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Start Over Acoustic chords by New Hope Club

[Intro] F# C# B B C# F# C# B B C# [Verse 1: Blake] F# C# Don’t you hang up on me B B C# F# C# B B C# I know you probably think I’m mad, oh no F# C# B B C# F# C# B B C# But I haven’t been to sleep, […]

De Camino A La Vereda Tabs – Buena Vista Social Club

Props to user: gobels for having proper chords down I just added a capo, the main riff on guitar and the trumpet licks to make it complete ——————————————————————————- DE CAMINO A LA VEREDA – BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB ——————————————————————————- : ignaciomendez ignacio.mendeznunez Tuning: Standard Capo 3rd Fret Main Riff (C) (F) (G) (C) e|—————————————–1—-0—-3———————–| B|——–1———–1—————0-3—————-1——————-| […]

De Camino A La Vereda chords – Buena Vista Social Club V2

CHORUS: D# G# A#7 D# !Óigame compay! No deje camino por coger la vereda D# G# A#7 D# !Óigame compay! No deje camino por coger la vereda I: D# G# Usted por enamorado A#7 D# Tan viejo y con poco brillo D# G# Usted por enamorado A#7 D# Tan viejo y con poco brillo D# […]

Club Montepulciano chords by Hooverphonic

Intro: F#m,B,F#m,B Main Riff: e]———————————— b]———————————— g]———————————— d]———-2-1—–1—————– a]—-2-2-4—–2-2—2————— e]———————————— Lyrics with chords: F#m B Fiona said something nice to me F#m B green velvet jacket sets you free F#m B Lenny Beige is performing spinning wheel F#m B Club Montepulciano is what you need D E blue Hawaii, piccadilly whore F#m B a cocktail […]

Hate The Taste Tabs – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Song: Hate The Taste Artist: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Specter at the Feast Guitarist: Peter Hayes Tuning: Standard : Pini-Glock Another song by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club which wasn't tabbed yet. It's only the guitar of Peter. Tab taken from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWZ5piWRQ14 If you have suggestions or questions you can always leave a comment […]

Drug Flowers chords – Gin Club

D Em I once took a pill it was yellow like the colour of a frangipani G Bm A And it smiled upon me, It made me happy D Em I once swallowed acid it was purple like the colour of a jacaranda G Bm A She could understand me I could understand her D […]

The Mill Hill Self Hate Club chords – Edward Ball

EDWARD BALL / THE MILL HILL SELF HATE CLUB (from 'Catholic Guilt', 1997) The verses all follow the same simple pattern: F – G – Am – Am And so does the refrain: C – D7 – F – F The rest can be easily improvised. Check out the song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIUI_NontJI F G Am […]

Wonder chords – Adventure Club

The chords sound best when played like this: Eb F Gm Cm Dm e|-6—8—3—3—5-| b|-8—10–3—4—6-| g|-8—10–3—5—7-| d|-8—10–5—5—7-| A|-6—8—5—3—5-| E|-x—x—3—x—x-| Intro: Eb F Gm Cm Dm Eb F Have you ever wondered Gm what it could be like Cm Dm and I was all set to come back home Eb F Gm Cm Dm You were […]

Wrong Club intro Tabs – The Ting Tings

Song:Wrong Club Artist:The Ting Tings QotsaFreak7 Main Riff (played throughout the whole song) e——————————————————-| B——————————————————-| G——————————————————-| D——————–6———————————-| A———–4–4/6-8—8-6—6–6–6h8-6-4————–| E—4-6-(6)——————————–6————|

Nobela Tabs – Join The Club V5

Standard Tuning Intro: Eb G E|————————–|| B|————————–|| G|-3-/-8-8—8-10-8-7——-|| D|——————–8-8—|| A|————————–|| E|————————–|| Eb G Ab E|————————————|| B|——————11-8————–|| G|-3-/-8-8—8-10-8————8-/-4–|| D|———————–10-10——–|| A|————————————|| E|————————————|| Verse 1: E|———————————|| B|———————————|| G|7-h-8–10—-7-h-8—10———-|| D|———————————|| A|———————————|| E|———————————|| Eb Ngumiti kahit na napipilitan Ab Eb Kahit pa sinasadya Ab Eb Mo akong masaktan paminsan-minsan Ab Bb Bawat sandali na lang Ab Eb Tulad mo ba […]

