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The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness Chords version 3 by The National

This works quite well without the capo, but if you want to play along the original record you’ll need one on the 8th fret. Have fun! [Verse 1] Am D Maybe I listen more than you think Em D I can tell that somebody sold you Am D We said we’ve never let anyone in […]

The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness chords by The National

Capo 1st fret [Intro] Em – G – F#m – G Em [Verse 1] Em A Maybe I listen more than you think Bm A and I can tell that somebody sold you Em A We said we’ve never let anyone in Bm A We said we’d only die of lonely secrets [Chorus] G A […]

Darkness Records chords by Jeff Rosenstock V2

Standard Tuning, Capo on 1st G D G Burn my Mona Lisa C G D I would like another chance Am To put stars in her eyes, C Fire pipes in the sky G D Em And brass knuckles on her hands. Am C She can breathe. She can see G When you’re not watching. […]

Patterns chords – Simon And Garfunkel

Dm The night sets softly F Dm With the hush of falling le-e-eaves, Casting shivering shadows C On the houses through the trees, Dm And the light from a street lamp F Dm Paints a pattern on my wa-a-all, C Like the pieces of a puzzle Bb C Dm Or a child's uneven scrawl Dm […]

Dare chords – Stan Bush V2

G C D C C D G Sometimes when your hopes have all been shattered C And there's nowhere to turn G C You wonder how you keep going G Think of all the things that really mattered C And the chances you've earned G C The fire in your heart is growing Bb C […]

Lead Me Home chords – Fm Radio

Such a simple yet beautiful song. Melancholic yet peaceful. Song follows an almost hymnal pattern. Key: G G Let the rain come wash away C G Trembling fears and toiling days C G Let the river overflow D7 And lead me home G Lead me home G I am the sweet hush morning calm C […]

Out Of The Darkness chords – Matthew And The Atlas

Bm D A Bm I saw you in my mind when I was younger And I grew older and I saw you still You'd stay close to me sometimes behind my shoulder When I was weary, trouble would come In my last defence you tried to warn me I did not know you, you were […]

Light In The Darkness Tabs by Matthew Socci

Light in the darkness – Matthew Socci http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dt1juNm2oSg (listen for reference) Gtr I (D A D G A D) – 'Untitled' No capo. Notes: Many of the hammerons and pulloffs, vibratos and harmonics are not shown in the tab, however i a**ure you that more or less all of the notes are correct, even though […]

All Who Remain Tabs by Beware Of Darkness V2

5. All Who Remain Beware of Darkness Orthodox Tuning: Drop D Main riff e|—————————————-| B|—————————————-| G|—————————————-| D|—-4—-6—-7—-9—-11—-7—-4—-| A|—(0)–(2)–(4)–(7)–(7)—(4)–(0)—| D|—-0—-2—-4—-6—-7—–4—-0—-| Fills e|—————-|————-| B|—5\3———-|———2—| G|——-2——–|————-| D|———4brb—|—2/4\2—–| A|—————-|————-| D|—————-|————-| Solo e|—0—0——0————–17——–17–17————————-| B|—2/5—5/10—10/14-14b——-17b-14-14b—————–14———| G|————————–14—————14——–14-16————| D|———————————————–14h16———-14h16—| A|———————————————————————-| D|———————————————————————-| e|—0—0——0————–17——–17–17————————-| B|—2/5—5/10—10/14-14b——-17b-14-14b—————–14-15——| G|————————–14—————14——–14-16————| D|———————————————–14h16——————| A|———————————————————————-| D|———————————————————————-| Interlude e|—————————————————————| B|—————————————————————| G|—————————————————————| D|——————————————-7~777777777777777—| A|——————————————-7~777777777777777—| D|—0-2-4-6—0-2-4-6—0-2-4-6—0-2-4-6—7~777777777777777—| Main riff e|—————————————-| B|—————————————-| G|—————————————-| D|—-4—-6—-7—-9—-11—-7—-4—-| A|—(0)–(2)–(4)–(7)–(7)—(4)–(0)—| D|—-0—-2—-4—-6—-7—–4—-0—-|

How Dare You Call This Love chords – Darkness

G Cadd9 All i wanna do is spend a little time with you G Cadd9 But you're so young, it's obscene G Cadd9 I'll just keep biding my time til you put your little hand in mine Em D C Boy i can't wait for the day when you finally turn sixteen C G D […]

Oh Darkness Looming chords – Sounder

F#m Oh darkness looming (eeeeeee) Bm Oh darkness looming (eeeeeee) A Oh darkness looming (eeeeeee) E A Hold still vibrations E F#m Hold still the Mississippi sun B7 I saw in the middle of the sky E In the middle of July (Same chords as last verse for rest of song) Hold still new sun […]

