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Angels Serenade chords – Hearts At War

Artist: Hearts at War http://www.heartsatwar.com/ YT: http://www.youtube.com/user/DookiefiedOfficial Song: Angel's Serenade From album "Nowhere Kids" (2015) !!! HALF-STEP DOWN TUNING !!! Transpose -1 (half-step) to play In standard tuning. Verse: D Angels serenading Bm A Every nerve vibrating and I G I don't dare to move D Safe from a world of harm Bm Back in […]

View From Below Tabs – Angels & Airwaves

——————————————————————————————————— Angels and Airwaves – View from Below ——————————————————————————————————— Verse1 e|————-6——————————————————-| |—| B|———–7—7—7-5–54——-7-5-5-4—————————–| |—| G|—8-8-8-8—————–4—8———4-44-66/8——-44-66/8—–| 2x |-8-| -end of 2nd repeat D|—————–9———–9——————–6–44———6-44-| |—| A|———————————————————————| |—| E|———————————————————————| |—| Chorus e|————————————–| |——————————————| |—-| B|——-10—-10–10——12-12-12-12–| |——12——12—12—–10—–10—10–|all |-12-| -end of G|—–9—–9———-11-11-11-11-11–|3x|—11——11———–9——9———-| of |—-| 2nd D|—7—–7—–7—-9—-9–9–9–9—| |-9——-9——-9—-7——7——7—–|this|—-| repeat A|————————————–| |——————————————| 2x |—-| E|————————————–| |——————————————| |—-| Verse2 e|————-6——————————————| B|———–7—7—7-5-5-4——-7-5-5-4—————-| G|—8-8-8-8—————–4—8———4-4-6/8——–| D|—————–9———–9——————6–44—| […]

Tremors Tabs – Angels And Airwaves

——————————————————————————- Angels & Airwaves – Tremors ——————————————————————————- : Aleksander Vedom (alexv182) alexxvedom Tuning: standard Main riff (intro, verse, pre-chorus, fill) e|-8-8-10-10-8-| B|————-| G|————-| D|————-| A|————-| E|————-| Pre-chorus is the same as main riff but with strumming the following note 4 beats from the beginning of the pre-verse and then once again after 8 beats. You'll […]

Paralyzed Tabs – Angels And Airwaves

——————————————————————————- Angels & Airwaves – Paralyzed ——————————————————————————- : alexxvedom Tuning: standard Okay the song was released today and I don't know how this came to me. I just picked up my guitar and started playing. I know eventually there are going to be better tabs for this song but for now I just want to […]

Doves Tabs by The Black Angels

Doves by The Black Angels: I can't believe no one tabbed this yet! This song is awesome, especially if you crank the gain, and have a tremolo pedal around. Anyway, it's pretty easy so listen to the song and refer to the following chords: First Chord: E|–2– B|–3– G|–2– D|–0– A|–0– E|–0– Guitar In The […]

Dance With The Angels chords – Eyeshine

Eyeshine – Dance With The Angels Standard Tuning A Bm D F#m G e|-0—2—2—2—3-| B|-2—3—3—2—3-| G|-2—4—2—2—0-| D|-2—4—0—4—0-| A|-0—2—x—4—2-| E|-x—x—x—2—3-| Intro: G D A G D A She left without a word G D A It's so hard to let her go G D A Don't know if I got this one right G D A […]

Hark The Herald Angels Sing chords – Citizens

Hark the herald angels sing C D E F# G A Bb C D G Em G Em Hark the herald angels sing "Glory to the new born King G Em D A7 D Peace on earth and mercy mild God an sinners reconciled" G Em G Em Joyful all ye nations rise_ Join the […]

Haunting At 1300 Mckinley Tabs by The Black Angels V3

This is a great song: it's easy to learn and fun to play. For distortion I find a twang setting with medium drive/gain and a wah pedal to be pretty close. Use the peak wah setting for the intro, then push it to the low setting for the chorus part. Intro/Verse Riff 1 e|——————–| B|——————–| […]

Love Like Rockets chords – Angels And Airwaves V2

D G/D D G/D D G/D Due to the marvels of scientific advance, my voice is coming to you D G/D D G/D D G/D From a satellite, circling in outer space. D G/D D G/D D G/D Through this unique means, I convey to you and all of mankind America's wish for Peace on […]

Angels We Have Heard On High chords – Third Day

Intro: Guitar Figure (4 bars over E B E ) Verse1 E B E Angels we have heard on high E B E Sweetly singing o'er the plains, E B E And the mountains in reply E B E Echoing their joyous strains. E B E (x2) (w/ keyboard figure) Verse2 Shepherds, why this jubilee? […]

