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Walls Could Talk chords by Halsey ver 2

[Verse 1] G Ddim Cm Been about three days and I’m comin’ back G Ddim Cm I’m about four minutes from a heart attack G Ddim Cm And I think you make me a maniac G Ddim Cm But you don’t know, oh, oh G Ddim Cm Two years and we in between G Ddim […]

If These Old Walls Could Speak chords – Glen Campbell

If These Old Walls Could Speak Glen Campbell written by Jimmy Webb Intro F Bb F C F Bb F C Verse 1 Bb C Bb C F If these old walls, if these old walls could speak. Bb F C Dm F C Bb What a tale they have to tell, hard headed people […]

If You Could See You Thru My Eyes chords – Glen Campbell

If You Could See You Thru My Eyes Glen Campbell Intro F Am F Bb F Gm F Am F Bb Dm Verse 1 C F Am Bb F Gm Every time you feel my hand I get cold chills F Am Bb F C Every Time you grace my bed I am so fulfilled […]

We Could Be The Same chords – MaNga Vsion 2

ORDER: I V1 PC C1 INT V2 PC C2 B FC O [INTRO] Dm | A7 | A | Dm | Dm | Gmadd9/D | A/D | Dm n.c. | Dm | | | | C | | Gm | Gm F A7/E | [VERSE 1] Dm You could be the one in my dreams […]

She Never Could Resist A Winding Road chords – Richard Thompson

D In the old cold embers of the year G D When joy and comfort disappear G G/F# I search around to find her Em I'm a hundred miles behind her G A D A The open road whispered in her ear D She never could resist a winding road G D She never could […]

Could It Be Love chords – Jennifer Warnes

Could It Be Love Jennifer Warnes Back-up singers is a big part of this song so it's included Intro Dm C C7 Am Dm G C G G7 C Verse 1 C Well it seems right But I wonder Am C Dm And it feels right But I wonder G C G C If I […]

We Could Happen Tabs – Aj Rafael V4

Thank you for taking your time to learn my version of Aj Rafael's "We Could Happen". and it has been done completely by ear. Please comment corrections if needed. Thank you 🙂 This tab is specifically for the ukulele Verse/Intro*: G|-0-0-2-4-0-9-7-4-0-2-4-2———————–5-4-2-4-0-0-2-4-0-9-7-12-0-2-4-9-8-7-6-5—————–| C|———————————–2—–1————————————————–2—–1—–| E|————————-3-2-0-2-3—2-3—2-3——————————————2-3—2-3—2-3-| A|——————————————————————————————————–| G|-5-4-2-4-| C|———| E|———| A|———| Chorus: G|-4-0———————–0—0—0——-0———————–0—0—0—————————–| C|———————————————————————————————————| E|—————2————-0————————-2————-0———————————–| A|—–5-3-2-0-0—5-3-2-0-2——-1—5-3-2—5-3-2-0-0—5-3-2-0-2——-1—5-3————————-| Bridge: G|—————-0—0—————-0——————0—0——————-| […]

I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man chords – Prince V2

————————————————————————— I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man – Prince ————————————————————————— : maguri Tuning: Standard Prince I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man – Single version (1987) (Prince) Single version (3:41) now on “The Hits 1” Long version (6:29) with extended jam on: "Sign 'O' the Times" ————————————————————————— INTRO / INTERLUDE […]

Where Could I Go solo Tabs by Ben Harper And The Blind Boys Of Alabama

————————————————————————————————— Artist – Ben Harper & The Blind Boys of Alabama ************************************************* Song – Where could I go ************************* – Ayreon77 ********************** ————————————————————————————————— Tuning = Standard e|–b——-|——-10—p—————————|——————————| B|-13-~~~~~-|–b-10—-13-10–brp——–h——-p—|–brp——–h—–h—p——| G|———-|-12————-12–10—-10-12—12-10-|-12–10—-10-12-10-12–10—-| D|———-|———————–12—————|——–12—————–12-| A|———-|—————————————-|——————————| E|———-|—————————————-|——————————| b e|—————————-|——-10–b–13~~~~~~~–13~~~~~-|-10-10–b-| B|—————–brp——–|–b-10—-13———————|——-13-| G|—-10—-10—-12–10—-s-|-12——————————|———-| D|-12—-12—-12——–12-\-|———————————|———-| A|—————————-|———————————|———-| E|—————————-|———————————|———-| e|——-10—p————-|————————————————-| B|–b-10—-13-10–brp——|—h—–h———–h—–h———–h———| G|-12————-12–10—-|-10-12-10-12-10—-10-12-10-12-10—-10-12-10—-| D|———————–12-|—————-12—————-12———-12-| A|————————–|————————————————-| E|————————–|————————————————-| e|——-10—p—————-|————————–|—————-| B|–b-10—-13-10–brp———|—————h———-|—————-| G|-12————-12–10—-10-|—–s—10–10-12-10—s-|-s————s-| D|———————–12—-|-8-10\12————–12\-|-\10-10-10-10-\-| A|—————————–|————————–|—————-| E|—————————–|————————–|—————-|