Feel Tabs by Bombay Bicycle Club

(/) Slide Up (\) Slide Down (h) Hammer On (p) Pull Off (b) Bend (r) Release (v) Vibrato Bombay Bicycle Club – Feel From So Long, See You Tomorrow Main riff: E|————————————————-|| B|–11–12–14–12——12p11—————9——|| G|——————13——–13-11–10h11———|| D|———————————————11–|| A|————————————————-|| E|————————————————-|| Chorus 1: E|———————————-|| B|———————————-|| G|–11–11–13–13–11–11–13–13–||x 5 D|———————————-|| A|———————————-|| E|———————————-|| E|———————————-|| B|———————————-|| G|–11–11–10–10——————|| D|——————13–13–11–11–|| A|———————————-|| E|———————————-|| Verse 2 (1:54): […]

Carry Me Tabs by Bombay Bicycle Club

Main Riff E||——————————————–|| B||——————————————–|| G||——————————————–|| D||——————————————–|| A||0-2-2-0-2-2-0-5-4–2–0-2-2-0-2-2-0———|| E||————————————4-2–0–|| Verse E||——————–|| B||——————–|| All except the last time through where it plays a 2 on the A string G||——————–|| rather than on that last 2 on the D string D||4—-2———2—-|| A||———-0———|| NB:- this also gets played in the build up to the final chorus, doesn't E||——————–|| seem […]

3-4 Tango chords – Polar Bear Club

Song: 3-4 Tango Artist: Polar Bear Club Clash Battle Guilt Pride Standard chords throughout. I like to palm-mute the verses and I substitute the high E on the C chord from the chorus for a G: C E|-0->-3-| B|-1—1-| G|-0—0-| D|-2—2-| A|-3—3-| E|-x—x-| Intro: Em – G – Am – C E5 Arthur climbs the […]

Keep Smiling Tabs by Bombay Bicycle Club

Song originally wrote by Jack Steadman. I might be wrong on some parts so don't be afraid to leave a comment. I also need the lyrics because I can't exactly transcribe them. So if you also have those please comment.I hope some of this helps. It's all here just make sure were all of the […]

If I Could Tabs by Bombay Bicycle Club V4

Song originally wrote by Jack Steadman. Lead singer of Bombay Bicycle Club when he was younger. I noticed that I tabbed it wrong so this is my second try. I hope this helps you guys. Tuning:Standard / = Hammer On Intro/verse e—————————————| B——0——————————–| G—————0——–2——–0—–| D—-0–0-0—0–0-0—0–0-0—0—0-0-| A-0/2——0/2—-2-0/2——0/2—–2–| E—–3–3—–0——–3–3—–0——| Pre-Chorus e————-| B————-| G——0——| D—-0–0-0—| A-0/2—-2-2–| E—–0—–0-| Chorus […]

Your Mother chords – Keston Cobblers Club

Sam de Brunner Tuning: Standard Capo: 3 Chords relative to capo C From the pause you’re stalling C F C holding on to pass the time G C it’s more than you can find Am and the laws will hold C F C though you will find your way around G C until you hit […]

Cigarettes In The Theatre chords – Two Door Cinema Club V4

Intro: Am , C , G , Am , C , G Am C It starts in the theatre G A night of encounters Am C If I hadn't been there G If not for a cigarette.. Em C And you could see it change G Look past the blinding light D Look past the […]

Rainbow Danger Club – Human Cannonball chords

Human Cannonball: Verse: What are you building down there in the dark? F A# F Every night alone under candle light and spark, concealed F A# F C in the ting tang of metals and the melting of steel. F A# Dm If something should go wrong we will have to carry you away, F […]

Too Short Players Club album Tabs by Eazy-e

========================================================================= h-hammer on p-pull off r- let the note ring out ========================================================================= This just repeats most of the whole song. e|—–7———————————————————————–| B|—–7———————————————————————–| G|—————-8h9p8—6r—————————————————| D|—————————————————————————–| A|—————————————————————————–| E|—————————————————————————–|

Too Short Players Club Tabs by Eazy-e

========================================================================= h- hammer on p- pull off r- let the note ring ========================================================================= Lead part: e|——-2————————————————————————-| B|——-3——-2h3p–0r———————————————————-| G|——4————————————————————————–| D|——4————————————————————————–| A|——2————————————————————————–| E|——2————————————————————————–| Rhythm part: Bm A G