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Surf Chords – Kaau Crater Boys

Spoken Intro : This one goes out to all the surfers, especially those in Hawaii! Yee-hah! Especially Daddy Mooch, Bob, and Dennis too, haha! Intro : C Am F G7 (x2) ( A 1, 2, 3, 4!) Surf, Surf Verse 1 : C Am F G7 Surf is the only way I say, to make […]

Hunnies Tabs by The Holdup

Song: Hunnies Artist: The Holdup Album: Stay Gold Tabbed by zaprox913 Chord progression, played throughout: e|–2–2–7–9————–| B|–4–4–9–11————-| G|–4–4–9–11————-| D|————————–| A|————————–| E|————————–| *Reggae upstrokes Palm-muted along with the bass line throughout: e|—————————–| B|—————————–| G|—————————–| D|————–9————–| A|—————–7-7-7-9—–| E|-7-7-7—-7————–7—| Palm-muted along with the bass line: (2:08) e|——————————| B|——————————| G|——————————| D|————–6-9—-8-11-9—| A|—–6-7-9–7——9———-| E|–7—————————|

Hurry On Sundown Chords – Hawkwind

Hurry On Sundown ================ D D C G D Well hurry on sundown D C G D See what tomorrow brings D C G D Hurry on sundown D C G D See what tomorrow brings D C G D Well it may bring war D C G D ………Any old thing D C G […]

Pj Chords – Jesse Woods

PJ – Jesse Woods Capo 6th fret Intro: Am Verse: Am Well I'm runnin', C Running like my head's on fire F And I don't intend to stop even when my Em E Legs grow tired Am And yes I'm stumbling C I'm stumbling on my peace of mind F There's regret in my soul […]

These Old Wheels Chords – Mandolin Orange

THESE OLD WHEELS Capo IV G : 320000 C : 032010 or 332010 F# ?: 200230 Em : 022000 Intro: Play G chord, but hammer on the 3 from an open E. Listen to recording. He also hammers and pull offs a 1 on the B string G Walk-up C Silence is golden some may […]

Glass In The Trees Chords – Dead Poetic

Glass In The Trees by Dead Poetic (I wish they'd come back) tabbed by Joner356 I couldn't find any chord versions for this song despite it being perhaps the most popular of their songs. I'm not good at tabbing, but these chords sounded okay to me. I'm open for changes if it makes it sound […]

Sleep Spent Tabs by Death Cab For Cutie

This is my first tab —————————————————————————– Chord Progression: C G Em G (Played throughout the entire song) intro: Just the chords C G Em G verse: C G Em G I can't expel the truth C G Em G It's much more than i thought i could do C G Em G C And with […]

Zai Shui Yi Fang Chords – Teresa Teng

Hi. My name is Jeff Hao. I arrange songs for easy piano solo and chords and put them on Hao Staff (a kind of piano tab that anyone can read and play). They are all free for people to download (check out haostaff.com). In my work, I need to figure out the chords first (accurately). […]

A State Of Trance 500 Cd1 intro Chords – Armin Van Buuren

A State Of Trance 500 Mixed By Armin Van Buuren (CD1) Gaia – Tuvan ( Intro Mix ) FULL HD If the links don't work, then try to find an alternative on youtube. Starts off with gradual addition of degrees of Cm Cm Fm Eb Bdim Ab Fm G Bdim Cm Ab Bb Eb Ab […]

Small Talk Four Tet Remix Chords – Ultraista

Ultraísta Small Talk (Four Tet Remix) Chords Dm Stop with the small talk Gm7 Won't you Bb F Don't wanna feed the nightmare Repeat this chord progression throughout the entire song. I don't guarantee that these are 100% correct, but they seem to work when played along with the song.

Free Me Chords – Joss Stone V2

Free Me – by Joss Stone From the 'Colour Me Free' Album Verse 1: A D Ain’t I got you on the back foot A D And you know I got you really good A D Cause there’s something deep inside of me A D I’ve got to be A D And if you find […]

Acapella Chords – Karmin V2

Acapella – Karmin chords by stiffan email: smexxy@rocketmail.com The chord progression is the same all throughout the song. This sounds right when I play it. Rating and comments appreciated. Thanks. Chords: Am – C – G – Dsus2 Dsus2 – x00230 Am C Used to be your baby, used to be your lady G Dsus2 […]

Best Song Ever Chords – One Direction V2

This is done by ear but sounds perfect! I hope you guys enjoy! THIS SONG IS THE BEST BTW Capo: 4 Intro: D A E D A E D A E Maybe it's the way she walked, straight into my heart and stole it D A E D A E Through the doors and past […]

Cher Lloyd Ne-yo – Its All Good Tabs

It's All Good By: Cher Lloyd & Ne-Yo This is pretty much how it goes the entire song. Play around with the chords to make it even more interesting. Enjoy! Questions/Comments: averyk.jim@gmail.com Tuning: Half Step Lower, 4/4 Time (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb) (Chord Progression) Gm Eb Bb F Eb—————————|—————————| Bb—————————|—————————| Gb—4–4–4–1–1–1–1–1–|–8–8–8–3–3–3–3–3—| Repeat until […]

Student Visas Chords – Corb Lund Band

Capo first fret. Em They took away our dogtags, they had us grow our hair They gave us student visas when we were over there Am They staged us out of Hondo al este del Salvador Em I guess you'd call us Contras but no one calls much no more D Em There ain't no […]

Good Time Charlies Got The Blues Tabs by Danny Okeefe V2

Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues Danny O'Keefe (metonymo tab) This is the "fretkillr" version, you can find it on youtube. The instrumental part is also tabbed and has the same chord progression as the verse. Picking should be accurate, strumming patterns may differ. p= pull off h= hammer down x= muted v= vibrato / […]

Good Intentions Chords – Dappy V3

First tab please be nice 🙂 just a easy way to play this wonderful song! Capo 5 INTRO Am F C G x2 VERSE I Am F C G I've seen a lot of things in life that words can't explain Am F C G See we ain't any different but we just ain't the […]

Living In The Afterlife Chords – Eric Hutchinson

Living in the Afterlife-Eric Hutchinson What a great song by Eric Hutchinson! It makes me really sad that not many people know about him when he totally deserves more recognition. Anyways, this is my very first tab so please don't be too critical. I'm pretty sure that most, if not all chords are at least […]

She Got Dressed Tabs by Fleet Foxes

——————————————————————————- SHE GOT DRESSED – Fleet Foxes ——————————————————————————- Tabbed by: Evan Harris E-mail: thomasthenook@gmail.com Hello, I created an account on this site because the internet lacked this tab, it should be reasonably accurate. Have fun! Tuning: Standard Capo: 3rd Fret. The whole song, all parts folks. Intro Guitar 1 e|—————————————————————————| B|-4—–6-3—–3-4—–6-3—–3-6—–6-5—–5-6—–6-5—————–| G|—0——-0——-0——-0——-0——-0——-0——-0—————| D|—–3——-3——-3——-3——-5——-5——-5——-5————-| A|—————————————————————————| E|—————————————————————————| […]

Fred Astaire Acoustic Chords – Lucky Boys Confusion

Standard Tuning First time putting together an acoustic version of a song. It sounds spot on to me, sorry if it's not the best in the world. Hope you enjoy it! G Em7 You can call it anything you want the fact remains the same G D Em7 I never got to be your Fred […]