I Wanna Be Your Slave chords by Måneskin

[Strofa 1] C#m I wanna be your slave A G# I wanna be your master C#m I wanna make your heartbeat A G# Run like rollercoasters C#m I wanna be a good boy A G# I wanna be a gangster E ‘Cause you can be the beauty D# And I could be the monster C#m […]

Deja Vu chords by Olivia Rodrigo

—————————————– —————————————- Alternate between major and sus2 chords Guitar fill from Pre-Chorus 2 onward —————————————– —————————————- D A D A e|–2–0–2–0–| e|————–| e|————–| e|————–| B|–3–3–3–3–| B|–2–0–2–0–| B|–3—–3—–| B|–2—–2—–| G|–2–2–2–2–| G|–2–2–2–2–| G|—–2—–2–| G|—–2—–2–| D|–0–0–0–0–|x4 D|–2–2–2–2–|x4 D|————–|x4 D|————–|x4 A|————–| A|–0–0–0–0–| A|————–| A|————–| E|————–| E|————–| E|————–| E|————–| Note: Bm7 in pre-chorus can be barred (x2423x), open (x20202), or […]

Cigarette Daydreams chords by Cage the Elephant

[Intro] D Dmaj7 Em G A [Verse 1] D Dmaj7 Did you stand there all alone Em G A D Oh, I cannot explain what’s goin’ down Dmaj7 I can see you standin’ next to me Em G A D In and out somewhere else right now Dmaj7 Bm You sigh look away G A […]

Without You chords by The Kid LAROI

[Intro] Am Fmaj7 C G [Chorus] Am Fmaj7 You cut out a piece of me, and now I bleed internally C G Left here without you (No, no, no), without you (Ooh, ooh) Am Fmaj7 And it hurts for me to think about what life could possibly be like C G Without you (No, no, […]

Midsommervisen chords by Shu-bi-dua

[Verse 1] G C Vi elsker vor land, D G når den signede jul C G D tænder stjernen i træet med glans i hvert øje. G C Når om våren hver fugl, D G over mark, under strand, C G D lader stemmen til hilsende triller sig bøje: C D G Vi synger din […]

Sweater Weather Acoustic chords by The Neighbourhood

Chords for the live acoustic arrangement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2NBYjTd0qM In the video the band plays guitars tuned down one whole step to D-G-C-F-A-d. If you want to use this tuning, transpose this chord sheet +5 to F to match the original key in the video. Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lh5BwXX3qo Picking: e|——————————| B|-0h1–0h1–—0—————-| G|———–2—-2————-| D|——————-4-5-4-2-0–| A|——————————| E|——————————| e|———————————-| B|—0–——1-0—1-0————–| G|-2—2-0————–0-2–0-2-0–| […]

Save Your Tears chords by The Weeknd

[Intro] C Ooh, na na, yeah [Verse 1] C Am Em I saw you dancing in a crowded room G You look so happy when I’m not with you C Am Em But then you saw me, caught you by surprise G A single teardrop falling from your eyes [Refrain] C Am Em G I […]

Heather chords by Conan Gray

[Intro] C Em Am Fmaj7 Fm [Verse 1] C Em I still remember, third of December, me in your sweater Am You said it looked better on me than it did you Fmaj7 Only if you knew, how much I liked you Fm But I watch your eyes as she [Pre-Chorus] C Walks by Em […]

Runaway chords by AURORA

Tabbed by: goatsrock117 Tuning: Standard Capo: 4 Em (022000) D (xx0232) C (x32010) G (320033) Am (x02210) Cmaj7 (x32000) [Intro] Em D (4x) [Verse 1] Em D I was listening to the ocean Em D I saw a face in the sand C But when I picked it up G D C Then it vanished […]

Levitating chords by Dua Lipa

[Intro] Am Em Dm Am x2 [Verse 1] Am Em If you wanna run away with me, I know a galaxy Dm Am And I could take you for a ride Am Em I had a premonition that we fell into a rhythm Dm Am Where the music don’t stop for life Am Em Glitter in the sky, glitter […]

Wellerman chords by The Longest Johns

[Verse 1] Am There once was a ship that put to sea Dm Am And the name of the ship was the Billy o’ Tea Am The winds blew hard, her bow dipped down E Am Blow, me bully boys, blow (huh!) [Chorus] F C Soon may the Wellerman come Dm Am To bring us […]

When We Were Young chords by Adele

[Intro] Am Em F C/E Dm C [Verse 1] Am Em F C/E Everybody loves the things you do Dm C From the way you talk to the way you move Am Em F C/E Everybody here is watching you Dm C C C/B Cause you feel like home, you’re like a dream come true […]

