Classic case of Good vs. Evil
Songs do dirty to say em' in the Cathedral
As legal as it sounds, are we really all equal
Or art some made to chase people away?
From the feelings that they sell like love, o well
Will turn earth to hell, when person deserves jail
When we all served something
Funny how corruption is the prevalent discussion when you're flipping through the channel
Bumping into sounds that drown out your innocence
Found out ignorance is bliss, now limited
I live in this juxtaposed daily
Suppose I was shady for showing you how I felt about my lady
Crazy, turned love lazy, burnt up pages of thought
Bought peace, caught leaf on my sheets
So I chief in my sleep as my dreams awake
Walked in off into space, looking for my own space
But no home is owned, no matter how legal your tendor is
Good verse, evils***
Modern teller, evil turned good
Though they, throw stones that passed us from the hood
But, should they? if every man sins, how could they?
Easily, especially if life ain't what peaches be
Cream dreams of living it all leisurely
Tryna make words break bones when I speak to beats
Teach the weak about the sheep in a wolf-suit
Got love for shy, but I'm tryna shoot more booths
Aim for the bullseye, while I pull truth
Close to me, right next to love, where it's supposed to be

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