Ten Thousand Angels chords – Loretta Lynn

Ten Thousand Angels Recorded by Loretta Lynn Written by Ray Overholt G C G He could have called ten thousand angels D7 G They bound the hands of Jesus in the garden where He prayed C G They led Him through the streets in shame D7 G They spat upon the Savior so pure and […]

Hark The Herald Angels Sing Tabs by Mikeschair

Intro G# D# G# E|——————————————————–| B|–13–13–13–13–11–13–16–13–13–13–13–11–9–9–| G|——————————————————–| D|——————————————————–| A|——————————————————–| E|——————————————————–| Verse 1 G# Hark! the herald angels sing Glory to the newborn King Peace on earth and mercy mild A# God and sinners reconcile. D# Joyful all ye nations rise Join the triumph of the skies; A# With the angelic host proclaim D# G# 'Christ […]

Hark The Herald Angels Sing Modulated chords – Chris Tomlin

Hark the Herald Angels Sing Key – F to G Words and Music by Charles Wesley and Felix Mendelssohn Arrangement by Chris Tomlin Verse 1 F5 C/E Hark the herald angels sing Dm7 F C/E F Glory to the new – born King F5 G Peace on earth and mercy mild C/E God and sinners […]

Angels We Have Heard On High chords – Misc Christmas V4

Verse 1: C Am G F C C G C F C G7 C Angels we have heard on high, sweetly sing – ing o’er the plains, C Am G F C C G C F C G7 C and the mountains in reply Ech – o – ing their joyous strains. Chorus: C A […]

Anxiety Tabs by Angels And Airwaves V4

—————————————————————————– Anxiety – Angels & Airwaves —————————————————————————– : Lexi_The_Rocker Tuning: Standard intro bell sounds. optional. guitar one 0:07 e|————————————————————————–| B|—8———————————————————————-| G|——9——————————————————————-| D|———10—————————————————————| A|————————————————————————–| E|————————————————————————–| repeat for as long as you think right meanwhile guitar two e|————————————————————————–| B|————————————————————————–| G|—-999999999999———————————————————-| D|————————————————————————–| A|————————————————————————–| E|————————————————————————–| also continue as long as you chose guitar one transitions to: INTRO2* e|————————————————————————–| B|———————-6-6666———————————————-| […]

Hark The Herald Angels Sing chords – Misc Christmas V7

E B E A E B E Hark the herald angels sing "Glory to the new born King C#m B F# B Peace on earth and mercy mild God an sinners reconciled" E B E B Joyful all ye nations rise Join the triumph of the skies A F#m B E B E With angelic […]

Hark The Herald Angels Sing chords – Bob Dylan

————————————————————————— Hark the Herald Angels Sing ————————————————————————— : maguri Tuning: Standard Hark the Herald Angels Sing (Mendelssohn-Bartholdy/William H Cummings/Charles Wesley/George Whitfield) ————————————————————————— CHORDS (alphabetical) E-A-D-G-B-E A7/F 1-x-2-0-2-0 or x-x-3-0-2-0 Bb/D x-x-0-3-3-1 C/Bb x-1-2-0-1-0 C/E 0-3-2-0-1-0 C7/E 0-3-2-3-1-0 or x-x-2-3-1-0 D7 x-5-4-5-3-x D7/F# 2-x-0-2-1(2) Dm/G 3-x-0-2-3-1 F * 1-3-3-2-x-x F/A x-0-3-2-1-1 F/C x-3-3-2-1-1 Faug 1-3-x-2-2-1 Fsus2 […]

Crayon Angels Tabs by White Antelope

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Crayon Angels White Antelope ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ : Connor O. Tuning: Standard YT link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enNqBKBXmHc A Robin Pecknold rendition of Judee Sill's work. Pretty straight-forward. All of the verses are played pretty much exactly the same way and the intro and solo are very similar. Comment or message any ideas or corrections. Please rate my tab. […]

Error Chords – Madeline Juno

===================== MADELINE JUNO – ERROR ===================== Hope you enjoy playing my song! VERSE 1 ======= F# SO NAKED F#/F I’M WALKING F#/D# F#/C# TO FIND WHAT’S LEFT OF ME F# THE MIRRORS F#/F THROW SHADOWS F#/D# F#/C# ACROSS MY DESTINY B Bbm NOTHIN’S RIGHT D#m HERE TONIGHT F# ALL THE ANGELS LEFT ME B Bbm […]

Losing You Chords – Dream Evil

Didn't find any chords to this song so I decided to tab it myself, hope you like it! Intro: Am G Am G Am G F Am G In the dead of the night Am G As the candles die out Am G F I'm watching her going to sleep Am G She has to […]