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Terminal Acoustic chords by Rupert Holmes Ver 2

[Intro] D Bm Em G D Bm Em G D Bm Em I’ve come back this mornin’ to where I first came alive F# Bm Here within this terminal where the buses arrive G#m G I was a commuter on the 804 G#m A Worked on a computer on the 19th floor and D Bm […]

Too Good At Goodbyes Acoustic chords by Sam Smith Ver 2

[Verse 1] Am C You must think that I’m stupid G Fmaj7 You must think that I’m a fool Am C You must think that I’m new to this G F But I have seen this all before [Refrain] Am I’m never gonna let you close to me C Even though you mean the most […]

Life Changes chords by Thomas Rhett Ver 2

Thomas Rhett – Life Changes [Intro} G B Em C [Verse 1] G B Waking up in my college dorm Em C Yeah, my life, it was pretty normal G B Looking for a date to the spring formal Em C Wasn’t worried ’bout nothing else, no G B Majoring in Undecided Em C Notebook […]

Marry Me chords by Thomas Rhett Ver 2

Thomas Rhett – Marry Me Capo 1 [Intro] G D Bm A [Verse} G D Bm A She wants to get married, she wants it perfect G D Bm A She wants her grandaddy preaching the service G D Bm A Yeah, she wants magnolias out in the country G D Bm A Not too […]

Out Loud Acoustic chords by Gabbie Hanna Ver 2

Dm, C, F, A# [Verse 1] Dm C F A# Dm I still taste your presence, once sweet, but it turned sour C F A# Tried to shake your indifference, but it’s too late now Dm C F A# Dm I hear you in the quiet, I see you when I’m in the dark C […]

I Promise chords by Radiohead ver 2

[Chords] E: 022100 or 079900 Esus4: 022200 E6: 022120 B: x24442 B7: x24242 [Intro] E e|————————————————| B|————————————————| G|————————————————| D|————————————————| A|—11—-9—–11–9——11-9-9-9————–| E|—-0—-0–0–0—0–0—-0-0-0-0————–| Esus4 e|————————————————| B|————————————————| G|————————————————| D|————————————————| A|—12—11—-12–11—–12-11-11-11————| E|—-0—0–0–0—0–0—-0-0–0–0————-| E E e|———————————–0————| B|———————————–0————| G|———————————–9————| D|———————————–9————| A|—9—7—–9—7——-9-7-7-7—7————| E|—0—0–0–0—0–0—-0-0-0-0—0————| [Intro] E Esus4 E 2x [Verse 1] E E6 E Esus4 E I won’t run away no more – […]

Walls Could Talk chords by Halsey ver 2

[Verse 1] G Ddim Cm Been about three days and I’m comin’ back G Ddim Cm I’m about four minutes from a heart attack G Ddim Cm And I think you make me a maniac G Ddim Cm But you don’t know, oh, oh G Ddim Cm Two years and we in between G Ddim […]

Sharp Edges chords by Linkin Park ver 2

Capo 5th fret [Intro] Am G C (2x) [Verse 1] Am G C Mama always told me don’t you run Am G Don’t you run with scissors, son C You’re gonna hurt someone Am G C Mama told me look before you leap Am G Always think before you speak, C and watch the friends […]

Deja Vu chords by Roger Waters ver 2

Whatever your strumming pattern, here are some of the basic licks and embellishments that can be used throughout the song. [Intro] G Gsus4 G Gsus4 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 1 + 2 + 3 + […]

Ground Control chords by All Time Low ver 2

[Intro] Bm D F#m E [Verse 1] Bm D Ground control F#m E What do the books say about this one now? Bm D I think we’ve lost it all F#m E Bm There’s nothing to explain the distances any more D All systems are critical F#m Can’t find my way back to you E […]

Uh Huh chords by Julia Michaels ver 2

[Intro] E C#m G#m A [Verse 1] E C#m It’s electric how my lipstick G#m A makes its own way right into your kiss and E C#m it’s pathetic how we both get G#m A kind of f***ed up hanging on each other E C#m we’re ahead now should we slow down? G#m A7 Should […]

Sorry chords by Halsey ver 2

Capo 1st fret [Intro] C Am Em G D [Verse] C G I’ve missed your calls for months it seems G Em C Em D Don’t realize how mean I can be D Em G D Cause I can sometimes treat the people that I love like jewelry C Cause I can change my mind […]

Garettes Revenge chords by XXXTENTACION ver 2

[Intro] Bm Gm A Gb x 4 I think I, I think I finally found a way to forgive myself From mistakes I made in my past I think that’s the first step, right? You agree? [Verse] Bm Gm I’ve dug two graves for us, my dear A Gb Can’t pretend that I was perfect, […]

Odd chords by Hey Violet ver 2

Capo 4th Fret [Intro] Em G D A Em G D A Em G D A [Verse] Em G D I was raised by a mom A Em G Who told me I should never listen to another voice D A But my own Em G D Now I’ve grown up, now I know A […]

Everything Now chords by Arcade Fire ver 2

[Video Intro] C C Gm I’m in the black again C Can’t make it back again Gm We can just pretend F We’ll make it home again C From everything now [Instrumental] F C G F C G [Verse 1] F Every inch of sky’s got a star C Every inch of skin’s got a […]

Kung Siya Man chords by Tj Monterde ver 2

[Verse 1] G D/F# nakapili na ba ka? Em7 C9 kung kinsa sa among duha G D/F# ang pilion mong makauban Em7 C9 ug ipaila-ila’s ginikanan [Refrain] Am Bm gihatag ko na ang tanan Am Bm ug ihatag ko pa ang tanan C Dsus D apan~~ [Chorus] G Em7 kung siya man ang mapilian Bm […]

Aiti Pojasta Pappia Toivoi Chords version 2 by Kolmas Nainen

[Verse 1] Bb7 Dm Joka aamu tähän aikaan kuvan mieleeni saan, Bb7 Dm muistan kuinka laitoit sillivoileipää mun krapulaan Bb7 Dm Sitä muulla tavoin tuskin olis saanut talttumaan Bb7 A7 Palaa minut parantamaan [Verse 2] Bb7 Dm Aamun ensirööki oli pahanmakuinen, Bb7 Dm silti minä loppuun poltin sen Bb7 Dm Mahassa kiertää, veri päästä pakenee […]

Imagine Chords version 2 by Chris Cornell

The F is a barre chord and so is the G at the very end of the verse Throughout the song he can slide the fmaj7 up to the 3rd fret , do as you see fit [Intro] C Fmaj7 C Fmaj7 C [Verse 1] C Fmaj7 Imagine there’s no heaven C Fmaj7 C It’s […]

Eyes Closed Stripped Chords version 2 by Halsey

[Intro] G C G C [Verse] Bm C I, I know where to lay G I know what to say It’s all the same Bm C And I, I know how to play G I know this game It’s all the same [Chorus] Em C G Now if I keep my eyes closed, he looks […]

Kisses Of Fire Chords version 2 by ABBA

B/F# 22444x C# x1333x C#m x46654 G#m 466444 Bsus4 x24400 Am/C X32210 [Verse 1] N.C. F#m B/F# F#m B/F# Lay your head on my chest so you hear every beat of my heart F#m B/F# C# Now there’s nothing at all that can keep us apart C#m A F#m B G#m C#m Touch my lips, […]