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I Can Hear My Savior Calling – Where He Lead Me chords – Hillsongs

Verse 1 C F G7 I can hear my Savior calling C I can hear my Savior calling C7 F I can hear my Savior calling C G7 C Take thy cross and follow follow Me Chorus F G7 Where He leads me I will follow C Where He leads me I will follow C7 […]

The Best You Can Is Good Enough chords – Martin Almgren

Martin Almgren – The Best You Can Is Good Enough By: Banken Capo: 4th fret Intro: Em D A Verse 1: Em D A Fought my way over the mountains just to have my say Em D A Will tell my daughter tell my son that fight was not in vein C Em It's everyone's […]

You Can Always Come Home intro Tabs – Alan Jackson

Play x2 Its simple, not so much details. E|———————————————————0—2—4—0—5—4—0—————| B|———————————5—————————————————5—4—2—| G|—————————4/6———–6—4—2—4——————————————-| D|————-2—4/6—6————-6———————————————————–| A|——-2/4—————————————————————————————| E|—0———————————————————————————————|

Back Whoas Of Lavish Glass chords – I Can Make A Mess Like Nobodys Business

Note:I don't know if they lyrics are correct I typed them out since there is non online. (especially around the second verse) Chords Used:C/G{3 3 2 0 1 0}, Bm#5{x 2 0 0 3 3}, Am, G, Em, Dadd4add9 {x 5 4 0 3 0} Intro- C/G Bm#5 Am C/G G Em Am G C/G […]

Everyone Can Fly chords – Gigolo Aunts

This is my first attempt at getting the tabs from a song. Please comment and improve it! Enjoy ūüôā Capo 2 Em D Turn off your mind Am C And go back with me to a better time Em D Do you see the same moon I do Am C When I'm thinking of you […]

Dairybeat – How Can You Mend A Broken Heart – Bee Gees – Cover chords

DAIRYBEAT: HOW CAN YOU MEND A BROKEN HEART (B. & R. Gibb) 4/4 ‚Äď 70 Trafalgar & Single (1971) |./. |: Repeat the previous Chord and/or Measure of 4-Counts. INTRO: | E | Emaj7 |: 2x VERSE 1: | E I can think of younger days, | Emaj7 when living for my life, | F#m […]

I Can Have You chords – The Wild Feathers

Artist- The Wild Feathers Song- I can have you Intro Chords: A, F#m A F#m Anytime I want I call you on the telephone A F#m Anywhere you go, honey, I know you're alone A F#m I'll let you know when I've got time for you A F#m In the middle of the night when […]

How Can It Be chords – Lauren Daigle V3

Intro: Cadd9 Em D (2x) Verse 1 Cadd9 D I am guilty Cadd9 D Ashamed of what I've done; what I've become Cadd9 D These hands are dirty Cadd9 D Cadd9 Em D I dare not lift them up to the Holy one Chorus G Am You plead my cause – You right my wrongs […]

You Can Rely On Me chords – Jason Mraz V2

No Capo Tuning Standard C* = C on fret 3 D C G Sometimes I rock sometimes I roll D C G Sometimes it‚Äôs not me in control D C Em Sometimes I gotta jump Am C Before I know what‚Äôs below C * G Sometimes I gotta drop everything and go D C G […]

What Can I Do chords – Tye Tribbett

[Chorus:] C#m A Tell me what can I do E Cause I can't live without B I can't live without you [Repeat 3x] [Verse 1:] C#m So here's my heart. A Here's my mind E I give you my soul B Need you to take control C#m Cause I've tried it A Tried it on […]

I Think God Can Explain chords – Splender V3

CAPO2 Intro : Cadd9 – D – Em Verse1 Cadd9 D Em There's a lot of things I understand Cadd9 D And there's a lot of things that Em – D/F# – G [quick transition] I don't want to know Cadd9 D Em But you're the only face I recognize Cadd9 D It's so damn […]

I Can Buy You chords – A Camp V4

mauricekeller@web.de G : 320022 G/F# : 200022 Em : 022000 C : 032010 Am : 002210 D : 000232 D4 : 000233 Bb : 113331 Bm : 224432 F : 133211 Capo on 4th fret Intro: G G/F# Em C G G/F# Em C (2x) G G/F# Em C G G/F# Em C A life […]

