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I Cant Concentrate Chords by Wade Jones

CAPO: 1st FRET INTRO: NONE CHORUS: A F#m Darling, I can’t concentrate D E With you on my mind A F#m No, I can’t concentrate D E And think of you all the time VERSE: A F#m And I remember the new love D E So go wild my soul A F#m But if you […]

You Cant Run Away From Your Heart chords – Patty Loveless

Patty Loveless – You Can't Run Away From Your Heart INTRO: D When you said you love me A G F I believed it was true D It was true And now you say you're leaving A G F Now you got me needing you D You go and say we're through PRE-CHORUS: G Bb […]

Cant See Through It Tabs – Disco Inferno

Disco Inferno Can't See Through It Technicolour : Saviano P. Intro/Verse: C e|-0-0-0–||—0——-0-0-0–| B|-1-1/3–||—1——-1-1/3–| G|-0-0-0–||—0-(x12)-0-0-0–| D|-2-2/4–||—2——-2-2/4–| A|-3-0-0–||—3——-0-0-0–| E|——–||——————| then: e|-0-0-0—-0——| B|-1-1/3—-1——| G|-0-0-0—-0——| D|-2-2/4—-2——| A|-3-0-0—-3——| E|—————–| e|—————————-| B|-0-1-3-1–0–1–0–1–0—–| G|-0-0-0-0–0–0–0–0–0—0-| In this part you can also just play the notes on the B string and the D|-2-2-2-2–2–2–2–2–2—–| two notes at the end with a 2nd guitar strumming […]

Cant Stop Myself From Loving You chords – Patty Loveless

G D7 C G E7 Raindrops fall from the sky teardrops fall from my eyes Am D7 G D7 Can't stop myself from loving you G D7 C G E7 Your heartaches found a home I walk these streets alone Am D7 G C G Can't stop myself from loving you D7 G I know […]

A Wound Time Cant Erase chords – Stonewall Jackson

G D7 Have you found since you turned me down G The one that you were searching for D7 Are you glad that you made me sad G For you know I vowed to love you ever more D7 What did you have in mind when you broke this heart of mine C G Are […]

I Cant Think Of Anyone Else chords – The Roulettes

The Roulettes 1965 From the Stakes and Chips album I Can't Think Of Anyone Else Intro: C/ slow strum F G C I-I-I-I went round thinkin' I have found my-eye truuuue lovvvve F G C Dm But it seems she's been goin' round with a newwwwww lovvvve Dm Gm Bb Dm Gm Bb Please ask […]

I Cant Dance Without You chords by Alan Doyle

-Standard Tuning- -No Capo- The chords are played as follows: G: 320033 D: x00232 C: x32033 Verse 1: G D C G There’s a war in every heart There’s a battle for every scar G D C D G There’s a wish for every star I know it’s true G D C D I can’t […]

I Cant Help Falling In Love chords – Leatherface

Chords are A E F#maj D A E Wise man say only fools rush in D E F#maj D A E A But I can't help falling in love with you A E F#maj D A E Shall I stay would it be a sin D E F#maj D A E A If I can't […]

Cant Tell Me Nothing chords – Kanye West V2

———————————————- Kayne West – Can't Tell Me Nothing ———————————————- : Jesper Wrang Email: JesperWrang96 ever made, pretty simple song to play. Works well for a solo performance with a acoustic guitar. Would love some feedback! <3 Enjoy 😀 Capo 3rd Fret – Standard E tuning Chords: Am x02210 C x32010 Dm xx0231 C/B x20010 Fmaj7 […]

Dairybeat – I Cant See Nobody – Bee Gees – Cover chords

DAIRYBEAT: I CAN'T SEE NOBODY (B. & R. Gibb) 4/4 – 104 (Album – Bee Gee's First – 1967) |./. |: Repeat the previous Chord and/or Measure of 4-Counts. INTRO: | Em | D | Em | D | VERSE 1: Em | D | A | E | I walk the lonely streets, I […]

Cant Cheat Karma chords – Zounds

Zounds – Can't Cheat Karma (classic first single by the anarcho punk band!) (Spoken) One, two, three, go I've got an ego It won't let me go And what am I gonna do? (Strum)E & drums enter A,B,C,D Paranoia's killing me I'm dying on my aching feet What a way to go Roll up, roll […]

Slim Chance And The Cant Hardly Playboys chords – Jerry Jeff Walker

INTRO: G D A7 D D G D Slim Chance and the Can't Hardly Playboys are pickin' at your local saloon G D A7 They got a new song out on Polish Records, it'll be a Polish hit real soon D G D They picked every honky-tonk and bar from here to Timbuktu G D […]

You Cant Take It With You chords – Collin Raye

You can't take it with you by Collin Raye ( A ) ( D ) ( A ) There's a look on your face that says you're leavin' ( D ) ( E ) ( A ) ( Asus2 ) You've already got one foot out the door ( A ) ( D ) ( […]

Cant Be Too Responsible chords – Avi Buffalo

cant be too responsible avi buffalo at best…cuckold Em Em/C Am D G C Bm Am Am Bm/A Em Am Bm/A Em Am Bm/A Em C G D Em Gmaj7 Bm7 Am7 A7 D C Bm Em

I Cant Stop Loving You Live chords – Elvis Presley

Key: A D7 G D I can't stop loving you so I've made up my mind A7 D To live in memory of old lonesome times D7 G D I can't stop wanting you It's useless to say A7 D G D So I'll just live my life in dreams of yesterday A7 D D7 […]

I Cant See Until I See Your Eyes chords – John Frusciante

one of my favorites from smile from the streets you hold the lyrics are only approximations F A# come as you are F A# have some wine F A# G# A# G# and some coffee F A# come as you are F A# have a gun C# D# answer me my baby F A# come […]

I Cant Go To Shinchon chords – Postmen

I can’t go to Shinchon – Postmen Capo 5 [Verse 1] Cadd9 – C Cmaj7 – C Sinchoneul motga hanbeoneul motga hoksi neowa majuchilkka bwa Em7 Em7 Neol bomyeon nunmuri teojilkka bwa F Em7 – Am7 Chingudeul hanjan hajago tto kkosimyeo bulleodaedo BbMaj7 Gsus4 – G Nan anga ani jugeodo motga [Verse 2] Cadd9 – […]

Rudie Cant Fail chords – The Clash

Rudie Can't Fail A A A A D A A A A A G A A A A A F#m F#m A D A D A Sing Micheal sing, up on the route of the 19 bus We're only saying………. How you get so rude and reckless Don't you be so crude and feckless You've […]

The Man Who Cant Be Moved chords – The Script V8

CAPO 3 There are some other good tabs of this song, but there are a couple of issues with some of the previous ones: -This gets more exact to the progressions by being less vague on some of the chords. -Play the G with the strings pressed down on the 3rd fret on both the […]

Uptown chords – Cant Hang

All barred chords. I wrote this song. Played with a quick ska feel. -Joseph Mysko AKA Joey Pith- www.joeypith.com Thedysko Bm . Csus2 . If I'm pushin' you uptown, maybe I'm down bound G . D . C . Drinkin' a lot, sometimes it's all I've got Bm . Csus2 . G If I think […]