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Elgringo – Bangkit Indonesia Lyrics

lupakanlah semua perbedaan jadikanlah satu kekuatan buktikanlah bahwa kita bukan lawan yang mudah dikalahkan *courtesy of buktikanlah pada dunia tunjukanlah pada semua kibarkanlah sang pusaka di tiang paling tertinggi bangkit-bangkitlah indonesia bersama kita hadapi semua rintangan yang kan membentang setiap langkah kaki kita tuk menuju kemenangan indonesia lupakanlah semua perbedaan jadikanlah satu kekuatan buktikanlah […]

Amour – Apa Dia Tau Lyrics

tak ada yang bisa membeli perasaanmu perasaanmu tak ada yang bisa memaksa perasaanku perasaanku *courtesy of ooh ooh ooh perasaanmu perasaanku apakah hidupmu bahagia bohongi hati bohongi hati ku lihat dirinya bahagia miliki kamu ku lihat dirinya bahagia mengikat kamu apakah dia tau kalau kamu masih cinta aku apakah dia tau kalau kamu masih […]

Relaks Lang Tayo Lyrics – Garie Concepcion

Luha mo’y ayaw huminto Ganyan ako nung isang lingo Di makatulog ngunit di rin makatayo Alam ko ang dinadanas mo Parang ang bigat bigat ng ‘yong dinadala Sige na at tanggapin mong ganun lang talaga Bumangon ka’t mundo’y ating haharapin Alalahanin mong sugat ng puso’y gagaling din Ok lang relax lang tayo Ganyan talaga ang […]

Loco de amor Lyrics – Grupo Play

Desde el momento en que te vi Yo no me puedo olvidar De tu mirada, de tus ojos Y de tu cara angelical Sentia que me enamore Que fuiste hecho para mi Tu te metiste en mi cabeza Y ahora no me puedo controlar Por que tu me tienes loco, loco de amor Quisiera darte […]

Jessica Jarrell – Make It Hot Lyrics

(Jessica) I can see it in your eyes You want me Stop thats***, you’re welcome over here Mad at a chick like me Are you mad ’cause no other girls do it like me All the care I can take, all the love I can make Well you’ll never find somebody that would make you […]

Jason Mraz – I Won’t Give Up Lyrics

[Jason mraz] When I look into your eyes It’s like watching the night sky Or a beautiful sunrise Well there’s so much they hold And just like them old stars I see that you’ve come so far To be right where you are How old is your soul? I won’t give up on us Even […]

Brother Ali – Writer’s Block Lyrics

If I don’t get this in one take, Imma quit rappin’ The whole song, I swear to God I’m supposed to be a professional I ain’t tryin’ to be one of them dudes That make hundreds of new songs and none of them are good Some of ‘em are cool, but ain’t say nothin’ new […]

Taylor Swift feat Paula Fernandes – Long Live Lyrics

Lembrei desse sentimento Gritando dentro de nós Éramos todos meninos E em cada um vivia uma paixão Como na cena de um filme Vencemos pesadelos Enfrentando os dragões Criados por nossos medos Fruto da imaginação De frente a uma nova era Na onda de uma canção Nós construímos história Mente, alma e coração Long live […]

Chris Brown – Convertible Lyrics

I went from a hightop to a convertible like Imma transformer, I went from a hightop to a convertible like Imma transformer, I went from a hightop to a convertible like Imma transformer, Like Imma transformer, like Imma transformer, Smoke brake ends out looking like a shadow, 550 Benzo you ain’t on my level. Shawty […]

50 Cent feat Jeremih – Girls Go Wild Lyrics

don’t do much talking i just check the with the date got 3 4b****es in the tube waiting for me my favorite is .. mona lisa said she got a man she can’t stand it he is a .. bro bitch i am the man i love bubbling shorty get get your pants all over […]

Katy Perry – Bullet Lyrics

my mama warned me about boys like you its the reason i wear theese steel toed boots yeah and let me give you a little plece of advice my papa pack heat and he won’t think twice yeah well, why do you think they call me jessie james? too musch trouble better stay away crab […]

Arcade Fire – Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) Lyrics

They heard me singing and they told me to stop Quit these pretentious things and just punch the clock These days my life, I feel it has no purpose But late at night the feelings swim to the surface ‘Cause on the surface the city lights shine They’re calling at me, “Come and find your […]

Tribes – When My Day Comes Lyrics

I used to wake up every night Bad dreams and my chest’s tight You tell your friends on the telephone It’s not them that make you feel alone And nothing ever stays the same Why should we worry about acting our age? I wanna live under my own rules Do what I want without answering […]

Yuna – Someone Out of Town Lyrics

Oh my god, I see you clearly now In my dreams you’re here with me somehow Call my name and I won’t make a sound I’m in love with someone out of town Who is this stranger I should be scared, could be dangerous I should prepare for this I wish I didn’t fall so […]

Hedley – On My Own Lyrics

Stayed awake all night toss and turnin’ Now my blood shot eyes are burnin’ Workin’ out why this ain’t workin’ Fight after fight after fight And now it’s killin’ me You were too busy to believe in All the run away dreams I was dreamin’ Time to pack up and go I’m leavin’ Fight after […]

STR – Love Anthem For World Peace Lyrics

Dashuri, Dashuri Dashuri, Dashuri Salang, Salang Leifde, Leifde Las’ka, Las’ka Dashuri, Dashuri Dashuri, Dashuri Salang, Salang Leifde, Leifde Las’ka, Las’ka Armastus, Armastus Rakkaus, Rakkaus Ag’api, Ag’api Lyubov, Lyubov All we need is Love, Ai, Amour, Amour All we need is Love, Ai, Amour, Amour All we need is Love, Ai, Amour, Amour All we need […]

Big Time Rush – Epic Lyrics

This one is for the ladies They lookin’ so amazing Let’s get crazy Ain’t nothing gonna save me Make this an epic night Make this an epic night Turn down the lights, turn up the music You’ve been waiting all week to let it out Your piece of mind, go ahead and lose it We […]

Julia Sheer feat Kevin Littlefield – Far Away Lyrics

You used to call me everyday The words mean nothing without someone to say Now I stand beside myself in the pouring rain And I just want to see your face When you’re far away I miss you But I know you’re here with me When you’re far away I need you I lie awake, […]

A Reason To Breathe – Never Say Forever Lyrics

You gave me the words To write this story You stole my soul To believe in you said and done I bless this mess I guess Mortal love, here is your end Cause my regrets Are burning in flames And every embrace is condemned To forget is what you wanted Go f*** yourself And every […]

Ashley Hicklin – All The Time In The World Lyrics

We’ve all the time, time in the world We’ve all the time, time in the world We should slow, yeah we should slow down Girl take it easy on yourself Take it easy on yourself We should show, yeah we should show town That we can leave time on the shelf We can leave time […]