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Say Something chords by Justin Timberlake ft. Chris Stapleton Ver 3

[Intro] Cm Eb [Interlude] Bb F Cm Oh, yeah, alright Eb Bb F Ooh [Verse 1] Cm Eb Bb Everyone knows all about my direction F Cm And in my heart somewhere I wanna go there Eb But still I don’t go there [Chorus] Bb Everybody says “say something” F Say something, say something Cm […]

Grudges Acoustic chords by Paramore Ver 3

[Intro] (x2) E A Bsus4 A [Verse 1] E A Bsus4 A Strange how we found ourselves exactly where we left off E A Bsus4 I know you’re shaking my hand like it is the first time A Are we alright? E A Are you recounting all my faults? Bsus4 And are you racking your […]

Aaminin chords by 6CycleMind Ver 3

Title: Aaminin Artist: 6 Cycle Mind Chords by: Yuuenn 09/12/17 D xxx232 Asus2 xx22xx Bm 224432 F#m 244222 G 355433 Gm 355333 [Intro] D-Asus2-Bm-Asus2 [Verse 1] D F#m kamusta ka na? G Sana ikaw ay laging masaya ngayon D F#m Kasamang mga kaibigan mo G Gm Pakinggan mo ang sasabihin ko [Chorus] D Asus2 Aaminin […]

Loving The Alien chords by David Bowie Ver 3

Note: Please note that the album and single versions differs a bit. This is based on the album version. [Intro] | Cadd2 | Cadd2 | Dsus2 | Dsus2 | | Eb6/Bb | Eb6/Bb | A5+7 | A5+7 | | Bm7 | (x4) | Em7 | Bm7/D | Cmaj7 | Bm7 B7 | (x2) [Verse] Em7 […]

Sorry chords by Halsey ver 3

[Intro] G# Bbm C# Eb [Verse 1] G# I’ve missed your calls for months it seems Bbm Don’t realize how mean I can be C# ‘Cause I can sometimes treat the people Eb That I love like jewelry G# ‘Cause I can change my mind each day Bbm I didn’t mean to try you on […]

Ever Since New York Chords version 3 by Harry Styles

[Intro] D Dsus4 Am7 Am Am7 Am C C9 G [Verse] D Dsus4 Tell me something, tell me something Am7 Am You don’t know nothing, just pretend you do C C9 G I need something, tell me something new D Dsus4 Choose your words, ’cause there’s no antidote Am7 Am For this curse, oh, what’s […]

One More Night Chords version 3 by Phil Collins

Bb – 688766 Eb – x68886 Fm7- 131111 Cm7- Barre Chord [Intro] Bb Eb [Chorus] Bb Eb Bb Eb One more night, Bb Eb Bb Eb One more night [Verse 1] Ab Eb Fm Eb I’ve been trying ooh so long to let you know Ab Eb Fm7 Let you know how I feel Ab […]

The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness Chords version 3 by The National

This works quite well without the capo, but if you want to play along the original record you’ll need one on the 8th fret. Have fun! [Verse 1] Am D Maybe I listen more than you think Em D I can tell that somebody sold you Am D We said we’ve never let anyone in […]

All I Know chords – Art Garfunkel Vsion 3

I play it with capo @ 6 intro % G C D G G C D G D C D Cmaj7 G C Bm D G G C I bruise you D G You bruise me G C D G We both bruise too easily D C D Cmaj7 % G Too easily to let […]

This Old House chords – Madrugada Vsion 3

Intro: C#m A E (x4) C#m A E How come the stars they shine so bright C#m A E Here in this night it will not end C#m A E There's a boy and a girl Who know all the wrong words C#m A E And you and I need no more F#m A E […]

Highway Patrolman chords – Johnny Cash Vsion 3

HIGHWAY PATROLMAN – Johnny Cash Capo on 2nd Intro: G 4x G G My name is Joe Roberts C G I work for the state G G I'm a sergeant out of Perrineville G D7 D7 Barracks number eight G G I always done an honest job C G Honest as I could G D7 […]

