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Whatcha Gonna Do About It solo Tabs by Small Faces

The Chord progression for this whole song is just E, A, D, A. But This is the tab for the little riffs whilst Steve sings. I've put the tab for each little lick above the lyric (or tried to line it up). Long Live Steve Marriott the greatest blue eyed soul singer of all time, […]

Cant Keep It Inside Tabs by Benedict c**berbatch

—————————————————————————– Can't Keep It Inside – Benedict c**berbatch, August: Osage County Soundtrack —————————————————————————– : A.C. Morris acmorris1991 Capo on 3rd fret Tuning: Tune the low E string up one half step to F and then don't worry about barring the F chords – makes it a bit easier. (So, F A D G B e) […]

Love To Get Used Tabs by Matt Pond Pa

Song: Love To Get Used Artist: Matt Pond The Lives Inside the Lines in Your Hand : Patrick Gamache This song is a little funny, and I still am having some trouble getting one guitar to sound like the studio version because of how many guitar layers there are, plus the synthesizer. With that warning, […]

Wet Road Chords – Scout Niblett

——————————————————————————- Wet Road by Scout Niblett ——————————————————————————- : Scott H. From "Sweet Heart Fever" (2001). Easy song, same chord progression throughout. Tuning: EADGBE Intro: C Am Em C Am Em I walk behind you C Am Em So I can see you C Am Em Move the way you do, do C Am Em Move […]

Hello Chords – Karmin V2

Hello by Karmin email: smexxy@rocketmail.com This sounds just about right. If it isn't, let me know. Thank you. Capo on 5 Chords used (relative to capo): Am – G – Em – D Am I'ma do it, do it G Like I wanna do it Em D You gon' know me like, you ain't never […]

Cop Car Chords – Keith Urban V2

3rd tab! Easy song, chord progression is F , C , G – When you play the second C you hammer on the 2nd and 3rd Fret with your middle and ring finger. Verse 1 F C We drove right past C G That no trespassing sign F C We sat on the tailgate C […]

Old Man From The Mountain Chords – Merle Haggard

GCGDGCGDG Chorus G C The old man from the mountains comin' home home home G D Thought I better warn ye, so I called you on the phone G C Get rid of Joe the grinder, better be there alone G D G cause the old man from the mountains comin' home Same chord progression […]

Out Last Night Chords – Kenny Chesney V5

—————————————————————————– Out Last Night – Kenny Chesney —————————————————————————– Tabbed by: Country Bass E-mail: aaron.white8@Education.nsw.gov.au Tuning: Standard Capo 1st – Kenny's version Capo 3rd – Songwriters version But play around and put the capo where you feel sounds right Verse Chord Progression e|–3–3–3–3–3–3–3-3-3-3-3–| B|–3–3–3–3–3–3–3-3-3-3-3–| G|——————————-| D|————————2-2—-| A|–2–2–2–2–2–2–2-2-3-3-2–| E|–3–3–3–3–3–3–3-3—–3–| G Cadd9 x4 G Cadd9 We went out […]

Fingertips Tabs by Keren Ann

Before starting, I've got to say that I don't know the lyrics, there are not available on the web (I haven't found them anyway) so I tried to guess and because I'm french, it would explain why sometimes it has absolutely no sense… So please, if you know the lyrics, or a part of them, […]

Kvelertak intro Tabs by Kvelertak

(/) Slide Up (v) Vibrato Chord progression, modify as needed for the rest of the song E|———————————————-| B|———————————————-| G|—————-7–7——————-7–7—| D|–9—-9–9–9–7–7–5–5—-5–5–5–7–7—| A|–9—-9–9–9–5–5–5–5—-5–5–5–5–5—| E|–7—-7–7–7——–3–3—-3–3–3———| ————————————————| ————————————————| ——————–7–7—————-7—-9–| —7–7—-7–7–7–7–7–5–5—-5–5–7—-9–| repeat from start —7–7—-7–7–7–5–5–5–5—-5–5–5—-7–| —5–5—-5–5–5——–3–3—-3–3———-| Solo over chords E|———————————————| B|———————————————| G|———————————————| D|———–7–7–7/9v———–7–9–9/11v–| A|——7/9—————–7/9—————-| E|–10——————10———————| ———————————————–| ———————————————–| ———————————————–| ———-7—–9/12–9–7–9——————| -7–7/9—–9——————9–7–9–10–9v-| ———————————————–|