When The Darkness Comes chords – Colbie Caillat V5

Colbie Caillat – When The Darkness Comes Capo 2nd 6/8 Intro Am | E | F | Csus C || ————–|————–|————–|————–| ————–|————–|————–|————–| —-2—–2—|—-1—–1—|—-2—–2—|—-0—–0—| –2—2-2—2-|–2—2-2—2-|–3—3-3—3-|–3—3-2—2-| -0-0-0-0-0-0–|————–|————–|-3-3-3-3-3-3–| ————–|-0-0-0-0-0-0–|-1-1-1-1-1-1–|————–| Verse 1 Am E F C D/F# F * Underneath the echoes buried in the shadows, there you were Am E F C D/F# F Drawn into your mystery, […]

Darkness Acoustic chords – Imagine Dragons

Capo 7 Intro E|———————————-| B|—————10-8–10-8———| G|——–9-10——-9——9-7—–| D|10-12—————————–| A|———————————-| E|———————————-| Verse 1 C I can never leave you when you're lying in the bed face to the wall, I slept on the floor G What did you mean by that What did you mean by that Am Take it as a self invitation Take it as […]

Darkness chords – Meredith

darkness by meredith Am F see the saturn bow C tied round your neck Am F C and i wonder why you always look so sad Am F seems you got it all C so why you hiding Am F C behind your long sleeve shirts that hide the scars of a billion little lies […]

Come Darkness Come Light chords – Mary Chapin Carpenter

COME DARKNESS, COME LIGHT G G . C Come darkness, come light G . D7 Come new star, shining bright G C Am Come love to this world tonight D7 . G Alleluia Come broken, come whole Come wounded in your soul Come anyway that you know Alleluia There's a humble stable and a light […]

All Who Remain Tabs by Beware Of Darkness

——————————————————————————- All Who remain – Beware Of Darkness ——————————————————————————- :Tristan Jacobo Tnj.Jacobo Tuning:Eadgbe Amazing Song by an Amazing band. Main Progression Not too sure about the final chord e|————————————————————-x————-| B|————————————————————-2————-| G|————————————————————-3————-| D|-4—-6—-7—-9—-11—-7—-4————repeat———-3————-| A|-0—-2—-4—-7—-7—–4—-0—————————-x————-| E|————————————————————-x————-| e|—————————————————————————| B|—————————————————————————| G|—————————————————————————| D|-4—-6—-7—-9—-11—9–7——7—-4——————-played live—| A|-0—-2—-4—-7—-7—-7–7——4—-0———————————| E|—————————————————————————| extra riffs e|—————————————————————————| B|—-5\3——————————————————————–| G|——–2————————————2—————————–| D|———–4b———————-3h5p3———–palm mute—————| A|—————————————————————————| E|—————————————————————————| Pre-chorus e|—————————————————————————| B|—————————————————————————| G|—————————————————————————| D|—————————————————————————| […]

Truth Chords – Alexander Ebert V2

Truth – Alexander Ebert Intro (with whistle) Gm A# Gm A# Gm D# A# F Gm Truth. Gm The truth is that I never shook my shadow Every day it's trying to trick me into doing battle A# Calling out 'faker' only get me rattled Wanna pull me back behind the fence with the cattle […]

Jesus You Are Hear With Me Chords – Ryan Hudak

——————————————————————————- SONG NAME – Jesus you are hear with me Artist Name – Ryan Hudak ——————————————————————————- Chords by: Ryan Hudak guitarhudak Riff ( C ) Picking e|——————-| B|-3–3–3———–| G|-0–0–0———–| D|-2–2–2–2-2——| A|-3–3–3———–| E|——————-| Verse : 1 C F Your love is healing power C F Your grace has freed us all Am E Your word has […]

I Will Remember You Chords – Sarah Mclachlan V5

I Will Remember You By: Sarah Mclachlan Chords by: clarebear734 G C Dsus4 D I will remember you G C D7 Will you remember me? G C G Em7 Don't let your life pass you by G Csus2 D7 G Weep not for the memories G C D I'm so tired but I can't sleep […]

I Am Made Of You Chords – Alice Cooper V2

——————————————————————————- I AM MADE OF YOU – Alice Cooper ——————————————————————————- : Tristan Bourvon tristanbourvon(AT)yahoo.fr Tuning: Standard ——————————————————————————- INTRO Am Am Am Am VERSE 1 F G In the beginning Am I was just a shadow ( G ) F G In the beginning Am I was alone ( G ) F G In the beginning […]