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In The Silence chords – Asgeir

In The silence Ásgeir Vincent Castonguay D D Come, take my hand D Let's undo the knots of the past Em Bm From the night where phantoms toss and turn, G D Bm A go further, deeper as the day is closing D D Soft and fragile D There is grace in the dead of […]

Brit Summer chords – Nina Nesbitt

Capo 2 A It’s like the first sign of sun, G D Since the universe began, A We’re all throwing off our clothes, G D Just to get the perfect tan. A Trying to raise our chances of, G D A wild summer romance, G D Bare feet on the sand, A With you. A […]

In The Night Acoustic chords – Mike Mains And The Branches

—————————————————————– In The Night – Mike Mains & The Branches —————————————————————– : StarrGuitarist Email: Starrguitarist Tuning: Standard ebgdaE Intro: C Am C Am Verse C Am C Am Say you, Say me, Goodbye to thee C Am My spirit left its cage tonight C Am C Am So I’m looking for a place in heavens […]

Weekend Song chords – Billy Joel

Weekend Song Billy Joel |——–|———| |–9-9-9-|–9h11-9-| |89——|89——-| x3 |——–|———| |——–|———| |——–|———| |——–|———|———| |–9-9-9-|–9——|———| |89——|89-79-57-|5——–| |——–|———|———| |——–|———|———| |——–|———|———| (C major chord played rhythmically beneath lead guitar for intro) F It's back-breakin', bone-shakin', belly-achin', hard-workin' C Two more hours to go Bb Yes, it's keepin' me alive, doin' nine to five G C And I ain't got […]

Take A Bow chords – Thor

Band/Artist: Thor Title: Take A Bow Chords by: VALERA, CHARLIE EDSEL AYUNON D A Bm ohh How about G D a round of applause A Bm Yeah G D A Standing ovation Bm G Ooh wooh yeah D A C Yeah yeah yeah yeah Verse: D A Bm G You look so dumb right now […]

Girls In Their Summer Clothes chords – Bruce Springsteen V3

Intro: C F [2x] Verse 1: C F C G Well the street lights shine, down on Blessing Avenue C F G Lovers they walk by, holding hands two by two C F C G A breeze crosses the porch, bicycle spokes spin around, C F G Jacket's on, I'm out the door; tonight I'm […]

Say Youll Stay Chords – R5 V2

C G D Em D C G D Em D It's summertime, and you are all that's on my mind everyday. C G D Em D C G It seems like we could stay up late, talk through the night. D Em Oh what do you say? Chorus: C Say you'll stay (hey-ey) G Heyy […]

Assassins Creed Black Flag – Randy Dandy O Tabs

a**assin's Creed Black Flag – Randy Dandy O/Pirate song (from trailer) Riff A: |—————————————–| |—6—6-6—5—6—5——-6———–| |————————-7—–7———| |———————————–7—–| |—————————————–| |—————————————–| Riff B: |————————-| |—3—–5—–3—1—–| |———————2—| |————————-| |————————-| |————————-| Riff C: |———-1—–3-1—1—————————–| |—2-3h———————3—2—0—0—0——-| |—————————————————-| |—————————————————-| |————————————————3—| |—————————————————-| Riff D: |————————————-| |————————————-| |—–0—2—–3-2—2—0———–| |—3———————–3—0-0—| |————————————-| |————————————-| Riff E: |————————————————-| |—6—6-5—5————-3—–5—–3—1—–| |—————7—7————————-2—| |———————7—————————| |————————————————-| |————————————————-| Verse Riff A: Now […]

Want You Bad Chords – Offspring V3

The Offfspring Want You Bad Conspiracy Of One 2000 Submitted by: jeremyunderground41@yahoo.com Key: E Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: E – 022100 B – x24442 C#m – x46654 A – x02220 G#m – 466444 Intro: E — B — A — C#m – B – x4, E — Verse 1: E C#m If you could […]

Corpus Christi Bay Chords – Robert Earl Keen Jr V2

Here is a great Robert Earl Keen Jr. song off his A Bigger Piece of Sky Album Corpus Christi Bay by Robert Earl Keen Jr. Capo on 3rd fret G C G I worked the rigs from three Ttil midnight G C On the Corpus Christi Bay C G IUd get off and drink Ttil […]

Clown Chords – 77 Bombay Street

CLOWN Intro: Dm Dm A# It's not that I like you I don't even know you F A I'm just there to make you smile to keep you happy for a while Dm A# I stand on a trap door that's what you pay for F A and my shoes are twice your size rainbow […]

Uncle Remus Chords – Frank Zappa V4

Uncle Remus (Zappa/Duke) With gratitude to the transcribers of the other versions,this is how play it. G7 Dm Dm/C G7/B Gm7/Bb Whoa, are we moving too slow? Gm Bb Gm Bb Gm Have you seen us, Uncle Remus? F F/A C F/C We look pretty sharp in these clothes(yes,we do) F Dm G7 Unless we […]

Its My Party Chords – Jessie J

Tab by: BOŽO 😀 Intro: C#m D A | A (2 times) Strumming pattern Dx Dx Dx this last 2 times do with palm muting. Dx is like let it to ring a bit and then mute it. Verse 1 : C#m D A C#m A D You're stuck in the playground, and I'm a […]

The Beast In Me Chords – Johnny Cash V2

The Beast In Me Written by Nick Lowe Published by Plangent Visions Music Inc. ASCAP C C The beast in me F G C Is caged by frail and fragile bars F G Restless by day C Bb D7 And by night rants and rages at the stars F G C God help the beast […]

Colours Chords – Skinny Lister

Intro: G G E D G Verse 1: G Lost among the brambles, those long cross-country rambles E D G Your hands stained red, from blackberry picking G Brave or was it foolish, you took off all your clothes E D G Your lips turned blue, from North Sea swimming Chorus: C E Colours, colours […]

Moving On Chords – Howard Moss

Howard Moss – Moving On (2013) F , Am , Dm , Bb ( F ) Time has come and ( Am ) I'm moving on ( Dm7 ) Far away from the ( Bb ) town I belong ( F ) I've packed by bags ( Am ) and I'm out the door ( […]

Easy Chords – Sheryl Crow V2

Sheryl Crow Easy Feels Like Home Transcribed by: Steven P. Intro A D E A D E A D E A D E Verse 1 A D E A We said the summer we'd go down to Can – cun D E F#m But no money makes that kind of hard to do D A […]

Anxietys Door Tabs by Merchandise

I've tabbed this in half step down because this little solo/lead/melody/whatever is easier to play in that tuning and it goes like this INTRO. Guitar 1: Eb|———————————–| Bb|————–6——————–| Gb|—0—5–7——–7—5-7-5-4-0—| x4 Db|———————————–| Ab|———————————–| Eb|———————————–| Guitar 2 is actually just playing chords F# F# A E VERSE (lyrics can be misheard, sorry 'bout that) F# Some things […]

All I Wanna Do Is You Chords – Bon Jovi

All I Wanna Do Is You-Bon Jovi Intro: Eb – F – Bb – Dm – C – F – C – Dm – C F C Working hard eight days a week Gm Bb Most days we got no time to speak F C I feel like I'm chasing after my own life Eb […]

Feel That Again Chords – Jason Aldean

No Capo Intro: C , F (x2) C F river in july, two kids on summer break C F another record high, clothes scattered on the bank Am7 F the rush of jumpin' in, I wanna feel that again C F sun goin' down, build a fire in the dirt C F Am7 you're dancin' […]