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Troubled Child Tabs – Peer Günt

Tip: Use capo on the third fret Main Riff/Verse: e:—————————————————————————| B:—————————————————————————| G:—————————————————————————| D:—–8–5—–8——————-8–5—–8——————————-| A:—–5–5—–5——————-5–5—–5——————————-| E:–3——–3—–3–3–6–8—-3——–3—–3–3–6–8——————-| Bridge1: … and I say! e:—————————————————————————| B:—————————————————————————| G:—————————————————————————| D:———————————-8–5—–8——————-8–5—–8–| A:–10–10–9–8~——————-5–5—–5——————-5–5—–5–| E:—————-8–8–7–6~—-3——–3—–3–3–6–8—-3——–3—–| e:—————————————————————————| B:—————————————————————————| G:—————————————————————————| D:———————————————–8–5—–8——————| A:—————10–10–9–8~——————-5–5—–5——————| E:3–3–6–8——————-8–8–7–6~—-3——–3—–3–3–6–8——| Bridge2: …gonna ride downtown e:—————————————————————————| B:—————————————————————————| G:—————————————————————————| D:—————————————————————————| A:—-12——10——12——10———————–12——10——12—-| E:—-10——8——-10——8————————10——8——-10—-| Chorus: …don't you mess with the troubled child e:—————————————————————————| B:—————————————————————————| G:—————————————————————————| D:———————————————–8–5—–8——————| A:———————————————–5–5—–5——————| […]

Left Behind chords – Wild Child

No Capo G#m G#m G#m E We're never who we think we are Cause we were born to change our minds G#m E Surprised that we don't give a damn About the friends we left behind G#m E Left behind Oh, born to change your mind F#m E So we pick back up and skip […]

End Of The World chords – Aphrodites Child

—————————————————————————– Artist – Aphrodites Child *************************** Song – End Of The World ************************* Album – End Of The World (1968) ********************************* – Ayreon77 ********************** —————————————————————————– Tuning = Standard I would say do most of the chords barred except E —————————- VERSE 1 ******** C#m F#m You should come with me to the end of the […]

What Child Is This chords – Melanie

Melanie – What Child Is This INTRO: Am C G Em Am E Am Asus2 Am C G Em What child is this who, laid to rest Am F E E7 On Mary's lap is sleeping? Am C G Em Whom angels greet with anthems sweet Am E Am While shepherds watch are keeping? C […]

Nobodys Child chords – Electric Light Orchestra

D#dim Gdim –X– –x— or –x– or –6– (I prefer the first Gdim) –7– –11– –x– –8– –8– –12– –3– –7– –7– –11– –4– –5– –6– –10– –5– –x– –X– –X— –3– –x– Intro: Bbm D#dim Bbm F#m C# Bass Line: G–3–1—————–1– Repeat and then G–3–1———————–| D——–4–3–1–3–4—– D——–4–3–4–1–2–4–6–| A————————– A—————————–| E————————– E—————————–| Bbm D#dim (Repeat) […]

Gospel Medley chords – Destinys Child

Thank you, Lord, Hallelujah You’ve been so good to me Thank you, Lord, Hallelujah Bdim I’m grateful for my blessings I’m grateful for my A# struggles Trials and tribulations I’ve been through Bdim I’ve realized no one can love like You do Thank you, Dm Lord, Hallelujah I feel F Your presence near Thank you, […]

Tiger Child chords – The Young Romans

F You are a tiger C Walked in your line of sight F I started running Bb But you just take your time Gm Bb Wait ’till I tire out C F Wait ’till I tire out F You are a fire Am Tearing across the plain F You’re on my heels now Bb Don’t […]

Silhouette chords – Active Child

One of my new favorites. A slow, hauntingly beautiful duet by Active Child featuring Ellie Goulding. Standard Tuning Capo 2 There are only 4 chords and they repeat over and over for the entire song. Remember, capo is on 2nd fret so the following chords are with respect to the second fret being zero (0). […]

Who Am I chords – The Glass Child

Capo on 2 Verse Bm / A / G / A x 4 There was a man in my dream saying ”listen; You are a child of a wandering kind and you need to follow the stars for your reasons, don’t ask why” And now I swallow my tears as he whisper Holding on learning […]

What Child Is This chords – Misc Christmas V5

Am C G Em What Child is this who, laid to rest Am F E On Mary's lap is sleeping? Am C G Em Whom Angels greet with anthems sweet, Am E Am While shepherds watch are keeping? C G Em This, this is Christ the King, Am F E Whom shepherds guard and Angels […]

Wild Child chords – Juliet Simms

First tab. So i watched a recent video where she played it like this, enjoy! intro: F DDDU G DDDU Am DDDU DDDU F DDDU G DDDU Am (once) F G I'm coming in hot Am And those eyes keep looking at me, yeah F G Am Ooh and why not? Keep looking, looking F […]

