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Spirit Desire Acoustic chords – Tigers Jaw

I couldn't find these chords anywhere, so I decided to post them for everyone else. Enjoy -Ryan Emmert So basically it is two variations of an open F chord which are… RHYTHM(listen to the song to be more accurate) x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x […]

Let Me Love You Acoustic chords – Mario

Capo on 3 🙂 Am Em D Mmmm ….. Mmmmm…. Yeah….Mmmmm….Yeah, Yeah, Yeah [Verse 1:] Am Baby I just don't get it Em Do you enjoy being hurt? D D I know you smelled the perfume, the make-up on his shirt Am You don't believe his stories Em You know that they're all lies D […]

Abominable Snow chords – Unicorns

Stylistic Spoon, AIM: Stylistic Spoon The Unicorns – Abominable Snowman XFM Session, Key of Cm/Eb Cm Rack of lamb of God, we serve G Bb F You instead on a bed, that's Ab Eb F Sweet to sleep forever Ab G G7 In outer space… (2nd guitar kicks in, same chords) Cm Track sa-squa-tches, through […]

Baby Make It Soon Chords – Marmalade

Baby Make It Soon:Marmalade. #9 on UK Singles Chart on DECCA Records in 1969. INTRO: G D #1. D G D If you're coming home, like your letters say.. C G and the place you're staying now, ain't too far D away..can you write tonight, just to let me know.. C G cause since you've […]

Coming Home Acoustic Chords – Butch Walker

Key of C Standard Tuning Capo 5 Note: The D/F# is simply a one note bass line walkdown to the Em from the G Verse I G Singing from a ditch with a seat belt on D/F# Bet you thought I'd never say that I was wrong Em You never know where you're gonna find […]

Im Gonna Be 500 Miles Chords – Sleeping At Last V3

I'm gonna be (500 miles)- Sleeping at last CAPO 4th Fret Chords: C Am Em G F Intro: C Am Em Am C Am Em G C Am When I wake up, well I know I'm gonna be Em Am I'm gonna be the man who wakes up next to you. C Am And when […]

Home Chords – Blacklistt

Use this chords through the whole song C#m E G#m B One day the world is gonna turn on you Hold on tight, I'm there with you They'll try and brake you, but they won't get thru Don't be them, just be you. When your falling I'll be coming home Don't stop calling I'll be […]

Coming Home Tabs by City And Colour V3

CAPO 2 (This is my first tab so dont be too harsh) Also, I dont know what chord is used, so im gonna label it C* (if anyone knows what it is let me know) Bacially its a C shape but slide it down one fret. So it's: ———-| ———-| –3——-| –4——-| –5——-| So here's […]

Neon Lights Chords – Demi Lovato V4

Demi Lovato – Neon Lights Capo 2 Intro: G Em C Baby. when they look up at the sky D C Em We'll be shooting stars just passing by G Em C You’ll be coming home with me tonight D C Em We’ll be burning up like neon lights Verse: Em C G D Be […]

Dreamin Again Chords – Jim Croce

Key: C C C/B C/A C Don't you know I had a dream last night F C And you were here with me C C/B C/A C Dm G Lyin' by my side so soft and warm C C/B C/A C And we talked a while and shared a smile F C And then we […]

You Had Time Chords – Ani Difranco V2

Capo 4 Intro: D G A D / D G A (x 2) A (x 2) D G how can I go home A D with nothing to say D G A I know you're going to look at me that way D G and say what did you do out there A D and […]

Youre Beautiful Chords – Phil Wickham V7

Your Beautiful Phil Wickham Capo 3 G C2 I see Your face in every sunrise Em D The colors of the morning are inside Your eyes G C2 The world awakens in the light of the day Em D I look up to the sky and say You’re beautiful G , C2 , Em , […]

England Chords – Ralph Mctell

Artist: Ralph Mctell Song: England Capo: Optional Tuning: Standard Pattern: Finger Picking Tablature by: Keiren A. W. Scott C F C What is it about you, makes me feel this way? C Am When I'm leaving you, when I'm coming home F G I'm lost for words to say. C And I know your faults […]

Two Lips Chords – Hoodie Allen V2

For the whole song you play Capo 2nd (you can move capo around if you like) Em C Em D Verses: Em Sleeping in my bed at night C Tell her, turn the lights down low Em Trying to figure out my mind D She always wonder where I go. Em C Tell her, Good […]

Watch Out Heaven Chords – Jake Hamilton

This only my second tab. I noticed nobody put this song up. It follows the same pattern throughout. Watch Out Heaven Artist: Jake Hamilton Album: Marked By Heaven Written By: Jake Hamilton Copyright: 2009 Jake Hamilton (The chords are the same through the whole song) Verse 1: C#m B Watch out heaven cause’ here I […]

Zero Gravity Chords – Kerli V2

Kerli – Zero Gravity Key: Eb – Tuning: Standard * Transposed and simplified – lyrics confirmed to be accurate(Kerli wiki) * You can go Dm, F, C, Gm OR Dm, C, F, Gm all the way through if you like 🙂 Chords used: Dm x35543 F x33211 Gm 133111 C x13331 Intro: Dm F C […]

Alone Together Chords – Fall Out Boy V3

The way I play this was slightly different to the other versions so I thought I might as well it up. I hope it helps. First tab so don't hate too much 🙂 This I think sounds a lot better when all the chords are barred usin these chords: A C#m E B e—5—4—7—7– B—5—5—9—7– […]

Next Year Acoustic Tabs by Foo Fighters

—————————————————————————– Next Year Acoustic – Foo Fighters —————————————————————————– Tabbed by: ehbacon E-mail: ehbacon@att.net Tuning: standard Lyrics: azlyrics.com intro/verse: e|-10-10-10-1010-10-10-10-1010-3—33-3—33-33-| B|–0–0–0–0-0–7–7–7–7-7-1—11-1—11-11-| G|–0–0–0–0-0–0–0–0–0-0-0—00-0—00-00-| D|–9–9–9–9-9–0–0–0–0-0-0p2-22-0p2-22-00-| (x4) A|-10-10-10-1010–9–9–9–9-9—————-3-| E|———————————————-| I'm in the sky tonight, There I can keep by your side… e|-10-10-10-1010-10-10-10-1010-33–0-00-0-00-3-3-3-3-2-2-2-2-3-| B|–0–0–0–0-0–7–7–7–7-7-11–2-22-2-22-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-0-| G|–0–0–0–0-0–0–0–0–0-0-00–0-00-0-00-0-0-0-0-2-2-2-2-0-| D|–9–9–9–9-9–x–x–x–x-x-22–2-22-2-22-2-2-2-2-0-0-0-0-0-| A|-10-10-10-1010–9–9–9–9-9-33–0-00-0-00-3-3-3-3———2-| E|—————-8–8–8–8-8——————————-3-| Watching the wide world riot and hiding out I'll be coming home […]

Jen Is Bringin The Drugs Chords – Margot And The Nuclear So And Sos V3

This is just an expansion on the work done by Matt Whittle who made the Ver. 2 of these chords. I really like having all the lyrics with the chords. This is simply his chords with the expanded lyrics. So, all credit goes to Mr. Whittle and, of course, Margot and the Nuclear So and […]

Calls Me Home Chords – Shannon Labrie V2

Standard Tuning Capo 1st Fret Chords: C#m :446654 Asus2 :002200 or 577X00 E :022100 or 079900 B :224442 F#m :244222 Intro: C#m Asus2 E B (x 2) C#m Asus2 It's funny how E B The walk of life C#m Asus2 Can take you down E B Without a fight C#m Asus2 So many years E […]