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Adventure Time – Come Along With Me piano chords

[Verse 1] A D G D Come along with me G And the b***erflies and bees Bm G We can wander through the forest D A And do so as we please D G D Come along with me G To a cliff under a tree Bm G Where we can gaze upon the water […]

As We Go Along chords – The Monkees Vsion 3

Written By Carole King & Toni Stern Performed By The Monkees for "Head" Performance Notes: Singing and playing this can be a little tricky if you're not comfortable with phrasing in 5/4, such as the intro and verses for this song. It shifts to a swinging 3/4 for the choruses, but most of the song […]

Dance Along chords – Early Hours

Early Hours – Dance Along Standard CAPO 4 Intro F C It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright if you want to dance along Bb F It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright if you want to dance along Intro 2 F C Bb F Verse 1 F Am Well I’ve seen people dancing, I’m sure I […]

Along The Navajo Trail chords – Bob Wills

G7 C G7 C Every day along about evening G7 C G7 C When the sunlight's begining to fail F I r-ide through the slumbering shadows C F C Along the Navajo Trail G7 C G7 C When it's twilight and crickets are calling G7 C G7 C And coyotes are making a wail F […]

Walk Along chords – Trijntje Oosterhuis

Trijntje Oosterhuis – Walk Along From the single: Walk Along (2015) Comment for any corrections and please rate This is the dutch contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest in Austria in 2015 Written by Anouk and sang by Angela Groothuizen Capo 2 E B Open up my heart to you F#m Cry for your attention […]

Sing Along Song chords – Khalil Fong V2

Fmaj7 Am7 I wrote this song it's not too long Bbmaj7 Bb/C Cause I've been thinking 'bout you Fmaj7 Am7 I wrote this song maybe I'm wrong Bbmaj7 Bb/C To be caught up about you Bbmaj7 Am7 Well I don't know what you think about me Gm7 Bb/C Fmaj7 Maybe you think nothing at all […]

Get Along Home Cindy Cindy chords – Ricky Nelson V3

Get Along Home Cindy Cindy Recorded by Ricky Nelson G I wish I was a apple D Hanging in a tree G C And every time my sweetheart passed D C G She'd take a bite of me G She told me that she loved me D She called me sugar plum G C She […]

Get Along Without You Now chords – Ub40

UB40`s 'Get Along Without You Now' was the first U.K Single to be taken off their 2009 'Labour Of Love IV': G =EADGBE C =EADGBE D =EADGBE Bm =EADGBE 355433 x35553 x57775 x24432 Intro: G | C | G | D | G | C | G | G | Chorus 1: G Bm Ah-ha,(Gotta […]

If You Go Im Coming Along chords – Fossil Collective

——————————————————————————- If you go (I'm coming along)- Fossil Collective ——————————————————————————- :drewsjam Tuning: standard Absolutely gorgeous song… and also really simple. Fossil Collective is one of my favorite bands ever. I'll try to tab some more of their songs. Capo 1 (chords as if they were in open) Chords Used e|—–3———–3————3——————————————–| B|—–3———–3————3——————————————–| G|—–0———–0————0——————————————–| D|—–0———–2————2——————————————–| A|—–2———–3————0——————————————–| E|—–3————————2——————————————–| […]

String Me Along chords – Anthony Raneri

All rights to Anthony Raneri, used for education under Copyright Act of 1976. so i hope it works out for ya… tuning:standard intro riff e—————————————–| (repeat as u feel along b—————————————–| the song) g—————————————–| d————————5-5—9-9-7s5-5–| a—————————-7————| e——3-3-0-3-0-3-5-7——————–| chords used: G:–3– E: –0– A: –0– C: –0–| –3– –0– –2– –1–| –4– –1– –2– –0–| –5– […]