Someone You Loved Chords by Lewis Capaldi

For a great video tutorial to accompany this tab, check out Kurt Berg’s YouTube channel [Intro] C G Am F [Verse 1] C G Am F I’m going under and this time I fear there’s no one to save me C G Am F This all or nothing really got a way of driving […]

Fast Car Chords by Tracy Chapman

Fast Car chords Tracy Chapman 1988 (Tracy Chapman album) Capo II [Intro] Cmaj7 G Em D x4 [Verse 1] Cmaj7 G You got a fast car. Em D I want a ticket to anywhere. Cmaj7 G Maybe we make a deal, Em D Maybe together we can get somewhere. Cmaj7 G Any place is better. […]

Until I Found You Chords by Stephen Sanchez

[Verse 1] G Bm C Georgia, wrap me up in all your… G Bm C I want ya, in my arms G Oh, let me hold ya Bm C G I’ll never let you go again, like I did D Oh, I used to say [Chorus] C D “I would never fall in love again […]

Vampire Chords by Olivia Rodrigo

* = one strum Gm** e|———————-| B|-3—-3—-3———-| G|-0—-3—-2—-0—–| D|-0—-0—-0—-0—–| A|———————-| E|-3—————–3–| [Intro] D F#7 G Gm** [Verse 1] D F#7 Hate to give the satisfaction asking how you’re doing now G How’s the castle built off people you pretend to care about? Just what you wanted Gm** Look at you, cool guy, you got it […]

Barbie – What Was I Made For Chords  by Billie Eilish

[Intro] C Em Fmaj7 C Em Fmaj7 [Verse 1] C Em Fmaj7 I used to float, now I just fall down C Em Fmaj7 I used to know but I’m not sure now C Em Fmaj7 What I was made for Am Em Fmaj7 What was I made for? [Verse 2] C Em Fmaj7 Takin’ […]

Tv Piano Chords by Billie EilishTv Chords

[Intro] G D/F# Em C D Em [Verse 1] G D/F# Em I don’t wanna talk right now C D Em I just wanna watch TV G D/F# Em I’ll stay in the pool and drown C D Em So I don’t have to watch you leave G D/F# Em I put on Survivor just […]

Father And Son Piano Chords by Cat Stevens

[Verse 1] G D/F# C Am7 It’s not time to make a change, just relax and take it easy G Em Am Am7 D You’re still young, that’s your fault, there’s so much you have to know G D/F# C Am7 Find a girl, settle down, if you want to, you can marry G Em […]

Look At Us Now Honeycomb Piano Chords by Daisy Jones & The Six

[Intro] C Em G Dsus4 D [Verse 1] C Em I don’t know who I am G Baby, baby, baby Dsus4 D Do you know who you are? C Em Is it out of our hands? G Tell me, tell me, tell me Dsus4 D How we made it this far [Pre-Chorus] Am C Did […]

Here With Me Piano Chords by d4vd

[Verse 1] E G#7 C#m7 Watch the sunrise along the coast Bm7 Amaj7 G#7 As we’re both getting old F#m7 B7 E I can’t describe what I’m feeling G#7 C#m7 And all I know is we’re going home Bm7 Amaj7 G#7 So please don’t let me go, oh G#7 F#m7 B7 Don’t let me go, […]

The Night We Met Piano Chords by Lord Huron

[Intro] Em D G Oooooooooooooo Em G C Oooooooooooooo Em D G Oooooooooooooo Em G C Oooooooooooooo [Verse] Em D G I am not the only traveler Em G C Who has not repaid his debt Em D G I’ve been searching for a trail to follow again Em G C Take me back to […]

Stay Piano Chords by Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko

[Intro] C Dm Am Am7/G Am Am7/G Am Am7/G C Dm Am Am7/G Am Am7/G Am Am7/G [Verse 1] C Dm Am Am7/G Am Am7/G Am All along it was a fever Am7/G C Dm Am Am7/G Am Am7/G Am A cold sweat hot headed believer Am7/G C Dm Am Am7/G Am Am7/G Am I […]

Glimpse Of Us Piano Chords by Joji

[Intro] | Am | D7 | G | Em | x2 [Verse 1] Em She’d take the world off my shoulders Am If it was ever hard to move D7 She’d turn the rain to a rainbow G When I was livin’ in the blue (Yeah) Em Why then, if she’s so perfect Am Do […]

Kill Bill Piano Chords by SZA

[Intro] Am D G E [Verse 1] Am D I’m still a fan even though I was salty G Hate to see you with some other broad, know you happy E Hate to see you happy if I’m not the one drivin’ [Pre-Chorus] Am I’m so mature, I’m so mature D I’m so mature, I […]

As It Was Piano Chords by Harry Styles

[Intro] N.C. Am D G Come on Harry, we wanna say “Goodnight” to you [Verse 1] C Holdin’ me back Am Gravity’s holdin’ me back D I want you to hold out the palm of your hand G Why don’t we leave it at that? C Nothin’ to say Am And everything gets in the […]

Sweater Weather Piano Chords by The Neighbourhood

[Intro] C Am Em G x2 [Verse 1] C Am All I am is a man Em G I want this world in my hands C I hate the beach Am Em But I stand in California G with my toes in the sand C Use the sleeves on my sweater Am Let’s have an […]

Just The Two Of Us Piano Chords by Grover Washington Jr. & Bill Withers

[Intro] Cmaj7 B7 Em7 Dm7 G7 Cmaj7 B7 Em7 [Verse 1] Cmaj7 B7 Em7 I see the crystal raindrops fall, Dm7 G7 Cmaj7 and the beauty of it all B7 Em7 Is when the sun comes shining through Cmaj7 B7 Em7 To make those rainbows in my mind, Dm7 G7 Cmaj7 When I think of […]

Somewhere Only We Know Piano Chords by Keane

[Intro] C C/B Dm Gsus4 G x2 [Verse 1] C C/B I walked across an empty land Dm Gsus4 G I knew the pathway like the back of my hand C C/B I felt the earth beneath my feet Dm Gsus4 G Sat by the river, and it made me complete [Pre-Chorus] Am Em Oh, […]

Something In The Orange Piano Chords by Zach Bryan

[Intro] Em7 * G G ** Em [Verse 1] Em7 D/F# G It’ll be fine by dusk light I’m telling you baby G D/F# Em These things eat at your bones and drive your young mind crazy Em7 D/F# G But when you place your head between my collar and jaw G D/F# Em7 I […]

Ceilings Piano Chords  by Lizzy McAlpineCeilings

[Intro] Cadd9 Em Cadd9 G D Cadd9 Em D [Verse 1] Cadd9 Em Ceilings, plaster Cadd9 G D Can’t you just make it move faster? Cadd9 Em D Lovely to be sitting here with you Cadd9 Em You’re kinda cute but it’s raining harder Cadd9 G D My shoes are now full of water Cadd9 […]

Flowers piano Chords  by Miley Cyrus

[Intro] | Cmaj7 | [Verse 1] Am Dm We were good, we were gold G C Kind of dream that can’t be sold Am Dm We were right ’til we weren’t G C Built a home and watched it burn [Pre-Chorus] Am Dm Mmm, I didn’t wanna leave you, I didn’t wanna lie E7 Started […]