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The Anti-Job The Robbery lyrics

This is a Robbery! Your typical criminal scene Where the man takes the money and the new girl gleams at the ring she wears Blind by the things she wears He’s gonna take your money! The deaf boy’s blind and a bit behind He’s planning a scheme to sedate the masses One at a time […]

Nevershoutnever! What Is Love? lyrics

In a sitch like this you’ve gotta think And I don’t think you think about the way he thinks And I know you live life for yourself But it all comes down to the way you help And I know your life is such a hell You wake up early and you work until You […]

Up From Below Chords – Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros

Am C I was only five when my dad told me I’d die Am C I cried as he said son, was nothing could be done Am C No all the fists I thrown just tryin to prove him wrong Am C After all the blood I spilled just tryin to get killed G Cuz […]

Eminem – Going Through Changes lyrics

[Ozzy] I’m going through changes I’m going through changes [Eminem] Lately I really, feel like I’m rolling for ___ like Philly, I feel like I’m losing control of myself, I sincerely, I apologize if all that I sound like, is I’m complaining, But life keeps on complicating, an’ I’m debating, On leaving this world, this […]

Glee Cast feat Jonathan Groff – Run joey run lyrics

Daddy please don’t It wasn’t his fault He means so much to me Daddy please don’t We’re gonna get married Just you wait and see Every night, the same old dream, I hate to close my eyes I can’t erase the memory, The sound of Julie’s cry She called me up, late that night She […]

Young Dad Tabs by Hoffmaestro And Chraa

No capo, standard tuning Intro: e||——-|——————-1—-|——————-1—-| B||——-|——————-1—-|——————-3—-| G||——-|————0h–2——-|————0h–2——-| D||——-|–3—-3—————-|–0—-0—————-| A||——-|————————|————————| E||——-|————————|————————| ———————-|——————–| ——-3—-3–1——|——————–| ——-3—-3–3——|–2—————–| ———————-|–3—————–| –1——————-|———–3——–| ———————-|——————–| F, Dm, Bb, F… Listen fellow people ’cause I’ve got something to tell I was at this club, right, it was late as hell I met this pretty lady, she looked tramper than an eye I didn’t know […]

Run Joey Run Chords – Glee Cast

Am G Daddy please don’t it wasn’t his fault Dm Am He means so much to me Am G Daddy please don’t, we’re gonna get married A Dm Just you wait and see Am G E Every night the same old dream I hate to close my eyes Am G E I can’t erase the […]

Flipsyde – Happy Birthday Lyrics

Happy Birthday…so make a wish Verse 1: Please accept my apologies, wonder what would have been Would you’ve been a little angel or an angel of sin? Tom-boy running around, hanging with all the guys. Or a little tough boy with beautiful brown eyes? I payed for the murder before they determined the s** Choosing […]

Reality lyrics – Yung Prince

*Chorus* Money(x5) Yeah that’s all that I know (that I know) She say she wanna be my wifey(wifey) I can never go (Oh no) (Wake me up from this dream This anit reality x3) Cause things anit really how they seem to be Started off as a youngin with a big dream Who would of […]

Raised On Rock Lyrics – Scorpions

I was born in a hurricane Nothing to lose and everything to gain Ran before I walked Reaching for the top Out of control just like a runaway train I never walked on the narrow path I always wanted what I didn’t have All was not enough Riding lady luck Driving in the fast lane […]

Love You Goodbye Lyrics – Tim McGraw

He was thinkin’ back when he was a kid His folks were divorced His old man high on somethin’ Came knockin’ at the door His mama wouldn’t talk to him She said, “Boy, don’t you let him in” She was cussin’ and pacin’ And wastin’ her life at that linoleum floor He took him back […]

LoudNClear Lyrics – tobyMac

Yeah! truDeezy With the two thousand and tweezy To all you playa haters Hate the playa, not the game, baby Uh, we goin’ put it on ya Make it loud n clear All of my shorties (God’s soldiers) Whether far or near Since the last truDog It’s been three long years So we goin’ make […]

N-Dubz Shoulda Put Something On lyrics

You know we aint cool one another You don’t deserve to decide when I’m gonna be a papa (Never) However much I hate you, think I’m gonna sit around and watch little one suffer (NO) I aint gunna lie I’m always behind when you get on all four’s But when your belly popped out you […]

Nevershoutnever Damn Dog lyrics

I can’t believe that I could believe that. I can’t believe you left me for dead man. Cause I called you my friend. My best friend at that. I know that I’m loud man But give me another chance. I promise to keep this damn snout shut for you. But only for you… … Cause […]

Remember Me Chords – Just Jinjer

————————- JUST JINGER – REMEMBER ME ————————- CAPO 1 FRET – All chords relative to Capo! Listen to the song where they play palm muted, and where open chords and so forth. I have tried to transcribe the licks as well, so bear with me 🙂 CHORD PATTERNS ————– C x32010 Em 022000 F 133211 […]

What Is Love? Lyrics – NeverShoutNever

In a sitch like this, you gotta think And I don’t think you think about the way he thinks. And I know you live life for yourself, But it all comes down to the way you help. And I know your life is such a hell, You wake up early and you work until You […]

Mark It Up Lyrics – Repo: The Genetic Opera

Background: Mark it up [x4] Amber: Where the f*** is dad, brothers? Luigi: He left me in charge, sister! Both [A/L]: I don’t take lip from a Luigi: s***! Amber: c***! Pavi: My brother and sister should f***! Luigi: Pavi! Shut the f*** up! I’m the smartest and the toughest! I will find a hole […]

N-Dubz – Shoulda Put Something On Lyrics

yey wo o o o o wow listen to wat i hav 2 tell ya nana nii tru storys u no we aint kl wid one another you dont deserve to decide wen im guna b a papa However much i hate u think im guna sit around and watch the little one suffer (NO) […]

Let Her Cry Chords – Hootie And The Blowfish

G D Cadd9 She sits alone by a lamp post, G trying to find a thought that’s escaped her mind D Cadd9 She says Dad’s the one I love the most G Michael Stipe’s not far behind D She never lets me in only tell me where’s she’s been Cadd9 G when she’s had too […]

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus lyrics

(Kiss sound) Wow! Mommy’s kissing Santa Claus! I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus Underneath the mistletoe last night She didn’t see me creep Down the stairs to have a peep She thought that I was tucked up In my bedroom, fast asleep Then I saw Mommy tickle Santa (tickle, tickle, Santa Claus) Claus Underneath his […]