Your Power chords by Billie Eilish

***Please Note: Feel free to substitute G for G6 (320000) if you prefer the voicing. Either chord is cool.*** [Intro – Main Acoustic Hook] Fmaj7 Am Em Fmaj7 Am G e|————————————-|————————————-| B|–13—-12—-5—6\5—-8—0——-|–13—-12—-5—6\5—-3—3/5—–| G|–14—-12—-5—7\5—-9—0——-|–14—-12—-5—7\5—-4—4/5—–| D|————————————-|————————————-| A|————————————-|————————————-| E|————————————-|————————————-| Fmaj7 Am Em Fmaj7 Am G e|————————————-|————————————-| B|–13—-12—-5—6\5—-8—0——-|–/5–5—5—3—3~—0————-| G|–14—-12—-5—7\5—-9—0——-|–/5——5—4—4~—0————-| D|————————————-|————————————-| A|————————————-|————————————-| E|————————————-|———————–3————-| [Intro – Rhythm Section] Fmaj7 Am Em […]

Tennessee Whiskey chords by Chris Stapleton

INTRO: E A Bm D A A A D A E ————|————–|————–|————–|-0-0-2-0–| B ————|————–|————–|————–|-2-2-3-2–| G ————|————–|————–|————–|-2-2-2-2–| D ————|————–|————–|————–|-2-2-0-2–| A —–0-2/4–|-4\2-0-2/4\2–|-2h4-2h4-4\2–|-2/4\2-0——|-0-0-0-0–| E -0-2——–|————–|————–|———4/5–|-0-0-0-0–| E A E ——–0– B ——–2– G ——–2– D ——–2– A —–0—– E -0h2——- VERSE: A Bm Used to spend my nights out in a barroom D Bm A A D A Liquor […]

The Night We Met chords by Lord Huron

[Intro] Em D G Oooooooooooooo Em G C Oooooooooooooo Em D G Oooooooooooooo Em G C Oooooooooooooo [Verse] Em D G I am not the only traveler Em G C Who has not repaid his debt Em D G I’ve been searching for a trail to follow again Em G C Take me back to […]

Best Part chords by Daniel Caesar feat. H.E.R.

[Intro] Dmaj7 Am7 Gmaj7 Bbmaj7 [Verse 1] Dmaj7 You don’t know babe Am7 When you hold me Gmaj7 And kiss me slowly Bbmaj7 It’s the sweetest thing Dmaj7 And it don’t change Am7 If I had it my way Gmaj7 Bbmaj7 You would know that you are [Pre-Chorus] Dmaj7 You’re the coffee that I need […]

Marylina Chords – Jason in Town

intro.A-Bm-Eb chorus: A Bm Eb A Bm Eb bisag mga yagit kami A Bm Eb A Bm Eb mga nawong og ignorante A Bm Eb A Bm Eb mura daw mig mga rebelde A Bm Eb A Bm Eb wa moy labot kay amoa mani verse 1: A Bm Eb A Bm Eb alang sa […]

Holy chords by Justin Bieber

[Intro] E B/D# C#m7 A [Verse 1] E B/D# C#m7 A I hear a lot about sinners E B/D# C#m7 A Don’t think that I’ll be a saint E B/D# C#m7 A But I might go down to the river N.C. ‘Cause the way that the sky opens up when we touch F#m7 B/D# Yeah, […]

Sofia chords by Clairo

[Intro] F G Em Am x2 F G Em Am e|-8–8–8–8—|–7–7–7–7–|–3–3–3–3–|–5–5–5–5–| B|-10-10-10-10–|–8–8–8–8–|–5–5–5–5–|–5–5–5–5–| G|-10-10-10-10–|–7–7–7–7–|–4–4–4–4–|–5–5–5–5–| D|————–|————–|————–|————–| A|————–|————–|————–|————–| E|————–|————–|————–|————–| [Verse] F G I think we could do it if we tried Em Am If only to say, you’re mine F G Sofia, know that you and I Em Am Shouldn’t feel like a crime [Chorus] F G I […]

Watermelon Sugar piano chords by Harry Styles

[Verse 1] Dm7 Tastes like strawberries Am7 On a summer evening C G And it sounds just like a song Dm7 I want more berries Am7 And that summer feeling C G It’s so wonderful and warm [Pre-Chorus] Dm7 Am7 Breathe me in, breathe me out C G I don’t know if I could ever […]