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Boys Like You chords by anna clendening

[Intro] G D Mama said there’d be boys like you A Bm Tearin’ my heart in two G D A Doin’ what you do best G D Takin’ me for a ride A Bm Tellin’ me pretty little lies G D A But with you I can’t resist [Verse] G D A Bm Before I […]

A Thing Or Two chords – The Beach Boys

A Thing Or Two:Beach Boys. Album – Wild Honey – #7 on UK Albums and #24 on BB Hot 200 on CAPITOL Records in 1967. INTRO: B #1. B E B E When I see my baby, when I see my little girl. B E When I see my woman. BRIDGE: A F#m I'm gonna […]

Ill Follow The Boys chords – Connie Francis

I'll Follow The Boys:Connie Francis. #17 on BB Hot 100 on MGM Records in 1963. INTRO: D #1. D G Em Bm I'll follow the boys wherever they go. C G E I'll follow the boys cause in my heart I know. Am7 B Em I know that somewhere, somewhere along the way, Gbm A […]

Boys Like You chords – Who Is Fancy

Who Is Fancy – Boys Like You (featuring Meghan Trainor & Ariana Grande) Tuning: Standard (E A D G B E) Key: Bb major (Bb C D Eb F G A Bb) Alternative key: G major (G A B C D E F# G), transpose to -3 and put a capo on 3rd fret (avoids […]

I Need U chords – Bangtan Boys

I NEED U – 방탄소년단 Db – Eb – Fm – Fm Eb Fall Fall Fall 흩어지네 Db – Eb – Fm – Fm Eb Fall Fall Fall 떨어지네 Db – Eb – Fm – Fm Eb 너 땜에 나 이렇게 망가져 그만할래 이제 너 안 가져 Db – Eb – Fm – Fm Eb […]

Jesus Is Coming Soong chords – Oak Ridge Boys

Jesus Is Coming Soon Recorded by the Oak Ridge Boys Written by Robert Emmett Winsett Jaden McCarty This song is sung as a quartet, so certain lines in the Chorus are layered, specifically the bass singer's part. The lines that are layered are put in parenthesizes (like this). As always, listening to the original song […]

Where Could I Go solo Tabs by Ben Harper And The Blind Boys Of Alabama

————————————————————————————————— Artist – Ben Harper & The Blind Boys of Alabama ************************************************* Song – Where could I go ************************* – Ayreon77 ********************** ————————————————————————————————— Tuning = Standard e|–b——-|——-10—p—————————|——————————| B|-13-~~~~~-|–b-10—-13-10–brp——–h——-p—|–brp——–h—–h—p——| G|———-|-12————-12–10—-10-12—12-10-|-12–10—-10-12-10-12–10—-| D|———-|———————–12—————|——–12—————–12-| A|———-|—————————————-|——————————| E|———-|—————————————-|——————————| b e|—————————-|——-10–b–13~~~~~~~–13~~~~~-|-10-10–b-| B|—————–brp——–|–b-10—-13———————|——-13-| G|—-10—-10—-12–10—-s-|-12——————————|———-| D|-12—-12—-12——–12-\-|———————————|———-| A|—————————-|———————————|———-| E|—————————-|———————————|———-| e|——-10—p————-|————————————————-| B|–b-10—-13-10–brp——|—h—–h———–h—–h———–h———| G|-12————-12–10—-|-10-12-10-12-10—-10-12-10-12-10—-10-12-10—-| D|———————–12-|—————-12—————-12———-12-| A|————————–|————————————————-| E|————————–|————————————————-| e|——-10—p—————-|————————–|—————-| B|–b-10—-13-10–brp———|—————h———-|—————-| G|-12————-12–10—-10-|—–s—10–10-12-10—s-|-s————s-| D|———————–12—-|-8-10\12————–12\-|-\10-10-10-10-\-| A|—————————–|————————–|—————-| E|—————————–|————————–|—————-|

Shameless chords – Pet Shop Boys

Song: Shameless Pet Shop Boys Single: Go West Year: 1993 Tabber: beranger80@hotmail.com Intro (0:00) A A A C F A Intro (0:15) A E F#m A D Bm E D C#m F#m Bm E C#m F#m Bm E Verse (0:46) A G I know what you think F G It's clear as mud in your […]

Boys Lie chords – Cheryl Cole

Capo 2 Intro: Bm G Em F# Bm G Em F# Verse 1: Bm G Em He's with his boys, you took his word F# But something else, is what you heard Bm G What you gon, what you gon do now Em Now that it's finally F# Bm All coming it out, yeah G […]

Stjernesludd chords – Dumdum Boys V3

C F C November har vært her lagt igjen sludd Dm C G Se Solen går ned i svart hvitt C F C Gatene her er bare brente broer Dm C G I kveld blinker byen som et mareritt vers 2 C F C Året så langt har vært bare myke pakker Dm C G […]

