Month: December 2014

Sympathy For The Devil Live chords – Rolling Stones

Capo II D C Please allow me to introduce myself G D I'm a man of wealth and taste D C I've been around for a long, long year G D Stole many a man's soul and faith D C And I was 'round when Jesus Christ G D Had his moment of doubt and […]

Gravity chords – Hooverphonic

Hooverphonic – Gravity Tunning : Standard Without capo Intro: C D Am C I, I do stumble D Stumble and fall Am Over you C You D Trip every night F Trip every day Am Over me F When we try to swim E We're drowning even harder Am Gravity controls G Gravity controls D […]

The Kids Arent Alright chords – Fall Out Boy V2

*muted [Intro] F# B D#m B [VERSE 1] F# Stuck in the jetwash B Bad trip I couldn’t get off D#m And maybe I bit off more than I could chew B And overhead of the aqua blue F# Fall to your knees bring on the rapture B Blessed be the boys time can’t capture […]

The Sorceress Tabs – Fates Warning

———————————————————————————– FATES WARNING -the Sorceress from Awaken the Guardian 1986 ———————————————————————————– :NihilView Tuning:D STANDARD DGCFAd whole step down. my attempt to figured and tab this great heavy-speed metal song some part are wrong but its basic structure for advanced work |—————————————————————————-| ACOUSTIC INTRO |————————————————————5—————| |———–2——2——————2——–2————-4—————I Let Ring 0:00-0:40 |——–3—–3——3———5———5——–5———2—————I |—-5——————————————————-2—————I I—————————0————————————————I VERSE |——————————————————————————-| |——————————————————————————-| 0:40-0:57 […]

My Silver Lining chords – First Aid Kit V3

First Aid Kit – My Silver Lining Tuning: Standard ! CAPO on 2nd fret ! That is what they actually play live 🙂 ! CAPO on 2nd fret ! [Intro:] Em [Verse:] Em G I don't want to wait anymore I'm tired of looking for answers D Em Take me some place where there's music […]

Tonight Tabs – Fm Static V8

——————————————————————————- SONG NAME – Band Name ——————————————————————————- : Tuning: e|-2-4-2-0-0-0-2-4-2-2-4-2-0-0-4-4\5-4-0————————————-| B|—————————————————————————| G|—————————————————————————| D|—————————————————————————| A|—————————————————————————| E|—————————————————————————| ************************************ | / slide up | \ slide right | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note | b Bend | pb Pre-bend | br Bend release | pbr Pre-bend release | […]

Runner chords – From Indian Lakes

Capo fret 3 chords from riffstation C When you're old enough G When you've been through it C You won't know what it's like G A You can't see things the same G But you're closer now C Did you close your eyes? G Did I close them first? C You weren't strong enough Bm […]

Heaven Sent chords – Front Porch Step

D A Bm G I heard your name the other day D A G Bm G And I got sick in the most wonderful of ways D Bm G I thought about the days we laughed about our past D A Bm D G And now you’re stuck there like the time I can’t get […]

O Little Town Of Bethlehem chords – Garth Brooks

Intro – D Dmin D7 G Em D/A A7 D D G Em O little town of Bethlehem D A7 D How still we see thee lie D/C B7 Em Above thy deep and dreamless sleep D A7 D The silent stars go by Em Fdim7 F#7 Yet in thy dark streets shineth Bm G6 […]

Rodeo Tabs – Garth Brooks V2

Rodeo – Garth Brooks [Intro] x4 e|—————————————————-| B|——————————————–2–x-x–| G|-1—-1–x-x——-x-x–1—1–x-x–0–x-x–2–x-x–| D|-0h2–2–x-x——-x-x–0h2-2–x-x–0–x-x–2–x-x–| A|-2—-2–x-x——-x-x–2—2–x-x–2–x-x–0–x-x–| E|-0—-0–x-x–3-0–x-x–0—0–x-x–3–x-x———-| E A E His eyes are cold and restless and his wounds have almost healed A E A E And she'd give half of Texas, just to change the way he feels A Well she knows his love's in Tulsa, and she know's […]

Hallelujah From The Valley chords – Gateway College Of Evangelism

Verse1: Gmaj9 D2 He loves to hear the praises of His people Gmaj9 D2 He loves to hear praise from the mountaintops Em7 Bm But I believe, it draws a tear to His face Asus A When He hears Chorus: Gmaj9 Hallelujah from the valley D2 Hallelujah from the saint Gmaj9 Who with pain in […]

Budepest chords – George Ezra

Budapest-George Ezra proper key to play along with ukulele capo 5thfret verse: C My house in Budapest My hidden treasure chest, Golden grand piano My beautiful Castillo F For you You C I’d leave it all C My acres of a land I have achieved It may be hard for you to, Stop and believe […]

Nincs Más Csak Jézus – One Way chords – Hillsong United

[Intro 2x] C G Am F [Vers 1] C Leteszem az életem Am Csak Te vagy az egyetlen G F Minden percben szükségem van Rád C Futok hozzád minden nap Am Tudom jól Te el nem hagysz G F Te vagy minden amiről álmodtam [Kórus] C G Nincs más, csak Jézus Am F Ő az […]

Parting Song When You Smile-O chords – Leadbelly

——————————————————————————- Parting Song (When You Smile-o) – Lead Belly ——————————————————————————- : StoogeKebab with lyric a**istance by JohnM Tuning: Standard Information: There are a number of short riffs played in between chord changes and at the start. They are as follows and will be marked with [square brackets] alongside the chords: Riff 1: e|————| B|————| G|————| […]

Melody Road chords – Neil Diamond

Intro C F G F C F C C G C Melody road I'm on with you Dm G All the way to the end C G F I know every song you lead me to C F G Is gonna be my friend C G C Melody road I play all night Dm G […]

See Me Now chords – The Kooks V2

Verse: C# F# Well I've been a lot places, C# F# I learned to tie my own tie too, C# F# I've met a lot of faces, C# F# F#m I've got some questions I'd like to ask you. Chorus: C# F# If you could see me now, C# F# If you could see my […]

Maria Magdalena chords – Sandra

Intro: | Bm Em | Bm G | Bm | Bm | F#m | F#m | Bm F#m You take my love Bm F#m You want my soul D A I would be crazy to share your life Bm A Why can't you see what I am? D A7 F#m Sharpen the senses and turn […]

Shameless chords – Pet Shop Boys

Song: Shameless Pet Shop Boys Single: Go West Year: 1993 Tabber: Intro (0:00) A A A C F A Intro (0:15) A E F#m A D Bm E D C#m F#m Bm E C#m F#m Bm E Verse (0:46) A G I know what you think F G It's clear as mud in your […]

Jelenléted – In Your Presence chords – Lynn Deshazo

[Intro] E H C#m A [Kórus] E H C#m A Jelenlé-ted erőt ad nekem E H F#m A Jelenlé-ted Uram, Is-te-nem E H C#m A Jelenlé-ted, itt van lakhelyem C#m G#m C#m G#m Hol megérintesz kegyelmeddel A G#m F#m A H E Sziklád rejtekében, Szent jelenlétedben [Vers 1] C#m Hadd járjak ott, A F#m H […]

Uram Szent Vagy – Your Are Holy chords – Michael W Smith

[Intro] E A F#m H [Vers] E Uram, szent vagy (Uram szent vagy) A Hatalmas vagy (Hatalmas vagy) F#m Te vagy méltó (Te vagy méltó) H A dicséretre (a dicséretre) E Veled járok (Veled járok) A Rád tekintek (Rád tekintek) F#m és szeretlek (és szeretlek) H E H E Minden napon (minden napon) [Kórus] A […]