En Haluu Kuolla Tana Yona Chords – Jenni Vartiainen

En Haluu Kuolla Tänä Yönä – Jenni Vartiainen (from Seili album) Tabbed by: AlThOr E-mail: blind_guardian@live.fr Key: B major B = x24442 D#m = x68876 G#m = 466444 E = x79997 (the open string chord '022100' is OK but a little bit too low in this chord progression) Strumming pattern proposed for one bar: D […]

It Goes Like This Chords – Thomas Rhett V4

Thomas Rhett – It Goes Like This Im just correcting some of the chords I've seen. The Am F C G is good but is not accurate. The actual chords are Bm G D A. This can be seen on his music video for the song. Intro: Am F x4 ~Verse 1~ Bm G Bm […]

Victims Of Love Chords – Joe Lamont V4

VERSE 1: C G Our hearts have been to battle Am Em Our souls have been to war F C Dm G We've lost the will to carry on, we don't believe no more C G Wasn't it we who said Am Em That this could never happen to us F C Dm G7 How […]

Those Crazy Christians Chords – Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley – Those Crazy Christians I couldn't find the chords for this song anywhere so I worked it out myself. This is my first tab, so any suggestions/corrections are welcome. Standard Tuning/No Capo Chord Progression: D G D Bm A G A G D Bm A D G D Those crazy Christians, I was […]

Ashley Kate Riddell – Answers Tabs

The Chord Progression for the entire song is Em, Cadd7, Gadd7, and Am, so you can just hold those down while picking. *=strum once Intro: Em C G Am 0—-0—0—0–0—-0—0—0–0—-0—0—0–0—-0—0—0–| 2—-2—2—2–2—-2—2—2–2—-2—2—2–2—-2—2—2–| –2—-2—2—2–2—-2—2—2–2—-2—2—2–2—-2—2—2| —————————————————————-| —————————————————————-| —————————————————————-| **Play this through out the whole song until the chords come in** Verse 1: The answers you seek so far […]

My Dove My Lamb Chords – Phosphorescent

On the record he plays it in G (C/G = G, F = C, G = D), but every time I've seen him play this live, he's adapted it with the electric and the capo. (ex. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5s7Fkiip_jY). It's the same chord progression with each verse, sometimes he vamps the F to C/G a little longer […]

Pass Me By Chords – R5 V3

G D Em Remember that trip we took in Mexico C Yeah G D Em C Hanging with the boys and all your senoritas G D Em C I never spoke up yeah never said hello G D Em But I keep on trying to find a way to meet ya C Yeah G D […]

A Love Like War Tabs by All Time Low V3

—————————————————————————– "A Love like War" All Time Low Feat. Vic Fuentes —————————————————————————– Tabbed by: Schmidtington E-mail: Tuning:Db, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb Intro and Verse: |—————————————————————————| |—————————-2——————————2—————| |—6666—7—————2——-4444—6—————-2—————-| |—XXXX—X—-2\\——4———XXXX—X—–4\\\—–4——————| |—4444—5—-2\\—————-2222—4—–4\\\————————| |—————2\\—————————–4\\\————————| Chorus (chord progression) Db C Bb Eb F Ab |——-5———4———2———————————————–| |——-5———4———2———————————————–| |——-7———6———4———————————————–| |——-7———6———4——–2——-4———-7——————-| |——-5———4———2——–2——-4———-7——————-| |————————————2——-4———-7——————-| Post Chorus ("We go together") |—-5555–5—————–4444–4—————————————-| |—-5555–5—————–4444–4—————————————-| |—-7777–7—————–6666–6—————————————-| |—-7777–7—2-xxx–xxx—-6666–6—4xxx–xxx—————————-| […]

Head On Chords – Man Man V2

Single for the new album, On Oni Pond, out September 10th, 2013. Chord progression is very basic and stays consistent throughout the song. You can play the bass notes and drop them down easily also, sort of like this: G F#/G Em D (riff) e|—————————————————–| B|—————————————————–| G|———————————2——————-| D|——–0————2—–0-2-4———————| A|——–2——2—–2——————————-| E|——–3——2—–0——————————-| or do whatever you like […]

Harder Times Chords – Snoop Lion

D A Bm G Look how hard mama work just trying to get by D A Bm G And enough ghetto youth so they still want no get no bly D A Bm G Just keep on the hustle ‘cause we have to stay pon the grind D A Bm Don’t give up on yo […]