Follow You Follow Me chords – Genesis Vsion 3

FOLLOW YOU FOLLOW ME – Genesis Intro: e|—————————–/—————————–/ B|—————————–/—————————–/ G|–2—–0—–4—–2—–0–/–5—–4—–2—–0—–2–/ D|0—0-0—0-0—0-0—0-0—0/0—0-0—0-0—0-0—0-0—0/ A|—————————–/—————————–/ E|—————————–/—————————–/ G – Gmaj7 – G6sus4 – Gmaj7 2x G Stay Am With me G Am7 My love I hope you'll always be Dm7 Right here G7 By my side Cadd4 C If ever I need you C/D D oh my love G […]

You Belong To Me chords – Bryan Adams Vsion 3

Cracking, simple song but very nice to play. Capo 2 Intro [G] G I'll take the night train – I'll take an airplane Em D G Cuz you belong to me G I just wanna to say – ain't gonna let you get away Em D G Cuz you belong to me Em D G […]

As We Go Along chords – The Monkees Vsion 3

Written By Carole King & Toni Stern Performed By The Monkees for "Head" Performance Notes: Singing and playing this can be a little tricky if you're not comfortable with phrasing in 5/4, such as the intro and verses for this song. It shifts to a swinging 3/4 for the choruses, but most of the song […]

One More Kiss Dear chords – Vangelis Vsion 3

[Verse 1] A G#7 One more kiss, dear, one more sigh A B7 Only this dear, is goodbye A E For our love is such pain and such pleasure A B7 That I'll treasure till I die [Verse 2] A G#7 So for now dear, au revoir ma belle A B7 But I bow dear, […]

Viva Las Vegas chords – Elvis Presley Vsion 3

Viva Las Vegas:Elvis Presley. #12 on UK Charts and #29 on BB Hot 100 on RCA Records in 1964. INTRO: G #1. G Em Bright light city gonna set my soul, gonna set G my soul on fire. Em G Got a whole lot of money that's ready to burn, Em G so get those […]

Im Blue chords – Eiffel 65 Vsion 3

Capo 3 D C Yo, listen up here's a story Am Em D About a little guy that lives in C Am a blue world Em D C Am And all day and all night and everything he sees Em D Is just blue like him C inside and outside Em D C Blue is […]

Please Come Home For Christmas chords – Eagles Vsion 3

(play open string or Capo 2 for a higher pitch) D+ 000332 or x3345x G Bm/F# Em G7 Bells will be ringing, the glad glad news C Gdim 345353 Oh, what a Christmas, to have the blues G C G Bm/F# Em My baby’s gone, I have no friends A D To wish me greetings, […]

Tainted Love Tabs – Soft Cell Vsion 3

Intro: e|———————————————–| B|-8-8~——————————————| G|———————–8-8–5~———8-8–5~-| D|——x-5-5~-x-5-5-8-8-8-8-85~-5-5-8-8-8-8-85~-| A|——x-5-5~-x-5-5-8-8-6-6-83~-5-5-8-8-6-6-83~-| E|——x-3-3~-x-3-3-6-6—–6—3-3-6-6—–6—| Verse: e|—————————————————————–| B|—————————————————————–| G|—————————————————————–| X2 D|—————–5-5————-5-5—————————–| A|———6-6—3-5-5—–6-6—3-5-5—–6-6—3—————–| E|-3-3-6-6—–6—3-3-6-6—–6—3-3-6-6—–6—3-3-3-3-6-6-6-6-| Sometimes I feel I've got to run away. I got to get away from the pain you drive into the heart of me. The love we share seems to go nowhere. And I've lost my light. I toss and turn, […]

Till I Fall Asleep chords – Jayme Dee Vsion 3

Capo 1 C F Am If you would just slow down you would see F We were meant for something C F Am Lay your armor down and stay with me F Aren't you tired of running? G F G Can we go back before the storm came raging? F And everything we built was […]