The Night We Met chords by Lord Huron

[Intro] Em D G Oooooooooooooo Em G C Oooooooooooooo Em D G Oooooooooooooo Em G C Oooooooooooooo [Verse] Em D G I am not the only traveler Em G C Who has not repaid his debt Em D G I’ve been searching for a trail to follow again Em G C Take me back to […]

Best Part chords by Daniel Caesar feat. H.E.R.

[Intro] Dmaj7 Am7 Gmaj7 Bbmaj7 [Verse 1] Dmaj7 You don’t know babe Am7 When you hold me Gmaj7 And kiss me slowly Bbmaj7 It’s the sweetest thing Dmaj7 And it don’t change Am7 If I had it my way Gmaj7 Bbmaj7 You would know that you are [Pre-Chorus] Dmaj7 You’re the coffee that I need […]

Marylina Chords – Jason in Town

intro.A-Bm-Eb chorus: A Bm Eb A Bm Eb bisag mga yagit kami A Bm Eb A Bm Eb mga nawong og ignorante A Bm Eb A Bm Eb mura daw mig mga rebelde A Bm Eb A Bm Eb wa moy labot kay amoa mani verse 1: A Bm Eb A Bm Eb alang sa […]

Holy chords by Justin Bieber

[Intro] E B/D# C#m7 A [Verse 1] E B/D# C#m7 A I hear a lot about sinners E B/D# C#m7 A Don’t think that I’ll be a saint E B/D# C#m7 A But I might go down to the river N.C. ‘Cause the way that the sky opens up when we touch F#m7 B/D# Yeah, […]

Sofia chords by Clairo

[Intro] F G Em Am x2 F G Em Am e|-8–8–8–8—|–7–7–7–7–|–3–3–3–3–|–5–5–5–5–| B|-10-10-10-10–|–8–8–8–8–|–5–5–5–5–|–5–5–5–5–| G|-10-10-10-10–|–7–7–7–7–|–4–4–4–4–|–5–5–5–5–| D|————–|————–|————–|————–| A|————–|————–|————–|————–| E|————–|————–|————–|————–| [Verse] F G I think we could do it if we tried Em Am If only to say, you’re mine F G Sofia, know that you and I Em Am Shouldn’t feel like a crime [Chorus] F G I […]

Watermelon Sugar piano chords by Harry Styles

[Verse 1] Dm7 Tastes like strawberries Am7 On a summer evening C G And it sounds just like a song Dm7 I want more berries Am7 And that summer feeling C G It’s so wonderful and warm [Pre-Chorus] Dm7 Am7 Breathe me in, breathe me out C G I don’t know if I could ever […]

All I Want piano chords by Kodaline

  [Intro] | C | C | C | C | [Verse 1] C F C All I want is nothing more C G/B Am To hear you knocking at my door F C Cause’ if I could see your face once more F C I could die a happy man I’m sure C F […]

Betty piano chords by Taylor Swift

[Intro] C C/B Am Gsus4 F Gsus4 [Verse 1] C C/B Am Betty, I won’t make assumptions Gsus4 F About why you switched your homeroom Gsus4 But I think it’s cause of me C C/B Am Betty, one time I was riding Gsus4 F on my skateboard when I passed your house Gsus4 It’s like […]

A Star Is Born – Always Remember Us This Way piano chords by Misc Soundtrack

[Verse 1] Am F That Arizona sky burning in your eyes C G You look at me and, babe, I wanna catch on fire Am F It’s buried in my soul like California gold C G You found the light in me that I couldn’t find [Chorus 1] F C So when I’m all choked […]

Ocean Eyes piano chords by Billie Eilish

[Intro] C Dsus2 Em (x3) G G/B C [Verse 1] C Dsus2 Em C Dsus2 Em I’ve been watching you for some time C Dsus2 Em G G/B C Can’t stop staring at those ocean eyes C Dsus2 Em C Dsus2 Em Burning cities and napalm skies C Dsus2 Em G G/B C Fifteen flares […]

Sweater Weather Acoustic piano chords by The Neighbourhood

[Verse] C Am All I am is a man Em G I want the world in my hands C I hate the beach Am Em But I stand in California G with my toes in the sand C Use the sleeves on my sweater Am Let’s have an adventure Em G Head in the clouds, […]

My Future piano chords by Billie Eilish

[Intro] Cmaj7 I can’t seem to focus C7 And you don’t seem to notice F I’m not here Dm7b5 I’m just a mirror Cmaj7 You check your complexion C7 to find your reflection F Is all alone Fm I had to go [Pre-Chorus] E7 Can’t you hear me Am Am/G D I’m not coming home […]

Killing Me Softly piano chords by Fugees

[Chorus] Em Am D7 G Strumming my pain with his fingers. singing my life with his words. Em A D C Killing me softly with his song. Killing me softly with his song. G C Telling my whole life with his words. Fmaj7#11 E Killing me softly, with his song. [Verse] Am7 D I heard […]

July piano chords by Noah Cyrus

[Intro] | Am | C | F | F | x2 [Verse 1] Am C F I’ve been holdin’ my breath, I’ve been countin’ to ten over somethin’ you said. Am C F I’ve been holdin’ back tears, while you’re throwing back beers. I’m alone in bed. [Pre-Chorus] Am C F You know I-I-I-I-I, I’m […]

Happy Birthday piano chords

C G7 Happy Birthday to You G7 C Happy Birthday to You C F Happy Birthday dear -NAME- C G7 C Happy Birthday to You

You Are The Reason piano chords by Calum Scott

[Intro] G Em C D G [Verse 1] G There goes my heart beating Em Cause you are the reason C D I’m losing my sleep G Please come back now [Verse 2] G There goes my mind racing Em And you are the reason C D That I’m still breathing Em I’m hopeless now […]

Put Your Records On piano chords by Corinne Bailey Rae

[Verse] G A7 Three little birds, sat on my window C/D G And they told me I don’t need to worry G A7 Summer came like cinnamon So sweet, C/D G Little girls double-dutch on the concrete Em7 B7/D# Em7 A9 Maybe sometimes, we’ve got it wrong, but it’s alright Cmaj7 Cmmaj7 The more things […]

When The Partys Over piano chords by Billie Eilish

[Intro] F Am C F x2 [Verse 1] F Am C F Don’t ya know I’m no good for you. F Am C F I’ve learned to lose, you can’t afford to F Am C F Tore my shirt to stop you bleeding F Am C F But nothing ever stops you leaving [Chorus] F […]

Here Comes The Sun piano chords by The Beatles

[Intro] D D G A7 D D G A7 [Chorus] D Here comes the sun (doo doo doo doo) G E7 Here comes the sun D And i say its alright [Verse 1] D G A7 Little darling, its been a long, cold, lonely winter D G A7 Little darling it feels like years since […]

Father And Son piano chords by Cat Stevens

[Verse 1 – Father] G D/F# C Am7 It’s not time to make a change, just relax and take it easy G Em Am D You’re still young, that’s your fault, there’s so much you have to know G D/F# C Am7 Find a girl, settle down, if you want, you can marry G Em […]