Hater chords – Hollow Boys

Intro Eb7 Ab7 Ab7 Eb7 All along I held my breath Ab7 Eb7 As the dream passed over my head Ab7 Eb7 You can race it through my mind Ab7 Eb7 knowing that you should not have F cause I hate you Ab and I hate you F I hate you Ab and I hate […]

Sonic Reducer Tabs by Dead Boys V5

Song:Sonic Reducer Young, Loud, And Snotty Artist:The Dead Boys Genre:Punk Rock Year:1977 Tuning:Standard (E,A,D,G,B,E) Intro Pt.1 x1 E————| B————| G—8-6~~~~–| D—8-6~~~~–| A—6-4~~~~–| E————| Intro Pt.2 x2 E——————————-| B——————————-| G( Palm Muted )–| D——————————-| A-4×8—————————| E——4×8–5×7–0h2-222222-0—| Intro Pt.3 x2 E————————————–| B————————————–| G-6-66-666—————————–| D-6-66-666-6-66-666-7-77-777-4-44-444–| A-4-44-444-6-66-666-7-77-777-4-44-444–| E———-4-44-444-5-55-555-2-22-222–| Verse 1 x3 E——————————-| B——————————-| G( Palm Muted )–| D——————————-| A-4×8—————————| […]

Boys Like You chords – Megan And Liz V3

CAPO 2nd FRET D =xxx232 A =x02220 Bm =010202 G =320033 VERSE: D Bm Black and white, all I see G A It's a silent movie, and I'm stuck inside the scene D Bm then I saw you and the color came through G And I don't know what I'm doing, A But I'm doing […]

Is This Who You Are Tabs by Shy Boys

https://www.facebook.com/shyboys http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/18917-shy-boys-shy-boys/ ——————————————————————————- Is This Who You Are – Shy Boys ——————————————————————————- : James Tuning: Standard There are only really two parts to this song, the intro/outro chords and the chorus riff. e|—————————————————————————–| b|—————————————————————————–| g|—————————————————————————–| d|—5–555-555-555-55—–8–888-888-888-88———————————–| a|—5–555-555-555-55—–8–888-888-888-88———————————–| e|—3–333-333-333-33—–6–666-666-666-66———————————–| e|—————————————————————————–| b|—————————————————————————–| g|—————————————————————————–| d|—————————————————————————–| a|–0—02—4—2—0—22—————————————————-| e|—————————-4—2—4—————————————-| ************************************ | / slide up | \ slide down | h […]

Good Old Boys Tabs by Supersuckers

Title: Good Old Boys Artist: Supersuckers Words: Waylon Jennings Music: Waylon Jennings Tabber: Lucky Duju Tempo = 180 Steel Guitar Legend L – tied note x – dead note h – hammer on/pull off b – bend s – slide ~ – vibrato g – ghost note > – accentuated note t – trill M […]

A Few Ole Country Boys chords – Randy Travis

Randy Travis and George Jones CAPO: FRET 1 VERSE 1: A D Not too many years ago, when dreams weren't coming true A E // I'd reach for inspi – ration, sometimes it would be you A D I'd hear you on the radio, I sure did like your sound A E A Say it's […]

Thunder Acoustic chords – Boys Like Girls V7

Thunder (Acoustic) Boys Like Girls Chords – Big_D Email – Davidson_Dalton93 Ok. So many tabs of this song, and NONE are correct. The song is Definitely a full step down. Tuning – D -||- A -||- F -||- C -||- G -||- D -||- E E/D# A/E B/E C#/E G#/E B A F#m/E D -0- […]

Bordertown chords – The Hackensaw Boys

Bordertown – The Hackensaw Boys "Love What You Do" Chords with intro and outro tabbed for guitar. [Intro] e|———————————-0——————————| B|———————————-1——————————| G|—0——————–0———0—–0————————| D|——-0—0—————-0—0-2———0—0—————-| A|———2—2-0————–2—3———–2—2-0————| E|—————–3—————-X——————-3———-| e|————————————————————3—-| B|————————————————————0—-| G|————————————————————0—-| D|——-0——-0——-0————–0——-0——-0—–0—-| A|—0-2—2-0-2—2-0-2—2-0——0-2—2-0-2—2-0-2—2-0-2—-| E|—————————–3——————————3—-| (Play that "G" right into the first verse…) G I was up when I put her down C G I was thinking 'bout a Bordertown […]

Harvard Square Breakdown chords – The Hackensaw Boys

Harvard Square Breakdown – The Hackensaw Boys "Get Some" It's a pretty simple, classic bluegrass sound and tempo repeated throughout the entire song: G Em , G Em , G D , G Each line has 8 beats, so it should be played like this: G G G G G G G G Em Em […]

Santas Beard chords – The Beach Boys

————————————————————————— The Beach Boys – Santa's Beard ————————————————————————— : gutturalguitar Tuning: standard Santa's Beard (1964) (Brian Wilson/Mike Love) From: "The Beach Boys' Christmas Album" ————————————————————————— G# I wanna meet Santa Claus, the real real Santa (meet Santa) (the real santa) G#aug I wanna meet Santa Claus, the real real Santa (meet Santa) (the real santa) […]