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Refusal Tabs – Strike Anywhere Vsion 2

Lead guitar is first part attached, rhythm guitar is second part. One part means both guitars play the same thing. Lyrics on bottom of the tab for ease of mind. Intro: e|————————————–5555———————| B|-3~-035~-357-7777777777777777\33333333—-55557777777777777777-| G|—————————————————————| X2 D|—————————————————————| A|—————————————————————| E|—————————————————————| | e|—————————————————————| B|—————————————————————| G|————————————–7777———————| X2 D|——————————55555555777777779999999999999999-| A|——————————55555555555577779999999999999999-| E|——————————33333333—-55557777777777777777-| Verse: e|———————————————————————| B|———————————————————————| G|——————–7777777777777777——–7777———————| X2 D|-9~-9-999-999-999-99777777777777777755555555777777779999999999999999-| A|-9~-9-999-999-999-99555555555555555555555555555577779999999999999999-| E|-7~-7-777-777-777-77—————-33333333—-55557777777777777777-| Chorus: […]

Anywhere For You chords – John Martin

With Capo 1 D Bm We can rewrite the story Tonight we're forever young. G Yeah, tonight we're forever young. D Bm Through the pain and the heart aches There's still love for everyone. G There's still love for everyone. D Hey, would you believe me if I said We are here for a reason. […]

Anywhere Is Home When Youre With Me chords – Rhonda Vincent

G C G I spent some time in the hills of old Kentucky D7 G I've travelled south on down to Tennessee C G I thought I found true love in Carolina D7 G But I woke up next day in misery C G I'm going back to you cause you're the one I love […]