The Simple Truth A Child Is Born chords – Chris De Burgh

Chris de Burgh – The Simple Truth (A Child Is Born) From his Flying Colours (1988) Comment for any corrections and please rate The song The Simple Truth is a beautifull song Chris wrote in 1987. 4 years later in 1991 he was the centre stage of the global event "The Simple Truth Campaign" at […]

Blood On The Concrete chords – The Glass Child

Am Four children in a playground F laughing loud and living free C A mother watching wondering G what they will grow up to be Am / F / C / G Patrick wants to be a doctor like the man in white who saved his mother from that thing in her breast and then […]

Born In The Night Marys Child chords – Misc Christmas

BORN IN THE NIGHT (MARY'S CHILD) ——————————– Composed by Geoffrey Ainger. D Dmaj7 Born in the night, Bm G Mary's Child, D G A7 a long way from your home; D Dmaj7 coming in need, Bm G Mary's Child, Em A7 D born in a borrowed room. Clear shining light, Mary's Child, your face lights […]

Dont You Worry Child Tabs by Swedish House Mafia V5

6)—3-3-3———————————————————————-| 5)———————–0-0-0————————————————–| 4)————————————–2—-3-3-3——-2—-3-3-3————-| 3)————-2——————-0——–2-2-2—0——–2-2-2—-0———| 2)—0-0-0——-0—-1-1-1————————————————–1–| 1)——————————————————————————| 6)—3-3-3————————————————————————–| 5)———————–0-0-0——————————————————| 4)——————————————–3-3-3—————–3-3-3———–| 3)————-2——————————————————————–| 2)—0-0-0——-0—-1-1-1————————————————–3—1–| 1)———————————-3—-0—5-5-5——-3—0—-5-5-5————-|

For Unto Us A Child Is Born chords – George Frideric Handel

D G D G For unto us a Chid is born D G D G For unto us a Chid is born G A Unto us a Son is given Bm A Unto us a Son is given A And His name shall be called D Wonderful, Counselor D The Mighty God, G A The […]

What Child Is This chords – Mercyme V2

What Child Is This MercyMe (Tune Down 1/2 step) Intro: [Em2] [ C2 ] [ Am ] [Em2] [ D/F# ] [ Em ] [ D2 ] [ D2/B ] [ C2 ] [ Am ] Verse1: What [ Em ]child [ D/F# ]is [ G ]this, who, [ D2 ]laid to [ D2/B ]rest […]

What Child Is This Tabs by William C Dix

p= pull off (6/8) Verse: _____________________________________________________________________________ e:——————–|-2p0—————|—————-|—————-| B:——–1—3—5—|——-3—0——-|—0–1———|——-0——–| G:–2—————–|—————0—|-2——-2—–2|-1-2——-1—-| D:——————–|——————-|—————3|——-2—–2–| A:——–0—2—3—|——————-|——0———|—————-| E:——————–|——-3——-3—|—————-|————-0–| _____________________________________________________________________________ What Child is this, Who, laid to rest, On Ma-ry's lap is sleep-ing? _____________________________________________________________________________ e:——————|2p0—————-|—————-|————0—0–| B:-0—-1–3—–5–|—–3—-0——–|—-0—1–0—-|————1—1–| G:——————|—————-0–|–2———-2–|–1——1–2—2–| D:——————|——————-|—————-|——4—–2—2–| A:——0–2—–3–|——————-|——–0——-|————0—0–| E:——————|—–3———-3–|—————-|–0—————-| _____________________________________________________________________________ Whom an-gels greet with an-thems sweet,While shep-herds watch are keep-ing? Chorus: __________________________________________________________________________ e:-3—–3–2p0———–|———————|————————| B:-1—–1——–3—–0-|——–0—1——–|———–0————| G:-0—–0—————-|-0—-2———-2—|-2—-1-2——1——–| D:-2—–2—————-|———————|-3———2———-2-| A:-3—–3—————-|————0——–|————————| E:—————-3——-|-3——————-|——————–0—| __________________________________________________________________________ This, this […]

Love Child chords – Diana Ross And The Supremes

Love Child – Diana Ross & the Supremes 1968 #1. Bm You think that I don't feel love, C But what I feel for you is real love. Am In other's eyes I see reflected, F E7 a hurt, scorned… rejected. CHORUS: Am G Love child… never meant to be. F E Love child… born […]

Jesus Oh What A Wonderful Child chords – Mariah Carey

Jesus, Oh What A Wonderful Child Merry Christmas Mariah Carey Intro F/C C/Bb F/A Gm Gbdim Fm C F chorus F Bb7 F Jesus, Jesus, oh what a wonderful child F D/E Gdim/A Dm G7 C7 Jesus, Jesus, so lowly meek and mild F New life, new hope, new joy He brings Bb7 Bdim Won't […]