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Because I Had You piano chords by Shawn Mendes

[Verse 1] Em C G I think it’s time that I be honest Em C G Should’ve told you not to go Em C G Thought I knew just what I wanted Em C G I didn’t know myself at all [Pre-Chorus] Bm C You’re with somebody I can’t be, yeah Bm C But I […]

Because We Are Young chords – Mac Wiseman

C G7 Because we are young they say I’ll forget you C They say I’ll forget that I ever met you C7 F And maybe they’re right but just for tonight C G7 C Don’t say we’re not right because we are young F C Though our love is young we still have control D7 […]

Because Of Him chords – Rhonda Vincent

C I know I’ve been saved because of Jesus G7 I know I’ve been saved because of Him F G7 C Am I’m glad He heard my plea He reached and set me free D7 G7 C I know I’ve been saved because of Him Some people look at me and think I’m different G7 […]

Because He Lives chords – Matt Maher

Matt Maher Because He Lives no capo Intro: Am F C Am F C Verse 1 Am F C I believe in the Son Am F C I believe in the risen One Am F C I believe I overcome F Am G By the power of His blood CHORUS F G Am Amen, Amen […]

Because Of Your Love chords – Paul Baloche V3

Because Of Your Love C/E F2 G C Yeah C/E F2 G C Yeah C/E F G C C/E F G C As we come into, Your Presence we remember every blessing C/E F G C/E F That You've poured out so freely from above C/E F G C C/E F G C Lifting gratitude […]

Because Of Who You Are chords – Sandi Patty

Because Of Who You Are Sandy Patti *As with most, if not all of Sandi Patti's songs, there are multiple key changes. I've omitted them in this chord chart for a little easier guitar accompaniment. For the G7/F, this one seems to be the easiest: E:3 B:0 G:0 D:0 A:x E:1 Capo 5 C F […]

All Because Of Jesus chords – Praise And Worship

Verses: F C Giver of every breath I breathe F C Author of all eternity F C Giver of every perfect thing Am G To You be the glory F C Maker of Heaven and of Earth F C No one can comprehend Your worth F C King over all the universe Am G To […]

Just Because chords – Nikka Costa

C F I take you in G Dm and I hold my breath F G C Try to save the time that's passing by C F G Dm And if you came to say goodbye Em G# Am D/F# A thousand summers would never dry F G C Every tear that touched my face Em […]

Because It Works chords – Adam Lazzara

So the lyrics arn't right, I just guessed them, after this its just rinse and repeat of the verse/chorus. (: [ A ] [ D ] I'm sorry everything we do is unresolved [ A ] [ D ] well i'll hold in my breath, and I'm making good friends with the fall out [ […]

Because Of You chords – Martin Branch

:Martin Branch branch.martin97 Tuning:E Standard (Capo 5th) C G Em Gmaj7/F# Gsus4 G5 D/F# e|–x–| e–x–| e–x–| e–x–| e–x–| e–x–| e–x–| B|–x–| B–x–| B–x–| B–x–| B–x–| B–x–| B–x–| G|–x–| G–x–| G–x–| G–x–| G–x–| G–x–| G–2–| D|–2–| D–0–| D–2–| D–0–| D–0–| D–0–| D–0–| A|–3–| A–2–| A–2–| A–2–| A–3–| A–5–| A–0–| E|–0–| E–3–| E–0–| E–2–| E–3–| E–3–| […]

Because You Are No Other chords – Saves The Day

Saves The Day Because You Are No Other Under The Boards 2007 Vagrant Records Submitted by: jeremyunderground41 Key: Bb Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: Gm – 355333 Eb – x68886 Bb – x13331 F – 133211 Cm – x35543 Dm – xx0231 Verse 1: Gm Bb Eb Dm Cm Dm I come before you wake […]