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Soldier by Hillsong

can’t nobody stop me now Cause i’m a part of the army now Praise the lord is what i wanna shout Even in a crowd i’m gonna sing it loud You can see what you want to see But i know what he’s done for me Every day i can feel his power ’cause the […]

Gucci Mane – Grown Man Lyrics

Gucci Mane ha ha ha ha ha ha h h ha ha ha ha Estelle Now that I’m finally free, I’m bouta throw it to day I take my life in my hands cause I’m as grown at man Gucci Mane I am grown as man Estelle now that I’m finally free Gucci Mane I […]

My Orphan Year Chords – Nofx

This is a depressing, yet great song. really fun to sing and play. I didn’t see a correct tab anywhere, so here it is. I was nice enough to include the exact times when the parts come in too. INTRO: (00:18) F#m Eb5 D (00:31) A F#m D A (00:50) A My father had dementia […]

Father Son Chords – Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel Father Son Tuning: Standard Intro {:A D A D A D A:} A A/Ab F#m F#m A/E D A D/B A/C# E Father, son Locked as one In this empty room A A/Ab A/G F#m A/E D A D/B A/C# E Spine against spine Yours against mine Till the warmth comes through D […]

Cee Lo Green – f*** You Lyrics

(Chorus) I see you driving ’round town With the girl I love and I’m like, “fvck you!” Ooo, ooo, oooo I guess the change in my pocket Wasn’t enough I’m like, “fvck you! and f*** her too.” I said, “if I was richer, I’d still be with ya” Ha, now ain’t that somes***? (ain’t that […]

NOFX : My Orphan Year Lyrics

ce in a while heÂ’d call me And ask me to fly down I told him that IÂ’d love to But I had things to do And so he died without his son I heard about it drunk after a show My mother battled cancer For over seven years I nursed her and I held […]

Tales of a Scorched Earth lyrics Smashing Pumpkins

Farewell, good night, last one out turn out the lights And let me be, let me die inside Let me know the way through this world of hate in you’ Cause the dye is cast and theb**** is back And we’re all dead, yeah, we’re all dead Inside the future of a shattered past I […]

The Midnight Beast Daddy lyrics

Now babies born in 1987, Into a family of love and care, His mummy treats him like a gift from heaven, His daddy shows him how to style his hair, A few years later it’s a cold December, And daddy needs to buy some milk and juice, And dad I want a twix please, if […]

Danielle I’ve Always Been There lyrics Fame Faded Fame

You said I made a mistake and took everything we ever had As I watched the cancer within ya dad You crying like there was no tomorrow Trying to make up for f***ing 32 years of sorrow Hell I didn’t do thats*** to you All I ever tried to give ya was a beautiful new […]

Steve Moakler – Slow Mo chords

——————————————————————————- Slow Mo – Steve Moakler ——————————————————————————- Tabbed by: lmcoon Tuning: Standard I know that the “A?” isn’t technically a chord, but I needed a name…and thats the bass note. Please message me if you can think of any corrections. Bb A? Dm7 Eb F* Gm7 F Edim Cm F7b9 e|—x—-x—-x—-x—-x—-x—-x—-x—-x—-x————————–| B|—x—-x—-6—-8—10—-3—-x—-8—-4—-7————————–| G|—7—-x—-5—-x—-x—-3—-2—-x—-5—-8————————–| D|—8—-x—-7—-8—10—-3—-3—-8—-5—-7————————–| A|—8—-8—-5—-6—-8—-x—-3—-7—-3—-8————————–| […]

Sirius f***ed Up! lyrics

Sunk so deep you won’t believe, I can’t preside what is over me, I know what you think when you say my name, Talk about me like “Oh he changed,” Another dope is up his nose, And I don’t know if I can trust him, And the smell of alcohol is too much for me […]

Pencil Skirt Chords – Pulp

t**le: Pencil Skirt Artist: Pulp Album: Different Class Tabbed by: Fabian Valdivia Pencil Skirt Riff 1 Riff 2 G C G C e|—3-5-3–0——-| e|—3-5-3————-| B|————3-1—| B|———-3-5-3——| G|——————| G|—————–5—| D|——————| D|———————| A|——————| A|———————| E|——————| E|———————| Intro: G C (Riff 1) C A D G (Riff 2) When you raise your pencil skirt like a veil before […]

Chris Young Dashboard lyrics

We laughed and joked in the cab of his truck Just my brother and me The night before he shipped out Overseas A leather-neck, Jarhead Marine He said “the Radiator leaks, And the timing-belt is worn, But the Heart and Soul of this old beat up truck, Is The Dashboard.” “It’s seen a lot of […]

Xanthe Littlemore Do Unto Others lyrics

Do you remember the time? Do you remember the man Who walked with bare feet on rocks through the hot desert sand? He didn’t own very much because he knew of the weight Such things could put on your back until you could not walk straight His simple message was “Love your God with all […]

Cats In The Cradle Acoustic Chords – Ugly Kid Joe

Tabbed by Kai Rocker, Love this song and i hope u do the same :3 VERSE I E G A child arrived just the other day A E Came to the world in the usual way E G There were planes to catch, bills to pay A E He learned to walk while i was […]

Huff And Doback Boats N’ h**s lyrics

(Boats N’ h**s Boats N’ h**s, I gotta have me my boats and h**s!) The Nina (Oh), the Pinta (Oh), the Santa Maria I’ll do you on the Bottom While you drink a Sangria Nachos, Lemonheads, my dad’s boat You wont go down cuz my d*** can float We sail around the world and go […]

Alejandro Chords – All Time Low

First Tab, Don’t slate me!!! Decided to do this as timing sounds a bit different to original and there are some different words and structure. Capo 2nd Fret Intro: Am C Em Oh oh oh oh [8x] Verse 1: Am Em She’s got both hands, in her pockets Am C Em And she won’t look […]

Random Horses Your Mom lyrics

Your mom came up to me and said I want you naked in my bed I thought to myself I had to try her It’s been to long and I can’t deny her… I f***ed your mom HARDCORE… And I f***ed your mom She kept screaming for more I f***ed your mom HARDCORE… And I […]

3OH!3 I Can Do Anything lyrics

We can do an album, Or we can do a viral, Spread it like a STD you got back in high school, I can run for president, O just run the block, I can be a stoner, Ors*** I just forgot, I can be an athlete, I can be a New York cabbie, I can […]

Left Behind Chords – Spring Awakening

G You fold his hands and smooth his tie, you gently lift his chin. C Were you really so blind, and unkind to him? Em Can’t help the itch to touch, to kiss, to hold him once again. Am C Now to close his eyes–never open them…. G C Am C A shadow passed, a […]