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Forever Summer Chords – Anuhea

Verse 1 D C G Good morning love, how was your sleep? D C G I missed you even though you were right next to me. D C G Let's pull the blankets tighter as the rain falls down. D C G I'm safe and sound wherever just as long as you're around. F G […]

Petty Lies Chords – Bryarly Bishop

My friend and I recently discovered this song and love it!! You can buy it on Bandcamp.com where she also posted the chords. This girl is amazing ­čÖé All credit goes to her. Standard Tuning Capo 6 G My ankles keep clicking D My ideas keep sticking G C I wish that I had less […]

Colours Chords – Grouplove V3

Capo on 2 Pretty simple Basically these 2 chords repeated. Em G#m —– Em I am a man, man, man, man G#m Up, up in the air Em G#m And I run around, round, round, round this down town and act like I don't care. Em G#m So when you see me flying by the […]

A Thousand Years Chords – Christina Perri V11

A Thousand Years Christina Perri Capo 3 G Heart beats fast D G Colors and promises D Em How to be brave D G How can I love when I'm afraid To fall D G But watching you stand alone Em All of my doubt D C Suddenly goes away somehow Em D One step […]

Try Hard Acoustic Chords – 5 Seconds Of Summer V3

I've seen other versions but they have some incorrect parts. This is probably 99% correct. Standard tuning Intro: B F# G#m E B She's dropping out of school 'cause she don't need the grade, F# The colors in her hair don't seem to fade, G#m I get dressed up when I go out E but […]

Indescribable Chords – Chris Tomlin V11

Capo 3 Bm A D From the highest of heights to the depths of the sea Em7 D C Creation's revealing Your majesty Bm A D From the colors of fall to the fragrance of spring Em7 D C Every creature unique in the song that it sings G A All exclaiming D A Indescribable, […]

Let Me In Chords – Mike Francis

Acoustic, I tried my best I couldn't find any resources for this song… corrections are welcome. Capo on 5th Intro – C Am7 Dm7 G C Let me in Am7 with the flowers Dm7 don't bring me down G I'm on the ground C Let me in Am7 you got the power Dm7 to kill […]

Clean Of You Chords – Envy On The Coast

Intro Em x3 Verse Em I love it just love it Oh.. what a pretty picture now lets… Jump off the corners and Swap out the colors Keep 'em comin' keep 'em comin' Keep 'em shorter my brethren Shimmy out another one Thought about your lover I'm tryin' to beat the process it's nonsense Am […]

Dead Born Grown Chords – The Staves

The same pattern is used pretty much throughout with just using 2 strings at a time. These shapes are below, but if you'd like to play full chords, you can use them as listed: A : 00xxxx F#m AND D/F# : 20xxxx G (add2): 30xxxx Bm : 22xxxx E : 02xxxx C# : 44xxxx D […]

Plastic Jesus Chords – Flaming Lips V2

INTRO G C G VERSE 1 G I don't care if it rains or freezes C Long as I got my plastic Jesus G D Sitting on the dashboard of my car VERSE 2 G Comes in colors pink and pleasant, C Glows in the dark, she's iridescent, G D Carry it with you when […]

Welcome To The Dollhouse Theme Chords – Misc Soundtrack

Intro— Cm Eb F#dim G x2 [ Cm ]Love's a [ Eb ]confusing thing In [ Cm ]my suburban [ Bb ]home I [ Ab ]feel so [ G ]alone [ Cm ]I walk through [ Eb ]sterile rooms There's [ Cm ]voices in my [ Bb ]head [ Ab ]Coming from the [ G […]

Little Black Dress Chords – Sara Bareilles

Little Black Dress Sara Bareilles The Blessed Unrest (2013) standard tuning G : 355433 Bm7 : x24232 F : 133211 C : x32010 Cm : x31010 Em : 022000 D : xx0232 they might not be the exact variation of the chord but they work (intro) G Bm7 (verse) G Bm7 Okay I can see […]

Different Pulses Chords – Asaf Avidan V2

Capo 5 F Am My life is like a wound, I scratch so I can bleed F Am Regurgitate my words, I write so I can feed F Am And Death grows like a tree, that's planted in my chest F Am Its roots are at my feet, I walk so it won't rest Bb […]

Oh Boy Chords – Boy

Oh Boy – BOY CAPO – 4 Chords: G – 320033 Cadd9 – 032033 Bm – 000432 Am – 002210 Verse 2 G She's so easy to fall for Cadd9 But boy, she's so hard to hold Bm Am She looks at you like a warning G You know you're gonna be hungry when you […]

City Lights Chords – December Avenue

This is from the fanpage of December Avenue https://www.facebook.com/decemberave G – GM7 – C G GM7 Standing, caught up in the aisle G GM7 By overflowing lights they fake the moment C Reminiscing former love I'm laughing And I'm reaching for someone to cover me G GM7 I'm wandering empty streets G Then broken hearts […]

Chameleon Chords – Ryan Beatty

There were no chords or lyrics I could find for this song. SO sorry if this s***s! Feel free to correct me ­čÖé Tuning: STANDARD Bm , A , E Bm A E When the lights fade out Bm A E And the people go in Bm A E D I get to see a […]

Youre Beautiful Chords – Mercy Me

Intro: C F Am G Verse 1: C F Am G I see your face in every sunrise The colors of the morning are inside your C F Am G eyes The world awakens in the light of the day I look up to the sky and say C F Am G C F Am […]

Atmosphere Chords – Mree

Got these chords from her live performance. This is my first tab. I hope you enjoy! ­čÖé You can either finger pick(which isn't too complicated for this song)or strum it. It's up to you! Either one sounds great ­čśÇ Capo 5 Intro: Dsus4 Em7 Cadd9 G Dsus4 Em7 Cadd9 Dsus4 G Dsus4 I've been walked […]

I Like My Bike Chords – Kimya Dawson

G I like my car. C It's a really good car. G I got it at the farmer's market C from the person who made it. F Maybe some day I'll paint it C lots of colors that I like. G For now I'll put it in my basket F G C and go for […]

Turn To White Chords – She And Him

Turn To White by She & Him from Volume 3 album For any questions mail me to fffoma@gmail.com Db/B = [7x666x] Time: 4/4 Key: Gb major Intro: | GbMaj7 | Abm7 | x2 GbMaj7 Abm7 GbMaj7 Abm7 GbMaj7 I took a picture, your form was cloudy in the night Abm7 GbMaj7 Abm7 GbMaj7 Abm7 You […]