusually for IAK it uses a different […]

Funnel Of Love chords – Wanda Jackson V2

G F Here i go falling down down down G C G My mind is a blank, my head is spinning around and around Dm C G As i go deep into the funnel of love G F It's such a crazy crazy feeling G C G I get weak in my knees, my poor […]

Halfmans Song chords – Miracle Of Sound

. Not sure 'bout chorus. Feel free to correct. Am Em There are some who are born distinguished Am Em There are some who are raised in praise Dm Am But me I was always the last in line F Em Am A blot in my father's gaze No cheekbones chiselled on a feline face […]

Something New chords – Dino Valenti

This is my interpretation, this is written by Dino Valente me and I also listened and copied the lyrics down, I do not own this song. But as I was saying this time I transcribed it. Intro: Gm F Bb Gm F Gm G Bb Gm F# Gm Eb F Dm Gm Eb Dm G […]

Devil Of A Time chords – Mischief Brew

Mischief Brew Devil Of A Time this is my first song on here i use capo on 2 but dont think its needed Am Bm Cm Bm Am Bm Cm Bm Am Cm Bm Bbm F E Am E Am Didn't we have a devil of a time? Am F E Didn't we have a […]

Oppa chords – Wax

song: Oppa/오빠 by Wax/왁스 capo: 3rd thread Have fun! x) Em Gunyang phyonhan nu kim i chohaso Am chohun saramira jeng ga gheso Em hajiman ige mwoya C jomjom gamjaro nukyojyo Em D Em ama sarang hago isosnaboa (chorus) Am Oppa na man baraboa G boaboa gurohge boaboa D Em apha maumi apha ne man […]

Let It Go Acoustic chords – Idina Menzel

—————————————————————— Overview (Please Read) —————————————————————— This is an acoustic guitar arrangement for the song Let It Go, from Disney's Frozen. This arrangement was made because of the difficulty of transposing an orchestral score to acoustic guitar, and combines parts unique to the soundtrack version with parts unique to the single (Demi Lovato) version. Some chords […]

Supermoon chords – Wooden Wand

Supermoon – Wooden Wand capo 5th fret G G C G Well, I fell out with you around the time of the Supermoon C G C G In a whirlpool of lies and some high greedy tides C G D That swallowed what remained of your pride G C G A capsized silhouette against a […]

Stranger Things Have Happened Tabs by Foo Fighters V7

FOO FIGHTERS – STRANGER THINGS HAVE HAPPENED (TAB) This is a tablature of a great acoustic song by Foo Fighters. I decided to tab it because I didn't find any 100% correct version from the internet. I've done all the tabbing myself and I believe it's really really close to the original. Please comment if […]

Calling Me Names intro Tabs by Good Old War

——————————————————————————- "Calling Me Names" Intro – Good Old War ——————————————————————————- Tuning: Standard Capo on the 8th Fret C – X32010 Em – 022000 F – X33211 G – 320033 S S S S S S E S S S S S S E S S S S S S E S S S S S […]

Sngyn Reunalla chords – Mikko Pohjola

Mikko Pohjola – Sangyn reunalla : Nimira Capo 6 Intro: Em C G Em C G C C2 Em Makuuhuoneessa G D/F# Em Kuvat kehyksissa kaannettyina poydalla C C2 Em Ikkunalaudalla G D/F# Em C G Vanhat oppikirjat pitaa kukkaa pystyssa Em C G C C2 Em Ala huolehdi G D/F# Em Sa sanot ja […]

Zij Maakt Het Verschil chords – De Poemas V2

De Poema's – Zij maakt het verschil I found this tab somewhere on the internet, I didn’t make it myself…  I hope you enjoy playing it! Intro Am Em I F I Am Em I F I Dm7 I G I Am Asus2 Em F Ze is geen medicijn tegen het tikken van de […]

Firelight chords – Young The Giant

Firelight" Capo on 4th Hey, this is my first tab so be gentle :). I don't know if every chord is right, but I couldn't get it exactly like the original. Hope you enjoy! G I've been waiting many hours G By the silent moon G In the wild, the jungle flower G Your toxic […]

After The Scripture chords – Manchester Orchestra

—————————————— After the Scripture – Manchester Orchestra —————————————— : oncenowagain Tuning: Half-step down Em , G , C , Em x2 Em G C Em After the scripture, We started to pray G C Em Holdin' our hands up, Waitin' for change G C Em I hardly knew you, You knew me the same G […]

I Sing Praises To Your Name chords – Terry Macalmon

G C D7 I sing praises to Your name O Lord Bm Em Praises to Your name O Lord Am For Your name is great C G And greatly to be praised (2x) G C D7 I give glory to Your name O Lord Bm Em Glory to Your name O Lord Am For Your […]

What Does The Fox Say chords – Ylvis V3

, i hope you like it ;D AM – C – D Am C Dog goes woof G Cat goes miauw D Bird goes tweet Am And mouse goes squeek C Cow goes moo G Frog goes croak D Am And the elephant goes toot C Duck say quack G and fish go bluhub D […]

Paper Tiger chords – Rosi Golan V2

Capo IV (Strum once for each chord of Intro): Intro: G Cadd9 You've got the loudest bark, but you've got no bite, G D Its a funny sight to see G Cadd9 Like a paper tiger hanging on a string, Cadd9 G D G darlin' you don't bother me Verse 1: Em G Cadd9 You're […]

Tervaskanto solo Tabs by Viikate

——————————————————————————- | TERVASKANTO – Viikate (2013) | ——————————————————————————- : MrBurd Tuning: Standard (EADGBe) e|—————–8-7-5—————————————————–| B|-5–5-6-5—5–5——-8-5——-5-6-5–5-6-5——————————| G|———-7—————-7-5-7————–7-5-4-4h5-4——————| D|———————————————————-5-5h7————| A|—————————————————————————| E|—————————————————————————| e|———————-5-5–7-8-7-5-7-8-5———————————–| B|——————5———————-6-6h8-6-5-6-5———————| G|—–4-5-5–4-5-7————————————–7-7h9—————| D|-5-7———————————————————————–| A|—————————————————————————| E|—————————————————————————| e|-13-12-10-13-12-10-13-12-10-13-12-10—————————————| B|————————————-12-12h13-13-13-15-13-12-13————| G|—————————————————————-14———| D|—————————————————————————| A|—————————————————————————| E|—————————————————————————| e|—–5-5/7-5—–5-5h7-7h8p7———7—12——5~————————| B|—6————5——————9—9——-5—————————| G|-7————-5—————7-9————7—————————-| D|—————————————————————————| A|—————————————————————————| E|—————————————————————————| ************************************ | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato […]

The Answer Tabs by Memphis May Fire

—————————————————————————- The Answer Memphis May Fire —————————————————————————- You can just feel the meaning behind this song. Memphis May Fire has really poured their heart and soul into this one. Like usual, the riffs are fun and complex. Enjoy! Username: dkm817 (same on X box live) Youtube Cover: Email: Guitar 1 Rhythmic (C# G# […]