I Can See Clearly Now chords – Johnny Nash V4

I Can See Clearly Now – Johnny Nash (and many others). INTRO: C F G7 C C Dm F Dm Dm7 C G7 G C Dm F Dm Dm7 G7 F G I can see clearly now the rain is gone;I can see all obstacles in my way. C Dm7 Dm F Dm Dm7 C […]

No One Can Save You chords – Elle King

TUNING: EAGDBE (STANDARD) CAPO 1 INTRO Dm , F , C , G VERSE Dm F C G Don't try to say sorry Dm F C G Don't try to say anything Dm F C G I gave you my everything Dm F C G And you threw it all away, away CHORUS Am E […]

We Can Only Live Today Puppy Tabs by Netsky

We Can Only Live Today Netsky I play this on a Ibanez RG. I use a little distortion, a ittle chorus and a little reverb. Note that this a "freestyle tab". Feel free to add notes or repeat a note twice. As long as it sounds good to you. This tab is just the basic […]

Nothing Can Change This Love chords – Sam Cooke V2

A C#7 If I go a million miles away D B7 I'd write a letter, each and every day A F#7 'Cause honey, nothing, F#7 B7 E7 A D Nothing can ever change this love I have for you A C#7 Make me weep and you can make me cry D B7 See me comin' […]

We Can Remember New Years Eve chords – Eric Hutchinson

(We Can Remember) New Year‚Äôs Eve by: Eric Hutchinson Chords by Mike Miller Intro (and in between verses) Bb Gm Bb Gm Verse 1 Bb Gm funny how time slips away Cm Gm11 F11 one more year gone by Bb Gm and our stories will convey Cm Gm11 F11 how our tears ran dry Bb […]

The Rest You Can Live Without Tabs by Oceanship

Okay this is just the main riff really. I'm not great at learning by ear or tabbing but this is all I've made out of it but hey this could get you somewhere so enjoy. Standard Tuning Capo 4th Fret Numbers are relative to capo positioning e——————————————————————-| B-5—-5–5–3———–3—3–3————3—3–3—————| G————–5-4-2————–5-4-2—————5-4-2–4——| D—————————————5———————-5–7-| A-0———————-5——————-5———————-| E——————————————————————-| e——————————————————————–| 8B-5—-5–5–3———–3—3–3————3—3–3—————| G————–5-4-2————–5-4-2—————5-4-2–4——-| […]

What More Can I Say chords – Nina Simone

Intro: Bb Eb G Cm Bb Ab I would do anything, anything you say Bb Gm Cm If you would just be mine Fm Bb Eb What more, what more can I say? G Cm Eb Cm Eb I would give anything, anything I own Bb Gm Cm If you'd be my love Fm Bb […]

What Can I Do Acoustic Tabs by The Black Belles

The black belles – what can i do? (black cab sessions) : DVVVDM Tuning: standard Most of the song is just E chord moved around the board. Please give me some feedback on what you think about the tab. Intro: el-0——-l———l———l Bl-1——-l———l———l Gl-3——-l———l———l Dl-X——-l———l———l Al-2-2-2-2-l-2-2-2-2-l-2-2-2-2-l El-0-0-0-0-l-0-0-0-0-l-0-0-0-0-l Verse: el-7—7—l-7-7-7-0-l-7—7—l-7-7-7-0-l Bl-7—7—l-7-7-7-0-l-7—7—l-7-7-7-0-l Gl-8—8—l-8-8-8-8-l-8—8—l-8-8-8-8-l Dl-9—9—l-9-9-9-9-l-9—9—l-9-9-9-9-l Al-9—9—l-9-9-9-9-l-9—9—l-9-9-9-9-l El-7—7—l-7-7-7-0-l-7—7—l-7-7-7-0-l el-5—5—l-5-5-5-0-l-4—3—l—5-7—l Bl-5—5—l-5-5-5-0-l-4—3—l—5-7—l […]