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Despacito – Tito Escárate Y Los Galanes Suplentes piano chords

Intro: Gm Cm7 D7 Gm Gm Cm7 No te vayas, sin dejar una señal D7 Gm7 No te vayas, sin dejar un rastro Cm Gm7 Algo que me oriente, hacia tu sudor calienteD7 Cm6 Gm Donde voy a morir, por un rato D#7 D7 Gm Así, despacito, por un rato mi amor.D#7 D7 Gm Así […]

Disappear On Down The Line – J.B. Beverley piano chords

[Verse 1] G D C Sitting in this cold dark house, alone once again. With them four white walls of silence Em D G D and the voices in my head. I turned off the porch light. I turned off the phone, and I’m C Em D gonna drink myself all the way into the […]

Help The Poor – Robben Ford piano chords

[Intro] Dm7 C/D Dm7 C/D Dm7 C/D Dm7 C/D [Verse 1] Dm7 C/D Dm7 C/D Help the poor Dm7 C/D Dm7 C/D Won’t you help poor me Dm7 C/D Dm7 C/D Have a heart won’t you, baby A13sus4 [ch]A7+[/ch] Listen to my plea Dm7 C/D Dm7 C/D I need all your love I need your […]

Faded – Kate DeAraugo piano chords

<pre> VERSE: Keyboards add extra notes forming full harmony of: |Dmaj7 |E Esus4 | Lead-in to chorus: |D D(#11) |Esus4 F | CHORUS: Half-barre throughout F#m D A E/G# sequence using thumb on 6th-string …or use power chords throughout! VERSE: D5 ` E5 ` You never take take the time to really look D5 ` […]

Maybe I Will Learn – Rhys piano chords

[Verse 1] Dm Am How many times must a girls heart break C G Before she finally learns? Dm Am That every single word they say is fake C G And when they leave it burns Dm Am I’ve got nothing left so you can take it C G Promise me you’ll tell me when […]

Symphony Of Life – Tina Arena piano chords

[Intro] Em9 [Verse 1]Em Bm7/E Stars are shinning in your eyes CMaj7/E And i begin to realise Bm7/E Am/E Em That our path through times unbrokenEm Bm7/E Do you know what it’s like CMaj7/E When a mirror never lies Bm7/E Am/E Em And the truth remands unspokenD C And we dance into the fireAm Eb […]

Doncha Go Way Mad – Jazz Passengers piano chords

Emaj7 F#m7 E: I must confess that what you say is true G#m7 A D: You had a rendez-vous with somebody new G F# E: It’s the only one I’ve ever had F E Baby Baby Don’t you go way mad D: Your cheating shows and it never goes E: You got a reason to […]

Let Me Love You – Chris Lane piano chords

[Verse 1] G Baby I just don’t get it D Do you enjoy being hurt? Em I know you smelled the perfume C The make-up on his shirt G You don’t believe his stories D You know that they’re all lies Em Bad as you are, you stick around C And I just don’t know […]

7 Feathers – Nahko and Medicine for the People piano chords

[Verse] A C#m I know a carpenter, I know a laborer Bm E He is my teacher, he is my brother A C#m I have a neighbor, he is my saviour Bm E He doesn’t waver, he’s a strong believer A C#m I know a business man, he scrapped his business plan Bm E While […]

Mercy – Gin Lady piano chords

[INTRO]E G DE F#m E D AE F#m E D A[VERSE 1]E F#m E Tell me where to go I’ll follow the flow D A EPlease have some mercy on my soul F#m EYour mind is so free, I envy your dreams D A EPlease have some mercy on my soul[CHORUS] D EI don’t need […]

Holiday – Outlaws piano chords

[Intro] Dm F C C G G/F Dm Dm F C C G G/F D G/D D G/D D G/D D G/D [Verse 1] D C After takin’ nearly every shady lady home G C I got an itchy feelin’ under my skin D So I grabbed my rags and packed my bags G Em […]

Dónde Estás – Sol Mayor piano chords

Intro:C#m-A-C#m-A-F#m-C#m-F#m-G#-C#m C#m A Amaneci llorando, preguntando por tiC#m A A G# F#m estaba confundido no sabia que decir C#m mire hacia la ventana un recuerdo me encontreF#m G# solo tristes palabras escritas en un papelC#m A “Decias que te ibas por que no eras felizC#m A B por que yo era un borracho y que […]

This Love Will Carry – Dougie MacLean piano chords

Intro: C F C F Verse 1: C Am F Em7 It’s a thin line that leads us and keeps us all from shame C Am F Gmaj7 And dark clouds quickly gather along the way we came C Am F Em7 There’s fear out on the mountain and death out on the plains C […]

Paniwalaan – Blue Jeans piano chords

[Intro] C Am Dm G Em A Dm G C Am Dm G Pag ibig ko sa ‘yo’y totoo Dm G Em A Ni walang halong biro Dm G Em A Kaya sana’y paniwalaan mo Dm G C Ang pag ibig kong ito. C Am Dm G Walang ibang mamahalin Dm G Em A Kundi […]

The Sins Of A Family – Barry McGuire piano chords

intro C F C F F She had a bad childhood when she was very young C so don’t judge her too badly F she had a schizophrenic mother who worked in the gutter and woulda sold herself C to the devil gladly Em what a sad environment Am a bud-ridden tenement C and when […]

O Lover – BJ Barham piano chords

[Verse] Em C G All my chips are on the table Em C G And all my cards are showing now Em C G Things aren’t going like I promised D C But I swear I’ll figure it out Em C G This season’s soil it just ain’t taking Em C G The last few […]

Seoul Town Road piano chords by Lil Nas X, RM & BTS

[Chorus] G# Bsus2 Yeah, I’m gonna take my horse to the Seoul town road F# E6 I’m gonna ride ’til I can’t no more G# Bsus2 I’m gonna take my horse to the Seoul town road F# E6 I’m gonna ride ’til I can’t no more (Kio, Kio) [Verse 1] G# Bsus2 I got the […]

4 Oclock piano chords by BTS

[Verse 1: V] C G Eoneu nal dalege Am D G Gilgogin pyeonjileul sseosseo C G Am7 Neoboda hwanhajin anhjiman D G6 Jageun chosbuleul kyeosseo [Pre-Chorus: V] C Eoseuleumhan gongwonhe Bm7 Noraehaneun ileummoleul sae Am7 Where are you G Oh you C Wae ulgo issneunji Bm7 Yeogin nawa neo ppuninde Am7 Me and you G […]

Answer Love Myself piano chords by BTS

[Verse 1] C Am Nun-eul tteunda eodum sog na C F Simjang-i ttwineun soli nachseol ttae C Am Maju bonda geoul sog neo C F Geobmeog-eun nunbich haemug-eun jilmun [Rap 1] C Eojjeomyeon nugungaleul salanghaneun geosboda Am Deo eolyeoun ge na jasin-eul salanghaneun geoya C Soljighi injeonghal geon injeonghaja F Niga naelin jasdaedeul-eun neoege deo […]

Airplane Pt 2 piano chords by BTS

Am E [Verse 1] Am Isanghan kkoma Am Sumswideut noraehaenne Am Eodideun joa Am E Eumagi hago sipeonne E Ojik norae E Simjangeul ttwige hadeonthing E Hanappunideon E Gireul georeotjiman [Verse 2] Am Swipji ana Am Silpaewa jeolmang Am Jichin nal nugunga bulleo sewo geonnen mal E7 You’re a singing star E7 You’re a singing […]