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I Love My Truck chords – Glen Campbell Vsion 2

I Love My Truck Glen Campbell A side single 1981 Intro D Verse 1 D Well, it'll just get you down G If you let life get to you D Cause everybody's saying something A None of it's true D Well, I just don't care G When them times get hard D Cause I got […]

Galveston chords – Glen Campbell Vsion 5

Galveston Glen Campbell written by Jimmy Webb Intro C F C F Bb C Riff to F chord played twice then Bb C to F below E——————–1—| B——————–1—| G———————2–| D———————-3-| A–3–5–3————-3-| E———–5–3–1–1—| Verse 1 F Bb C F Fmaj7 F7 Bb Am Gm7 Galveston, oh Galveston, I still hear your sea winds blowin' From Bb […]

By The Time I Get To Phoneix chords – Glen Campbell

By The Time I get to Phoenix Glen Travis Campbell Intro: F Gm F Bb Verse 1 Gm F Gm By the time I get to Phoenix, she'll be rising. She'll find the note I left F Bb C hanging on her door. She'll laugh, when she reads the part, that says I'm Am Gm […]

If You Could See You Thru My Eyes chords – Glen Campbell

If You Could See You Thru My Eyes Glen Campbell Intro F Am F Bb F Gm F Am F Bb Dm Verse 1 C F Am Bb F Gm Every time you feel my hand I get cold chills F Am Bb F C Every Time you grace my bed I am so fulfilled […]

When I Stop Dreaming chords – Glen Campbell

When I Stop Dreaming Glen Campbell live Performance Hee Haw Intro A A7 D A E E7 A Chorus 1 A A7 D When I…… stop dreaming A E E7 A That's when I'll stop loving you Verse 1 D A E The worst that I've ever been hurt in my life E7 D A […]

Strong chords – Glen Campbell

Strong Glen Campbell Intro C# B C# B C# Verse 1 C# G#m C# G#m C# As I look into these eyes I've known for all these years G#m C# G#m F# I see for the first time in my life fear E A B C# This is not the road I wanted for us […]

Wood Carver chords – Glen Campbell

Wood Carver Glen Campbell Lacy J. Dalton Intro C# F# C# F# Verse 1 (Lacy singing) C# F# Wood carver carve me a house of my dreams C# G# G#7 Carve me a valley make me a stream C# That runs thru the mountains F# and under the trees C# G# C# G# wood carver […]

Wedding Bells chords – Glen Campbell

Wedding Bells Glen Campbel Verse 1 Bm G D G I have the invitation that you sent me Am D G You wanted me to see you change your name C G I couldn't stand to see you wed another Bm D Am D G (walk up to C ) But dear I hope you're […]

Bonnie George Campbell chords – Traditional

C Hie upone Highlands, F C and lay upon tay. C Bonnie George Campbell G rode out on a day. C He saddled, and bridled, F C so gallant rode he. C And hame cam his guid horse, G C but never cam he. C Out cam his mother dear, F C greeting fu sair. […]

Streets Of London chords – Glen Campbell

The Streets of London Glen Campbell Album Live Anthology Intro D# Bb Cm Gm G# D# Bb Bb7 D# Verse 1 D# Bb Have you seen the old man Cm Gm G# In the closed down market D# Fm7 Bb Picking up papers with his worn out shoes D# Bb In his eyes you see […]

Someone To Give My Love To chords – Glen Campbell

Someone to give my love to Glen Campbell Intro E D Verse 1 E D A Well, I could search from now to the end of the time E Never find another you D A Well I'm so glad because that I know you're mine E Someone to give my love to Verse 2 D […]

The Wayward Son chords – Glen Campbell

The Wayward Son Glen Campbell Album Show Me Your Way Intro F# B F# B Verse 1 F# C# He was born far away from home D#m B In a troubled place, in a distant land. C# Bbm He was guided by a reason as he searched for the truth G#m Bbm B Questioning life […]

Same Old Places chords – Glen Campbell

Same Old Places Glen Campbell written by Glen Campbell Intro D Verse 1 Bm D I always see her Bm D in the same ole places Bm Em F# Bm and it breaks my heart into F# Bm To see her smiling E G To see her laughing Em D with someone new Verse 2 […]

The Miracle Of Love chords – Glen Campbell

The Miracle oF Love Glen Campbell Intro C# Bbm F# G# G#7 Verse 1 C# He made a man Bbm He put me here on Earth F# He made a woman G# G#7 Yes He put you here for me C# And then He gave us love C#7 F A very special love F# A […]

Nothin But The Whole Wide World chords – Glen Campbell

Nothin' But The Whole Wide World Glen Campbell Album Ghost On The Canvas Intro D Chorus 1 D Nothin' but the whole wide world to gain Nothin' nothin' G Nothin' but the whole wide world to gain D Nothin' nothin' A D Got nothin' but the whole wide whole wide world to gain Verse 1 […]

The Last Letter chords – Glen Campbell

The Last Letter Glen Campbell Intro D F#m Bm A Verse 1 D F#m D D7 Em A Why do you treat me as if I were only a friend Em A Em A7 D What have I done that's made you so distant and cold A D F#m G Sometimes I wonder if you'll […]

Mystery Train chords – Glen Campbell

Mystery Train Glen Campbell Glen Campbell GoodTime Hour INTRO E Verse 1 A E Train ar..rive..sixteen coaches long. A G E Train ar..rive..sixteen coaches long. B7 A E Oh Well, that long black train, Done took my baby and gone. Riff A E B7 A E Verse 2 A E Well Train, train..comin' 'round, the […]

What I Wouldnt Give chords – Glen Campbell

What I Wouldn't Give Glen Campbell Intro G# C G# C Verse 1 G# C What I wouldn't give to make you stronger G# C What I wouldn't give to see you smile again G# C What I wouldn't give to erase that fear in your eyes G# C F Dm What I wouldn't give […]

Ill Paint You A Song chords – Glen Campbell

I'll Paint You A Song Glen Campbell written by Mac Davis Album 1970 Complete Intro D C G A D Verse 1 Em A I look inside your eyes D Dmaj7 And find a little girl Em G Gm Whose dreams have turned to sand D Somewhere along her way Verse 2 Em A But […]

Where Shadows Never Fall chords – Glen Campbell

Where Shadows Never Fall Glen Campbell Intro Cm D# G# Gm D# Cm Fm Bb D# Verse 1 Bb Cm Once I stood alone in darkness Bb G# D# Fm Bb D# In the valley of the shadow Bb Cm In a world so cold and heartless Bb G# Gm Fm G G7 Cm Filled […]