Heroes We Could Be chords – Alesso V2

Heroes (We Could Be) by Alesso (ft. Tove Lo) F Am Dm B F Am We go hideaway in daylight, Dm B we go undercover wait out the sun F Am Got a secret side in plain sight, Dm B where the streets are empty that’s where we run F Am Everyday people do everyday […]

I Could Even Grow A Moustache For You chords – Daniel Norgren

Artist: Daniel Norgren Song: I could even grow a moustache for you Outskirt : Torstein Shit I can't hear what he's singing… If someone knows what the lyrics are please post in comment. VERSE 1: A F#m D E Oh blue days of spring, and I'm thinking about you baby The moon and the ring, […]

If I Could Be Her chords – Zz Ward

If I Could Be Her by ZZ Ward I had to figure this out by ear (and watching the guitarist's hand movements). I don't wish that upon my worst enemy. So here's a tab so you don't have to go through what I did. (on the recording, the guitarist capos 1. I don't find a […]

I Could Be With Anyone chords – Kevin Devine

One, two, three, four, one E I could be with anyone B Just while the honeymoon burns bright G#m No electricity that keeps things light A I'm not saying that it's right I'm not saying that it's always right B I'm just saying that it's not a lie E 'Cause I can talk to anyone […]

Could We Start Again Please chords – Andrew Lloyd Webber

this is an easy version of could we start again please from jesus christ superstar 🙂 D G D D G A I've been living to see you, dying to see you, but it shouldn't be like this. Em G A D This was unexpected, what do I do now? Could we start again please? […]

Starlight Could You Be Mine chords – Don Diablo Matt Nash

Bbm F# Starlight, look at us shine Db Could you be mine Ab Could you be mine Bbm F# White lies watching the skies Db Could you be mine Ab Could you be mine Bbm F# Don't go wasting your time Db Ab Don't go losing your mind Bbm F# Starlight, look at us shine […]

If I Could Start Today Again chords – Paul Kelly V3

—————————————————————————– Paul Kelly – If I Could Start Today Again —————————————————————————– : InternetElder Tuning: Standard Tuning Capo 2nd Fret (Paul Kelly plays this song at the 7th fret) Each chord is worth 2 beats. Here are the chords in bars for you to play along with the song. Essentially two beats for each chord. | […]

If I Could Tabs by Bombay Bicycle Club V4

Song originally wrote by Jack Steadman. Lead singer of Bombay Bicycle Club when he was younger. I noticed that I tabbed it wrong so this is my second try. I hope this helps you guys. Tuning:Standard / = Hammer On Intro/verse e—————————————| B——0——————————–| G—————0——–2——–0—–| D—-0–0-0—0–0-0—0–0-0—0—0-0-| A-0/2——0/2—-2-0/2——0/2—–2–| E—–3–3—–0——–3–3—–0——| Pre-Chorus e————-| B————-| G——0——| D—-0–0-0—| A-0/2—-2-2–| E—–0—–0-| Chorus […]

The Boy Who Could Fly solo Tabs by Pierce The Veil V3

——————————————————————————- The Boy Who Could Fly (Solo) – Pierce the Veil ——————————————————————————- : Keeilay kyle8594 Tuning: Standard (EADGBE) e|—————————————————————————| B|-15b17~-15b17r15-13—13—————-13h15-13—————–15——–| G|——————-16—16-12h14—12-14——–16-14-12-14-14b16–16r14—| D|—————————————————————————| A|—————————————————————————| E|—————————————————————————| e|—————————————————————————| B|————————–1212-12-15-12—-12——————————| G|——-12-14—–12121414—————15—-15-14-12———————| D|–14-13——1414———————————————————-| A|—————————————————————————| E|—————————————————————————| ************************************ | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note […]

Ifg I Could chords – 1927

G If I could paint, I'd paint a portrait of you C D The sunlight in your eyes a masterpiece of truth G Bm And a single tear like a silent prayer C Cm That's shining so much brighter than a diamond ever dared G C Cm If I could do anything at all G […]

If I Could chords – 1927 V2

G If I could paint, I'd paint a portrait of you C D The sunlight in your eyes a masterpiece of truth G Bm And a single tear like a silent prayer C Cm That's shining so much brighter than a diamond ever dared G C Cm If I could do anything at all G […]