Vienna Piano Chords by Billy Joel

[Verse 1] Gm Bb Slow down you crazy child F Ab You’re so ambitious for a juvenile Eb Bb But then if you’re so smart tell me why C D9sus D Are you still so afraid Gm Bb Where’s the fire, what’s the hurry about F Ab You better cool it off before you burn […]

Goodness Of God Piano Chords by Bethel Music

[Intro] G Gsus4 G Gsus4 [Verse 1] G I love you, Lord C G For your mercy never fails me D/F# Em C D All my days, I’ve been held in your hands Em C From the moment that I wake up G D/F# Em Till I lay my head C D G I will […]

Lovely Piano Chords by Billie Eilish feat. Khalid

[Intro] | Em | | C | Em Bm | | C | Em Bm | [Verse 1] C Thought I found a way Em Bm Thought I found a way, out (out) C But you never go away (never go away) Em Bm So I guess I gotta stay now [Pre-Chorus] C Em Bm […]

505 Piano Chords by Arctic Monkeys

[Intro] Dm Em Dm Em [Chorus] Dm Em I’m going back to 505 If it’s a 7 hour flight Dm Or a forty-five minute drive Em Dm In my imagination you’re waiting lying on your side Em Dm Em With your hands between your thighs [Verse 1] Dm Em Stop and wait a sec when […]

The 30Th Piano Chords by Billie Eilish

[Intro] G D Em D Am G D [Verse 1] G D Em Sometimes, you look the same D Am G D Just like you did before the accident G D Em When you’re starin’ into space D Am G It’s hard to believe you don’t remember it D Woke up in the ambulance Em […]

Tennessee Whiskey Piano Chords by Chris Stapleton

VERSE: A Bm Bm Used to spend my nights out in a barroom D Bm A D/A D/A A Liquor was the only love I’ve known A Bm Bm But you rescued me from reachin’ for the bottom D Bm A D/A D/A A And brought me back from being too far gone CHORUS: A […]

Wagon Wheel Piano Chords  by Darius Rucker

[Intro] G D Em C G D Em C G D C [Verse] G D Heading down south to the land of the pines Em C I’m thumbing my way into North Caroline G D C Staring up the road and pray to God I see headlights G D I made it down the coast […]

The Night We Met Piano Chords  by Lord Huron/Phoebe Bridgers

[Intro] Em D G Oooooooooooooo Em G C Oooooooooooooo Em D G Oooooooooooooo Em G C Oooooooooooooo [Verse] Em D G I am not the only traveler Em G C Who has not repaid his debt Em D G I’ve been searching for a trail to follow again Em G C Take me back to […]

Drivers License Piano Chords by Olivia Rodrigo

[Verse 1] G I got my driver’s license last week Em Just like we always talked about ‘Cause you were so excited for me C To finally drive up to your house But today I drove through the suburbs G Crying ’cause you weren’t around [Verse 2] G And you’re probably with that blonde girl […]

Love Yourself Piano Chords by Justin Bieber

[Verse 1] C G/B Am For all the times that you rain on my parade Dm C G/B And all the clubs you get in using my name C G/B Am You think you broke my heart, oh girl for goodness sake Dm C G/B You think I’m crying, on my own, well I ain’t […]

Sweater Weather Piano Chords by The Neighbourhood

[Intro] C Am Em G x2 [Verse 1] C Am All I am is a man Em G I want this world in my hands C I hate the beach Am Em But I stand in California G with my toes in the sand C Use the sleeves on my sweater Am Let’s have an […]

Just The Two Of Us Piano Chords by Grover Washington Jr. & Bill Withers

[Intro] Cmaj7 B7 Em7 Dm7 G7 Cmaj7 B7 Em7 [Verse 1] Cmaj7 B7 Em7 I see the crystal raindrops fall, Dm7 G7 Cmaj7 and the beauty of it all B7 Em7 Is when the sun comes shining through Cmaj7 B7 Em7 To make those rainbows in my mind, Dm7 G7 Cmaj7 When I think of […]

Tv Piano Chords by Billie Eilish

[Intro] G D/F# Em C D Em [Verse 1] G D/F# Em I don’t wanna talk right now C D Em I just wanna watch TV G D/F# Em I’ll stay in the pool and drown C D Em So I don’t have to watch you leave G D/F# Em I put on Survivor just […]

Mary On A Cross Piano Chords by Ghost

[Intro] Em G D Em G D [Verse 1] Em G D We were speeding together down the dark avenues Em G D But besides all the stardom, all we got was blues Em G D But through all the sorrow, we’ve been riding high C Em D And the truth of the matter is […]

As It Was Piano Chords  by Harry Styles

N.C. Am D GCome on Harry, we wanna say “Goodnight” to you [Verse 1]CHoldin’ me backAmGravity’s holdin’ me backDI want you to hold out the palm of your handGWhy don’t we leave it at that?CNothin’ to sayAmAnd everything gets in the wayDSeems you cannot be replacedGAnd I’m the one who will stay, oh-oh-oh [Chorus]C Am […]

Atlantis Piano Chords  by Seafret

INTRO: C D Em C Em D VERSE: C The birds have left their trees D Em The light pours onto me C I can feel you lying there Em D All on your own C We got here the hard way D Em All those words that we exchanged C Em D Is it […]

Happier Than Ever Piano Chords by Billie Eilish

[Chorus] N.C. Cadd9 When I’m away from you E7 I’m happier than ever Am Wish I could explain it better Dm7 G I wish it wasn’t true, mmm Cadd9 Give me a day or two E7 To think of something clever Am To write myself a letter Dm7 G To tell me what to do, […]

Until I Found You Piano Chords by Stephen Sanchez

[Verse 1] G Bm C Georgia, wrap me up in all your… G Bm C I want ya, in my arms G Oh, let me hold ya Bm C G I’ll never let you go again, like I did D Oh, I used to say [Chorus] C D “I would never fall in love again […]

Glimpse Of Us Piano Chords by Joji

[Intro] | Am | D7 | G | Em | x2 [Verse 1] Em She’d take the world off my shoulders Am If it was ever hard to move D7 She’d turn the rain to a rainbow G When I was livin’ in the blue (Yeah) Em Why then, if she’s so perfect Am Do […]

Something In The Orange piano Chords  by Zach Bryan

[Intro] Em * G G ** Em [Verse 1] Em D/F# G It’ll be fine by dusk light I’m telling you baby G D/F# Em These things eat at your bones and drive your young mind crazy Em D/F# G But when you place your head between my collar and jaw G D/F# Em I […]